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As a fractional CMO agency, Our Experienced CMO offers growing businesses the marketing leadership they need without the commitment of a full-time hire. With our fractional CMO service, you can appoint one of our marketing experts to integrate into your team seamlessly. Acting as your dedicated Chief Marketing Officer, they will align your marketing initiatives with your overarching business objectives, driving revenue growth through strategic planning and execution.

Avinash Chandra’s expertise as a CMO was instrumental in transitioning me from a bartender to a successful brand founder. Through BrandLoom’s strategic guidance, he helped establish a compelling brand identity and position my hospitality consulting company as an industry leader. Avinash’s creative vision and data-driven insights were pivotal in elevating my brand’s visibility and driving tangible business growth.

Sandy Verma, Celebrity Bartender turned F&B Consultant, helped by BrandLoom.


Why Choose BrandLoom As Your Fractional CMO Agency?

Unlock Strategic Expertise:

Our data-driven approach aligns your marketing initiatives with your company’s goals to drive measurable revenue results. Leverage our expertise to elevate your marketing as a strategic revenue driver and accelerate your business growth.

Agility and Flexibility:

Our fractional CMO approach enables quick modifications. The CMO you appoint from our team will personalize the services to meet your organization’s unique requirements. They will continuously adjust and optimize your marketing plan as market conditions evolve, ensuring your strategies remain agile and effective for maximizing results.

Faster Time to Results:

Our extensive knowledge and effective marketing techniques equate to faster campaign launches and results.

Measurable ROI:

We’re fascinated with outcomes. We’ll monitor important KPIs and give frequent data to ensure your marketing budget yields a verifiable return on investment.

Seamless Integration:

We do not take a piecemeal approach to any project. We’ll work hand in hand with your team to guarantee the marketing process proceeds in an orderly manner and without hitches.


Imagine having a highly skilled chief marketing officer on your team without having them on your payroll. It’s like outsourcing the marketing to an external player- who you don’t have to retain full-time. 

That is the idea behind a fractional (part-time) CMO. Our expert is always available whenever you need their insights, but you don’t have to bear the expenses of a full-time executive.  

This is perfect for companies that don’t require a full-time marketing chief but want a purposeful executive’s knowledge and skills. In contrast with a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, this can be a favorable solution at a lower cost for startups or companies who have just begun to bring their business to the market. 

If you’re wondering why hiring an experienced fractional CMO from BrandLoom is beneficial for you- here are some advantages for you to consider:

  • Economical:
    Full-time heads often have higher salaries and perks. On the other hand, CMOs at a fractional level offer direct access to senior-level marketing skills at a cheaper cost.


  • Flexibile:
    You can set the engagement level according to your individual needs, which can be a couple of hours a week or a few days a month.


  • Brings in New perspectives:
    Having separate CMOs adds an extra dimension to your marketing strategy because of the additional knowledge they possess from previous experience.
Fractional CMO vs Full-Time CMO: Strategic Direction on Your Budget

As you can see, picking a fractional CMO over a full-time one has its perks. When choosing, keep in mind your workload and budget. Our experienced CMO is the answer if your company needs someone who can provide strategic direction without assuming leadership.


If you choose us as your fractional CMOS- here’s what we can do for you:

  • Determine the Path:
    We’ll help you determine the direction for your company. We can come up with an appropriate marketing plan that lays down the blueprint to achieve immediate goals as well as your long-term vision.


  • Strategic Selection:
    Find the best combination of tactics (for instance, paid advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, and others) to guarantee a good return on investment.


  • Problem-Solving Ability:
    For seamless campaign execution, anticipate and efficiently handle marketing obstacles.


  • Leadership & Inspiration:
    Create a collaborative, high-performing atmosphere by inspiring and leading your marketing team.


  • Putting Together Your Dream Team:
    To ensure long-term success, we carefully grow your marketing department and hire outstanding people.


  • Agency Expertise:
    Provide strategic direction and supervision while utilizing the knowledge of external agencies.

By availing yourself of BrandLoom’s fractional CMO services, you get access to extensive business knowledge, management expertise, and marketing experience. Because of this, we are a perfect fit to lead your internal marketing team and can motivate and mentor them to attain marketing greatness.

Our fractional CMO is more than simply a team leader; they will be your reliable counsel at the C-suite level. To assist your company in achieving its marketing objectives, we supervise the use of marketing techniques and offer knowledgeable advice.

We can collaborate effectively with your marketing team, leadership group, and C-suite executives to ensure everyone is on the same page and pursuing the same goals.

Fractional CMO Services: Strategy, Execution, Team Leadership


Leverage Our CMO's Leadership for Marketing Success.

Unparalleled Expertise:

Leverage Brandloom’s years of senior-level marketing experience to develop a results-driven plan that addresses significant gaps in your marketing processes. Our fractional CMOs work as a seamless extension of your team, integrating your objectives with your overall business goals.

Our Fractional CMOs are Experts in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Mastery:

Using digital marketing platforms is increasingly necessary for growth. Brandloom’s fractional CMOs know how to create and optimize digital marketing programs that reach your target demographic at scale.

Our Fractional CMO Expertise Covers All Your Needs.

Allrounder Excellence:

From getting your site rank on #1 on Google to getting more followers on your social media handles, from getting more online sales to generating leads- our fraction CMO specialist can help you grow your influence & revenues efficiently.

Our Fractional CMOs Deliver Actionable Insights.

Actionable Analytics Insights:

Gain a better knowledge of your target market and determine the real effectiveness of your marketing activities. Our fractional CMOs deliver the data-driven insights required to enhance performance consistently.


Fractional CMO services from BrandLoom provide a potent option for companies looking to:

Close the Leadership Gap:

Is there a lack of direction within your marketing team? Our fractional CMO leads your team to success by providing seasoned leadership and strategic decision-making.

Create a Winning Strategy:

Do you require a niche-specific, data-driven marketing strategy? Our fractional CMOs use their background in private equity, SaaS, and other areas to develop growth-oriented strategies.

Appropriately Scale Your Investment:

Our flexible approach allows you to access elite marketing knowledge for as little as five hours per week.

Gain from Experience:

Although your team is excellent at execution, they may lack strategic vision. Our fractional CMO offers a plethora of expertise to foresee obstacles and maximize campaigns.

Concentrate on Results:

Hold weekly KPI meetings under the direction of our fractional CMO to instill responsibility and a results-oriented mindset within your team.

Boost Your Campaigns:

Our fractional CMOs identify optimization opportunities to unlock unrealized potential in your advertising endeavors.

Boost Efficiency:

Our fractional CMO can provide professional leadership and management to help your marketing staff perform at its best.

Launch Confidently:

Are you a new company or launching a new product? Our fractional CMOs will help you strategize and implement your go-to-market plan, ensuring your online marketing initiatives make the cut.

Take advantage of powerful fractional CMO services through BrandLoom’s partnership. Find the best marketing companion and spark your company’s growth!


Many companies fall into two traps: hiring pricey, full-time CMOs burdening finances or using transient gimmicks undermining confidence. Availing of fractional CMO services from BrandLoom is a more intelligent option.

Get the much-needed marketing knowledge without going over budget. With a tenth of the price, our fractional CMOs offer years of experience. As a strategic partner, we will help you in achieving your short-term objectives while preserving your long-term vision.

Take action now! With the help of a BrandLoom Fractional CMO, you may achieve your goals more quickly than ever via marketing success.

Fractional CMO vs. Full-Time Cost: Get Expertise Without Breaking the Bank

Discover the potential of a fractional CMO by collaborating with BrandLoom. Discover the ideal marketing partner, and watch your company grow!


Brandloom’s Fractional CMO is a part-time, external Chief Marketing Officer who offers expanding companies top-tier marketing leadership and knowledge. Unlike a full-time CMO, Brandloom’s fractional CMO collaborates with you on a flexible, as-needed basis to lead strategic marketing campaigns.

We link you with professional marketers who work part-time, suited to your exact requirements. We’ll:

  • Create an effective marketing plan for your sector and specialty.
  • Provide strategic direction and decision-making to your marketing staff.
  • Optimize your campaigns for optimum effect and discover new growth prospects.
  • Provide professional advice to guarantee that your marketing efforts are completely focused on achieving your goals.

BrandLoom’s Fractional CMOs provide an economical way to acquire access to top marketing experience. They allow you to extend your marketing leadership without incurring the expenditures of full-time personnel. Let’s discuss how we can help you find the best marketing match!

Traditional CMOs provide excellent value, but their full-time salaries may not meet your requirements. Here’s why  getting a Fractional CMO from BrandLoom is a better option:

Right-Size Your Investment: Get the marketing leadership you want for a fraction of the expense. We provide flexible engagements, allowing you to access experts for as few as 5 hours each week.

Focus on Your Core Business: Do not become bogged down with marketing recruiting. BrandLoom links you with pre-screened Fractional CMOs, saving you time and resources.

Benefit From Diverse Experience: Our fractional CMOs utilize a plethora of marketing knowledge from numerous sectors, providing new perspectives on your particular difficulties.

The pricing of a BrandLoom Fractional CMO varies depending on your requirements. We provide a flexible engagement model, which allows you to tailor the time commitment (hours per week/month) to your budget.

Here are a few aspects that determine cost:

  • Fractional CMO Experience: Seniority and industry knowledge might influence rates.
  • Engagement Scope: The amount of hours spent on your marketing needs will influence the final cost.
  • Project Requirements: Pricing arrangements for complex projects that require additional help may vary.

Don’t worry about hidden costs! BrandLoom offers clear pricing upfront. We’ll work with you to discover a fractional CMO solution that meets your budget and provides outstanding value.

BrandLoom fractional CMOs are seasoned marketing specialists who work part-time and can provide you with the essential expertise without incurring full-time costs.

We can provide you with Fractional CMO services as follows:

  • Marketing Leadership: Our fractional CMO provides strategic marketing guidance and expertise to your organization, allowing you to benefit from experienced marketing leadership without the need for a full-time, in-house CMO.
  • Strategic expertise: We develop a data-driven marketing plan tailored to your industry and specialty, ensuring that your endeavors are successful.
  • Concentrate on Growth: We maximize your return on investment by finding optimization possibilities and unrealized potential in your marketing initiatives.

You can find fractional CMO services in several ways:

  • Executive search firms: These companies focus on locating C-suite executives, including CMOs with fractional ownership.
  • Internet marketplaces: There are sites that link companies with fractional CMOs.
  • Marketing Consultancies: As part of their bigger offerings, numerous marketing consultancies provide fractional CMO.
  • Professional Networks: Use your contacts to see if they have any information or recommendations for fractional CMOs.

If you need a Fractional CMO agency to grow your business, please contact us at BrandLoom. 

A Fractional CMO can be a valuable asset for several types of businesses:

  • Scaling Businesses: Companies experiencing rapid growth may need strategic marketing leadership without the commitment of a full-time CMO.
  • Businesses Lacking Marketing Leadership: Organizations without a dedicated marketing leader can benefit from the guidance and expertise of a Fractional CMO.
  • Companies with Specific Marketing Needs: If your marketing team needs help with strategy development, campaign execution, or team leadership, a Fractional CMO can provide targeted support.
  • Cost-Conscious Businesses: The part-time nature of a Fractional CMO makes it a cost-effective way to access high-level marketing expertise.

Finding the right Fractional CMO requires a focused approach:

  1. Define Your Needs: Identify your specific marketing goals and areas where you need the most support.
  2. Search Strategies: Explore various avenues like executive search firms, online marketplaces, marketing consultancies, and professional networks.
  3. Candidate Evaluation: Look for industry expertise, cultural fit, service offerings aligned with your needs, and a pricing structure that suits your budget.
  4. Interviewing & Selection: Conduct thorough interviews to assess their experience, leadership style, and strategic thinking.

Hiring a full-time CMO can be quite an expensive ordeal. Don’t worry; you can always turn to Brandloom for our Fractional CMO services. 

The organization’s CMO is the chief marketing officer. They head the marketing team, determining the communication strategy for the company or brand, designating tasks, ensuring all communication reaches the intended target audiences, overseeing the brand’s social media and PR activities, keeping an eye on the competitors’ activities and monitoring the performance of a company’s marketing efforts.

Also, they watch the marketing team, just to ensure that every member works together to achieve goals. In simpler terms, the CMO is responsible for publicizing products and services to the audience at a particular moment and in a manner that will be advantageous for overall sales and revenue generation.

Recruiting a full-time CMO is a significant financial commitment. Explore BrandLoom’s Fractional CMO Services for top-tier marketing leadership without the overhead.

A CMO of a business are the chief marketing executives who oversee the whole range of marketing activities across all organizational divisions in a company. Their role is to handle the tough calls on how the company’s image is projected to the public.

Here’s a breakdown of a CMO’s typical duties:

  • Marketing Strategy: Craft the overall marketing plan, outlining goals, target audiences, and the channels used to reach them (social media, advertising, etc.).
  • Team Leadership: Manage and motivate the marketing department, ensuring everyone works together effectively.
  • Budget Management: Allocate resources for marketing initiatives, getting the most out of the budget.
  • Performance Tracking: Track the success of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies based on results (website traffic, lead generation, etc.).
  • Staying Informed: Keep pace with industry trends and adapt marketing strategies to changing consumer behavior and new technologies.

If your business wants to achieve visible results and exponential growth, BrandLoom’s fractional CMO is the right choice. 

In a startup, a CMO is a growth architect, not just a marketing manager. Their focus is on two things: ensuring the product resonates with the target market (product-market fit), and driving user acquisition. This means creating brand awareness, crafting compelling messaging, and implementing cost-effective marketing channels like Fractional CMO social media marketing or content marketing.

With limited resources, they leverage data to make informed decisions and optimize campaigns. Adaptability is key, as they’re constantly evolving strategies based on market feedback. They might even wear multiple hats, handling tasks from content creation to social media management. Ultimately, the startup CMO builds a scalable marketing foundation that fuels the company’s long-term growth.