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Build a customer-centric organisation that enjoys strong customer relationships, makes more informed and better decisions based on real-time sales & marketing data, and creates a customer experience that will lead to phenomenal topline growth. Take advantage of CRM Services by one of the best CRM companies in India.

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What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our expertise. Grow your Business by consolidating your marketing and sales operations while offering quality customer service. With BrandLoom, choose the most suitable CRM system to meet your customer relationship management goals. We will assist you with CRM selection, integration, and management.

  • 100+ Years of Business Experience at Leadership level.
  • CRM Evaluation and Selection driven by your business needs.
  • CRM Integration and Deployment to assist your organisation.
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As the adage says, customer is king. If you are a business, ultimately, your goal is to ensure a great customer experience – right from the quality of your product to after sales services. This is where Customer Relationship Management service providers come in.

The world is moving at lightning speed today. Customers expect service providers to respond to their queries and feedback within seconds, or they lose interest or walk away with a negative impression of the brand. However, human beings have their limitations, and businesses must ensure that they have mechanisms in place that stop their customers from abandoning them.

BrandLoom can help you manage your interactions with your customers, and design custom CRM solutions for you at affordable rates. Headquartered in Gurgaon, we bring decades of expertise with our qualified team who understand your needs and provide you with solutions that are intuitive, easy to handle and effective.

What does a good CRM service provider do?

A good CRM software is crucial in managing customer interactions, and a powerful data collection and analytics tool. A good CRM software compiles data from all communication channels of the business process. For small businesses, hiring a CRM development service proves to be beneficial in the long run, as it is a cost effective way to collect and analyze customer data.

Implementing a good CRM software uses data analyses about a customer’s history with a company to predict future behavior patterns. This gives businesses useful insights into customer psyche, and help design targeted marketing campaigns.

While there are many CRM solutions available, brand owners should remember that the ultimate aim for implementing a CRM solution is to increase sales and improve customer service. Implementing a slow or inefficient solution not only slows your growth down, but also negatively impacts customer experience and increases costs.

The BrandLoom advantage

Having worked with many Indian and international clients, BrandLoom is uniquely suited to understand your customer service needs. We offer CRM application development services for everyone- whether you want to implement CRM, or upgrade your existing system, or want to adapt cloud-based CRM offerings. With our custom CRM solutions, you can increase sales and productivity. Our solutions are cost-effective and enable you to spend more time on what you do best- provide good and quick service to your customers.

With our CRM solutions, you can optimize interactions within your organization as well as with your customers. BrandLoom offers you end-to-end solutions, covering various communication channels like sales, marketing, social media and xRM implementation services. We can design solutions for you that can upgrade your CRM platform to be able to handle large-scale operations.

BrandLoom uses predictive modeling and data mining techniques to anticipate trends and customer needs via forecasting, which helps you understand your existing customer better. With predictive analytics, you are also better positioned to deal with potential and first time customers. With BrandLoom at your side, you can:


  • Be fast in your interactions and close more deals.
  • Follow up on interactions
  • Track lead customers and map loyalty levels and trends
  • Enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction levels.
  • Improve customer and employee engagement.
  • Deliver a seamless experience across all contact points and business processes

BrandLoom aims for the best, and our focus is on ROI maximization. We offer you solutions unique to your needs. With our CRM solutions, you will be able to anticipate the needs and requirements of your business. This gives you a vision and plan for developing software for maintaining your client and business database, and helps streamline your business processes.

CRM Solutions that We Work With

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BrandLoom offers you solutions that cover various facets of CRM:

Analytical CRM : The primary objective of CRM analytics is to map out prominent behavioral patterns and predictions from the existing data and information gathered from various operational CRM systems. For internal purposes, this speeds up the decision making process.

Social Media Analytics: It is not enough for a business to be on social media platforms, it is imperative that they use the data they collect from customer interactions to map trends, improve targeted marketing practices, fine-tune their marketing campaign and increase sales. BrandLoom can help you with social media and community analytics, which gives you useful market insights. This is crucial for gauging the success of your own marketing strategy.

Customer Service Analytics: Keep track of resolution rates, service cost analysis and service trends with our Customer Service Analytics solutions. This gives you useful insights that helps you give your customer better experience, and also helps you map customer loyalty.

Collaborative CRM: Today, when businesses are connecting with employees, vendors, suppliers and partners from all corners of the world, there is need for integrating CRM with collaborative channels to ensure that communication is smooth with everyone. With BrandLoom, you can avail custom-made solutions that will help you keep in touch with your team across all locations. This is especially useful for executives and entrepreneurs who have to travel often. With our solutions, you can be sure that you do not miss any message.

Social Media CRM: With social CRM, you can integrate social media tools to improve customer engagement. Be it measuring customer reactions or facilitating conversations- BrandLoom helps you manage your customer interactions better so that your customer does not feel neglected. This helps you improve customer experience.

Mobile CRM : It is now necessary for businesses to be mobile. For your executives on the go, make it possible to engage with and update customer data via their mobile devices with our custom mobile CRM solutions. If you have a team spread across multiple locations, BrandLoom’s mobile CRM solutions provides you a flexible and convenient way to stay integrated.