Case studies: Our impact

We take pride in delivering our clients the results we promise. From increasing organic traffic to their sites or achieving record click-through rates on PPC campaigns-shaping a brand’s identity or finding the right positioning – we ensure that our clients get what they are looking for. Our methods ensure results without compromising on ROI.

Our Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

In today’s world, if you want your business to grow, it is no longer enough to have a website. You have to ensure that your brand is visible online to your target audience– and is beating out the competition.

It is the standard now for anyone to look up a service, product, or information online before making a purchase or investing time in something. And by default, they go by the first few search results they see on the first page. So, if you want to take your target audience to your website, you need to make it rank on the first page of Google.

How can you ensure that? With SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization services optimize your website so that it can game search engine algorithms to rise through the search rankings and engage visitors better. Easy as it sounds, optimizing your website requires careful planning and execution.

And we are here to help you with that.

As a digital marketing company, SEO is our bread and butter. In the years since our inception, we have worked with many clients from India and overseas. Be it driving traffic to a website, or building up its domain authority, cleaning a website, or optimizing its structure to become more Google-friendly- BrandLoom has ensured that its clients get the results they have been aspiring to.

Being an ROI-driven organization, our strategies help you expand your business by driving traffic and generating revenue using the best SEO practices. We follow clean, ethical practices that guarantee results. We start by doing a thorough audit of your website and then create a strategy that will start your journey towards ranking on top of search engine results.

You can gain visibility, grow your business, beat the competition, and achieve your business objectives if you deploy our SEO strategies.

Here are a few SEO case studies which show how we have helped our clients become success stories in their fields.

Website Development Case Studies

Here are a few case studies depicting how BrandLoom can prove to be a helping hand in moving your business forward. Our website development services ensure a smooth working website. We ensure that your website is up and running 24*7 so that you do not miss out on precious clientele. As the world is becoming a mobile-first generation, we ensure that your website is accessible on multiple devices. We make your website accessible on laptops, pads, other tablets, and mobile phones.

The case studies show how BrandLoom has been part of the success stories of the following clients. We help our clients develop, maintain, and run a website without any hitch. Our Website developers stay hyper-alert and ensure that your website does not see a downtime. BrandLoom’s expertise in creating interactive, engaging, and user-friendly websites. The websites designed by BrandLoom provide higher traffic, longer engagement period, and 10X sales.

We are not putting out these promises without proof. These case studies and client testimonials speak volumes about our success as web developers. BrandLoom has a team of experts who are pioneers in website development. These case studies are proof of the fact that our services have helped our clients grow exponentially. Their success story can be attributed to their products, services, and our time-tested practices. We follow strategies that are devised by our pioneers and experts over time with experience. These strategies are time-tested, proven, and actionable.

Having said that, website development is not an easy task. It includes multiple factors and attributes. Team BrandLoom focuses on each and every detail of a great website and helps you build a robust webpage. We follow best practices so that you do not face google penalties and thrive in search rankings. The following case studies will show you how BrandLoom has helped its clients grow.

Personal Branding Case Studies

Personal branding is about building up an individual as a brand, an authority, a thought leader in his field. You are an extension of your business, and how you present yourself is crucial for your brand image. The following personal branding case studies show how BrandLoom has played a critical role in building the personal brand image of our clients.

Personal branding is crucial for your business growth. Think about people like Marie Kondo, Seth Godin, or Tony Robbins. Personal branding helps you create a robust public image that resonates with your brand image. It is about projecting you as the brand and setting yourself up as an authority in your field. In the following personal branding case studies, you will observe how BrandLoom has helped leaders build a personal brand, which helped their business grow and added to their brand equity.

In the process of building a personal brand strategy, we conduct a deep study and understand the industry you are a part of. Once we know the industry, we further capture insights about the requirement of your product in the market. Our experts identify your niche and build a personal brand strategy for you.
Team BrandLoom makes a personal branding strategy for you based on what you are comfortable with, along with the industry requirements. We then help you post content on your multiple social media platforms to ensure that your personal brand message is communicated loud and clear with the clients. Your personal brand is what will set you apart from your competition and give you the winning edge.

BrandLoom can do all this for you and much more. Though, please do not take our word for it. The following personal branding case studies will take you on a detailed tour of how we help our clients build a personal brand and monetize it for the best results.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

The following digital marketing case studies show how we have played a pivotal role in advancing our clients’ reach. As a digital marketing firm, we focus on multiple facets of your business. Our plethora of services have helped our clients turn their brand into a vertical giant. We help our clients by ensuring brand awareness, increasing brand visibility, and bringing in new traffic. We play the role of crisis managers as well and ensure a harmonious relationship with your existing clients. These digital marketing case studies show how BrandLoom helps clients to be the best version of themselves.

BrandLoom does not believe in the one shoe fits all strategy. When we acquire a new client, our team of experts from different verticals sit with our client’s team and devise a strategy that works best for their unique needs. The marketing strategies that we use are unique, with a pinch of best practices that we have picked up over the years. Our experts share ideas and dreams, which we as a team turn into reality by following actionable strategies.

The following case studies show how we helped our clients build a strong brand identity across multiple channels. Social media has become the staple of everyone in the digital era. We help businesses build a solid social media presence with a constant tone across channels. As branding experts, we understand the need to maintain a consistent voice across different channels. Our team of talented marketers, designers, writers, and technicians ensures your business gains visibility.

Contrary to common belief, marketing is a dynamic field. The digital era has just added to the troubles of marketing. BrandLoom considers those troubles as challenges and handles them head-on. These case studies will show you how we combat new marketing challenges every day and turn every hurdle of the way into reigning success.