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Take advantage of BrandLoom’s New Company Logo Design Services in India. Our strategic branding led approach makes us the Best Logo Design Company in India. Connect with us today to understand how we create a brand story to design a unique and creative logo.

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What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our expertise. Create an impression with BrandLoom’s new logo design services to leave an impact on the market. Logos designed by us will give your company a sharp- and definitely attractive – edge over your competitors.

  • 100+ Years of Business Experience at Leadership level.
  • Logo built on strategic insights of your organisation, consumer and competitors.
  • Logo that helps you communicate your Brand Purpose.
  • Application of Best in Class Design Tools and Techniques.
  • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding.
  • Our Market Reserach expertise in both B2B & B2C markets.

Company Logo Design Services

Want to create an impression?

Any company is identified by its logo. You cannot imagine Starbucks without visualizing the famous siren, or your iPhone without the iconic bitten off Apple. A logo is the virtual representative of the brand it belongs to.

BrandLoom’s professional custom logo design services can give you that visual oomph that will definitely leave an impact on the market. With the help of our skilled and dedicated team, we can create your brand logo and other design elements that will give your company a sharp- and definitely attractive- edge over your competitors. So if you are looking for professional logo design agency in India, connect with us.

What makes us the Best Logo Design Company in India?

We understand that your logo stands for all that you are- your core values, aspirations and strength. Our team of graphic designers and logo designers in Bangalore can give your company a unique identity.

A brand’s logo is regarded as a shorthand for the company in all business and marketing ventures. It also inspires customer loyalty. You are more likely to return to a brand if its logo is memorable. At BrandLoom, we will consult with you and work together to create the right image that will help you establish your brand visually. We will make sure that your brand logo symbolizes your company image, and that it is memorable.

Small Business Logo Design Company

Your brand’s logo symbolizes all that you stand for, your products and your market reputation. Since your logo is the most important visual representation of your company, our logo designer in Pune makes sure that you get it designed by the best in the field. BrandLoom offers great logo designs- we will custom make you a logo that will be an extension of your overall brand identity.

With the right logo, you can not only stand out but can also get noticed by your target audience. We offer you custom logo designing services at affordable rates. Our dedicated and skilled team can help you interpret your brand visually in a way that is eye-catching, professional and memorable. This is what makes us the best custom logo design agency in India.


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How does the process go?

Logos are powerful marketing tools, and they establish ownership. In other words, logo is the visual imprint you leave on your customers and their minds.

BrandLoom understands that how you choose to represent your brand must stem from your ideals and objectives. We will work closely with your team to understand the values of your brand, and make sure your brand comes across as fresh, relevant and professional.

Built on Marketing Insights

Our designs are based on market insights. The visual representation of your brand is a necessary part of your overall marketing and branding strategy. BrandLoom starts by understanding the market, your strengths, your target audience and identifying the current and upcoming market trends. The result is a logo that will help you define your own niche in the market.

To make sure that your logo conveys your uniqueness, we will research your brand history and understand what core message you want to give to your target audience. We also study your competitors, so that your logo comes across as unique and makes you stand out amidst the clutter.

Unique company logo design

Not only do we help new businesses or small businesses get their own logos, we can also re-interpret or freshen up your existing one. Since a logo represents a company, it should also reflect the dynamic nature of the brand. Otherwise, your brand may appear stagnant and outdated.

Remember, India has the world’s highest youth population, and the millenials form a huge part of this market. If you do not update your image, you will either be forgotten or be ignored by the customers you want in the future. BrandLoom can help your brand appear relevant and innovative by giving you an image revamp.

Online Logo Design Services

Lot of businesses look for development of company logo design online, as everyone understand the value of strategically designed logo. BrandLoom has been offering logo and brand design services for years to the Brands all over the world. So if you are looking for company brand logo design connect with us and take advantage of our storytelling process. This is what makes us the best online logo design company.

Things you can look forward to:

BrandLoom believes in delivering the best. Working with us, you can be sure of the following:

Unique, plagiarism-free designs:

Our team will always give you bold and unique designs that are memorable and visually arresting. We research extensively to make sure there are no design overlaps or chances of ethical issues that can impact your brand. This is what makes us the best logo design company in Delhi NCR.

Transparency in processes:

Your team will be involved right from the beginning to the end of the processes, so you can witness the entire journey. This is what makes us the best logo design company in Bangalore.

High quality and scalable graphic design logo:

We make sure that your logo is of high quality and can be used on everything from business letterheads to business cards, banners to web watermarks and signages.

Multiple logo design options:

We know that good things are better when they are more in number, so our logo designers in Delhi will provide you with more than one option to choose from. You can choose the one to your satisfaction.


We understand how important logos are to your brand identity. Our logo designer in mumbai will provide the final logo design in Mumbai with full brand identity guidelines for use in regular media to make sure your brand is highlighted in the best possible way.

No holds barred:

BrandLoom is well known for its professional reputation. We handover total copyright ownership with client on the logo, so that you can make your own future edits.

BrandLoom can handle high volume of work without compromising the quality of service we deliver. We make sure that you have a business logo design that can fit right in with your overall marketing strategy and brand vision. We guarantee fast turnarounds, and our designers are available to you any time you have an input or want to ask a question.

Leading Logo and Graphic Design Company

We have all the requisite software and hardware needed to stay ahead of the competition. We use the latest versions of the designing programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw to give you high quality and sharp designs.

We make sure that your final design ticks off all the required boxes in the design guidelines you provide. Our team checks the final product before delivery and make sure your design has undergone thorough quality control checks.

Creative Company Logo Design

At BrandLoom, we understand how important it is to preserve your brand identity. Hence, we are extra careful with data security. We can assure you that our team is professional and highly ethical. Only trusted and authorized personnel will have access to your files.

We keep all the required backups so that you are not inconvenienced in case of a data loss. All our software are licensed and our methods meet all requisite guidelines for legal compliance.

BrandLoom offers you an array of quality logo design services in India. Talk to our team to know more about the process and chalk out your vision. Choose the package that is right for you and get your logo designed at an affordable rate. You can be sure that there will be no hidden costs, and we make sure you get a memorable and striking logo that gives you an edge over your competitors and gives you a symbol your customers will be proud to identify with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: If you want to design a logo, you first need to understand how you want to define your brand. Think of the reaction you want to invoke in your audience. Accordingly, think of the colours, font, style, shape and other elements that will help you invoke the required emotions in your audience. Study the competitors, and see what they are doing with their logo.

If you have the right skills and the right software, you can design a logo. However, logo designing is best left to the professionals. Brief your designer about what you want, give references and ask about what is possible. You should always check if your logo is too similar to an existing logo- because there are many copyright issues involved. Make sure your logo is simple, eye-catching, unique and represents your brand’s essence.

Ans: Logo design is the process of designing a logo. Every company needs a logo- a logo is the emblem that stands for your company or brand. It is the pictorial representation of your brand. Hence, if you have a brand, you must design a logo for it, which will be unique and represent your company’s essence perfectly.

Logos can come in many forms- they can be your company name, a sign or symbol, an image or some other pictorial format. However, logos should be unique and memorable. Your audience will associate your logo with your company, so think carefully about how you want your brand to be perceived.

Ans: Depending on who is designing it and where you are located, logo design in India costs can vary a lot. If you are a good designer yourself and have the right tools with you, you can design yourself for free too. However, if you really want a good logo for your company or brand, it is best to entrust the job to professionals.

Remember, designing the logo is just a part of your branding process. So, to find the right logo for yourself, you must understand what your logo must stand for, and what kind of reaction it will invoke in your target audience.

It is recommended that you talk to a brand consultant first to understand what your logo should represent. Then, entrust the task to a good designer, consult with a good digital marketing expert and translate your thoughts into a tangible logo. So if you are looking for branding and logo design companies in India, connect with us.

Ans: If you want to design a construction company’s logo, you must first do a market survey. See what your competitors are using, and look at the logos of the other companies who operate in that segment.

Designing a construction company’s logo does not necessarily mean you will show buildings or engineers. It should reflect what YOUR company is about.

Avoid too bright or garish colours. Make sure your logo gives a sense of dimension- do not make it look flat. Avoid italic or sans serif fonts, and avoid unnecessary design elements that can distract the audience. Do not use shadows that can cover your company’s name.

Ans: A restaurant logo should convey what kind of eatery it is. Does it serve Chinese? Is it a café? Does it specialize in tea and related items? Is it a continental restaurant? Or does it offer global cuisine? Think what kind of product you are serving, and keep in mind what kind of vibe you are going with inside the restaurant.

Is it a family establishment? Are you catering towards the urban youth? Or is it a concept restaurant with niche clientele? Your logo should also reflect that ambience.

Choose colours that go with the vibe of your establishment. Pick the right font- choose one that reflects your cuisine and that your audience can relate to.

Ans: A good logo is one that captures the brand’s essence perfectly, is simple and memorable. Think of the products you use every day, or the most recognizable logos of famous companies. They are all simply designed, are sharp, and easy to remember.

Your logo should be distinct, unique and practical. If you make a logo with too many flourishes, it will distract from your message. Not only that, it will also cost you more when printing.

Also, a good logo design is one that looks good across all platforms and printing materials. Go for simple, practical designs that translate well across a variety of media.

Ans: A logo design process goes through many phases. These are-

1. Client brief: understanding what the client wants
2. Research: survey the competition, the market and check for references
3. Conceptualizing: think how can you convey what you want to in a design format
4. Sketching: creating some rough layouts before you finalize a prototype
5. Designing: use the right software to design the logo finally
6. Presenting: present it to the client. Explain why you did what you did
7. Feedback/ approval: your client may want some revisions, or may approve your design
8. Delivery: you formally hand over the design, with the required elements to the client.

Ans: Logo design means designing the logo for your brand- which is like an emblem that represents your company. Branding is the process of defining, distinguishing and building a brand. It can be said that logo designing is a part of the branding process- because it helps you distinguish your brand from the others.
However, branding is bigger than just logo design. Logo design refers to a part of your brand’s visual identity. Branding takes into account other aspects like carving out company identity, pricing, target audience, finding the market niche, deciding marketing approach and executing that across multiple platforms.
But you must remember that logo is vital to the branding process. This is because your logo makes your brand instantly recognizable, and is what customers think of first when they think of your company.

Ans: The “golden ratio” is a mathematical concept. Draw a line and divide it into two parts. The ratio between the longer part and the shorter part of the line should be the same as the ration between the original line and the longer part.

Designers, artists and architects use the golden ratio when drawing or designing something. This is because using the golden ratio often results in more pleasing results. Many logo designers also try to use it make the logo look more presentable and impactful.

In logo design, if you apply the golden ratio, more likely your logo will look neater. Do your research on the golden ratio- there are many elements and shapes that correspond to it. Using these elements and shapes will help you come up with a good better.

Ans: A brand’s logo is regarded as a shorthand for the company in all business and marketing ventures. Also, logo inspires customer loyalty. You are more likely to return to a brand if its logo is memorable.

With the right logo, you can not only stand out, but can also get noticed by your target audience. Logos are powerful marketing tools, and they establish ownership. In other words, logo is the visual imprint you leave on your customers and their minds.

Since a logo represents a company, it should also reflect the dynamic nature of the brand. Otherwise, your brand may appear stagnant and outdated.

Ans: It is extremely important that you copyright your logo design. You must consult with a lawyer to understand how to copyright your company name or logo. However, there are a few rules that apply to all logo designs:

1. A logo must be considered “sufficiently creative” to be copyrighted.

Not all logos can be copyrighted. You cannot copyright colours, names or existing logos of others. Your logo must be distinct and creative enough to qualify for copyright protection. For eg: Apple’s logo shows an apple, but it has that bitten off part which is distinct and instantly recognizable.

2. Company name logo design should be unique

Search the regional and national databases to see if your logo has characteristics that resemble elements in other logos.

3. Affix the copyright symbol.

Add date of publication and specify who holds the copyright to your logo.

4 Register your logo.

This is to protect your unique identity and stop others from misusing your logo. If anyone misuses your logo, you can take legal action against them.