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“The power of creative Branding is visible to all. We are drawn to Starbucks, Harley-Devidson, Coca-Cola, Apple, Singapore Airlines, Heinz, and Gillette. These companies have learned how to make their brands live in customers’ minds and hearts.”

Philip Kotler

Our emphasis is on digital marketing because we feel that by harnessing the power of the web we can overcome language barriers as we expand globally. We also believe that an image speaks a thousand words and images and music transcend language. Combining the web and placing an emphasis on image and sound can be extremely powerful when creating global campaigns.

Daisuke Hase, Uniqlo

Take advantage of our Strategic Branding resources and build your brand equity in this digitally connected world. BrandLoom Consulting will enable you to build, weave and tell your brand story, which you can leverage at multiple touchpoints.

Importance of Strategic Branding & Consumer Touchpoints

Brands are created through a wide range of touch points; every time a customer interacts with a brand they form associations. This means that everyone in a company has an impact on the brand. Therefore the biggest challenge of branding is consistency, or getting an entire organisation to embrace the brand and live up to its promise over time. However if an organisation does not understand, believe in & own the brand or if its message, the brand, and the product are not consistent- the vision remain unfulfilled.

In our ever connected world, it is truer then ever. Consumers consider brands that are relevant to them and fulfill their desire to express themselves. However due to clutter in the market and rising expenses to build brands in the marketplace, it is becoming much more important to ensure clear and consistent communication of Brand Identity and Positioning in the form of consumer centric, relevant and contextual stories.

Why storytelling

In our heavily cluttered marketplace importance of a storytelling has increased much more. With the evolution of technology ways to tell your story are morphing continually as the stuff of storytelling encompasses richer digital interactions enabled by we and mobile devices.

The brand of a company is created by the company and its customers together. The strongest brands will be the ones to which consumers become so attached that they, in effect, become evangelists and actively seek means to interact with the brand and share their experiences with others. Firms that are able to achieve resonance and affinity with their customers would be able to reap a host of valuable benefits, such as greater price premiums and more efficient and effective marketing programs. Digital media dictates marketers to relinquish control of the story as customers want to interact with stories and modify them on social media.

How we will support you?

At BrandLoom Consulting, we will work with you and your creative agency to develop your “Brand Story” and help you communicate it in an strategic manner. Our Brand Strategy Consultant will work with you actively to:

  • Define your Corporate Identity, Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Define the strategic Brand roles of your Brand Portfoilo
  • Define the Brand Identity of the selected Brand
  • Clarify and elaborate the Brand Identity to make it colourful and usable
  • Define the Brand Positioning
  • Work with your Creative Agency to develop Creative rendering of your Brand Positioning
  • Build web presence through impressive web and social media presence.