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Why do you Need Internet Advertising Company for your Business

In an age when everyone spends an average of 12 hours staring at a computer screen or their phone, it is no surprise that digital marketing and online advertising have emerged as crucial aspects of a company’s branding strategy.

As more younger people turn to online services and social media rather than television for getting their entertainment fix, brands need to step up their advertising strategy so that they can capture the attention of their target audience online.

BrandLoom is a digital marketing services and branding agency that offers you tailor-made solutions that can help you make your brands become more visible with a viable online advertising strategy.

With effective social media advertising and online advertising campaigns, we can help raise your brand awareness and company profile, and help you realize your revenue and marketing goals.

What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our expertise. Build your Brand Equity and Business online. Take your Marketing & Business ideas live & turn it into a profitable and growing business with the best digital advertising agency in India!

  • 100+ Years of Business Experience in market leading companies.
  • Brnad & Business Strategy driven by application of Data.
  • Marketing Strategy Built on Consumer Insights.
  • Understanding of Brand Messaging, Advertising & Media Buying
  • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding and Integrated Marketing.
  • Extensive Experience in varied Media Vehicles including Television, Print & Outdoor.

What can BrandLoom do for you?

Many companies rely on conventional advertising channels, not realising that the potential audience is becoming increasingly online. Many traditional advertisers also treat online advertising as a separate matter, not recognizing that for the customers, there is no offline-online divide. Customers want a seamless brand experience, and they want the brand’s essence to be carried over online from the brick and mortar world.

Studies show that more people are signing on some or the other social media platforms and that we are increasingly getting our news via channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Any brand worth its salt understands that they need a good digital advertising agency in India, who knows how to present them in the best possible manner and promote them on the right platforms so that they get noticed by their target audience.

BrandLoom has worked with many Indian and international clients, and designed successful and ethical campaigns that have yielded measurable results. Here is what we offer as a full service advertising agency with online first approach:

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Paid Search Advertising Services (Google, Bing)

If you want to look up any products or services, your first instinct is to go online and search for it on Google or Bing. That is why search engines are indispensible for online advertising and digital marketing, and it is important that you secure a top spot on search engine result pages. If you want to get noticed, it is a must that you are on the first page.

With BrandLoom as your search advertising company, we can help your brand featured in sponsored search results so that your company features at the top of the search engine rankings with respect to relevant keywords. You can decide if you want your advertisement and sponsored results to appear nationwide or regionally.

Search engine advertising services are a great way to dominate local listings and edge out your competitors, and BrandLoom can help your business become prominent within your local community.  With efficient search engine advertisement, your website’s url will feature on top of the relevant Google search results, and you will get more clicks on your desired landing pages.

Online Display Advertising Services

Display advertising or banner advertising is featuring your brand on relevant websites to grab the attention of a wider audience. With BrandLoom’s help, you can figure out which sites get traffic from your target demographic, and then make your presence known to the right audience.

More people are now online, and studies show that younger people are more likely to be surfing the internet than watching television. Display advertising should be an essential part of every brand’s online advertisement strategy.

BrandLoom as your online display advertising agency uses in-depth market insight to understand who your target audience is, what the websites they are likely to visit are and where you can be noticed.

We make sure your display advertisements are aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and convey your brand’s essence. You can get more traffic to your website and also see an increase in conversion rates.

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Social Media Advertising Services

According to studies, India has more than 258 million people on social media. Most popular social media platforms in India are Facebook and YouTube, with WhatsApp following closely.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the market potential in this situation, and it is imperative today that all businesses today build their reputation and brand marketing strategy with proper social media strategy.

BrandLoom as your social media advertising agency in india and its team of experienced social media managers can help your brand create its own niche online.

Instagram Advertising Service

It is a well known fact that Instagram is the favoured platform for brands that target young and more mobile audience. BrandLoom can help you leverage the power of Instagram’s videos and pictures to connect with a wider and younger audience.

We can also help you connect to the right influencers to carve out your special niche in the market, and design campaigns that are cost-efficient and effective.

You can build your brand story online and stay fresh and relevant, and also track your campaign’s effectiveness with the help of our team.

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Facebook Advertising Services

Being the most popular social media platform in India, Facebook is almost always the focal point of any brand’s social media strategy.

BrandLoom as a Facebook advertising agency has designed and executed several Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns, and we can ensure that your advertisements and promotions reach the right audience.

We create ads that direct traffic to your website and help you realise your revenue goals. We make sure that you can get the maximum benefit from your ad-spend.

Twitter Advertising Services

Everybody knows how important Twitter is for online advertising. Be it starting online trends, making stuff go viral or ensuring instant communication with the customers- Twitter is indispensible if you want to popularize your brand.

BrandLoom as your Twitter advertising agency can help design Twitter advertising campaigns that are ethical and effective.

Be it plugging your products with the right hashtags or designing attractive ads or creating buzzworthy campaigns, BrandLoom can help you reach out to a wide range of customers.

Studies show that Twitter sees that most active engagement from customers over other platforms, and BrandLoom can help you translate that into revenues by optimizing your Twitter advertising campaigns.

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Quora Advertising Services

Quora is a powerful social media platform which helps people find what they are looking for. Quora works on recommendations, and with BrandLoom, you can position your brand in a way that it emerges as a solution to a demand gap in the market.

What’s more, Quora is a great perform for cementing personal brands, so if you want to position yourself as a market expert or leading authority, advertising on Quora is an important step in your branding strategy.

BrandLoom as your Quora advertising agency can help you create relevant promotional posts for the right target audience, and also connect with relevant people and brands.

Linkedin Advertising Services

LinkedIn is the best place for B2B marketing and professional networking. LinkedIn advertising is a highly specialized field, because here, conventional advertising paradigms are ineffective.

This is a platform for highly specialized audiences, and BrandLoom as your Linkedin Advertising Agency can help you reach out to them in a way that makes your brand look professional and cutting-edge.

Be it generating leads or driving personalized emails to the relevant audience’s inboxes, BrandLoom can help you connect with specialized audience in a way that there is high chance of increasing conversion rates.

linkedin advertising services by linkedin advertising agency
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Snapchat Advertising Services

Snapchat is an excellent platform for those who like to have fun. With features like augmented reality and filters, Snapchat is a unique platform for brands to appeal visually to a younger audience. It is also an excellent platform for influencer advertising campaigns.

BrandLoom as your Snapchat Advertising Agency can help you configure how to best use Snapchat for engaging with your audience and building your brand story with targeted ads.

With Snap videos, you can not only drive traffic in-store but also generate leads and increase online sales. Snapchat is also the place to be creative, so if you want to be distinguished as a brand, we can help you design your ad campaigns accordingly.

Social Media, Display & PPC Remarketing Services

Remarketing is an essential part of any social media or online advertising strategy. The goal of any brand is not only to reach out to a new audience but also re-engage with and retain the existing customer base.

Remarketing means marketing to those website visitors who have visited your website or product pages but have not conducted any transaction. BrandLoom as your remarketing company can help you with remarketing to your past visitors by showing them advertisements while they search the web or surf certain websites.

Studies show that remarketing through Facebook and Google is highly effective and increases chances of conversion.  BrandLoom can design advanced remarketing services campaigns that are tailor-made for the audience, based on their search and surfing history.

ppc remarketing services by remarketing agency

Online advertising is an important part of a brand’s digital branding campaign, and BrandLoom can help you get noticed by the right audience on the right platform. You can get the maximum benefits from your advertising budget with BrandLoom, and get customized solutions at affordable rates.


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