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Connect with your Consumer Emotionally.
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Consumer expectations are very different today. They increasingly want to connect with businesses instantaneously. For them, your web presence is like your visiting card (so it better be delightful). Let’s build a Consumer-Centered, Responsive Website with Intuitive Navigation for your Business.

The Internet is ultimately about innovation and integration, but you don’t get the innovation unless you integrate Web technology into the processes by which you run your business.


Take advantage of our experience and deploy Web Technology into your business processes and generate higher ROI on your marketing investments. BrandLoom Consulting will apply its consumer centric and data driven approach to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Emergence of Technology in Marketing Business

Technology has permeated marketing for decades. whether it is Peoplemeter data from Kantar Media research or iamai Internet usage report, technology has enabled marketers master both the medium of television/science of TV ratings and online consumer behaviour.

Over the last two decade we have seen massive proliferation of television and in last couple of years of online channels enabled by broadband/wi-fi to computers & cheap Feature-phones. This unrelenting rise of screens has resulted in a constant battle for the consumer’s attention. Which eventually propelled consistent growth in marketing investments with increasing focus on accountability in promotions.

This proliferation of web-technology also resulted in increasing attention to detail. Marketers are using research and analytic’s to shed light on

  • Who is buying
  • What she is buying
  • Why she is buying
  • Who is influencing buyers
  • Where she is buying
  • When she is buying
  • Where/when marketing efforts can generate greatest returns
  • What Value proposition consumers value and are looking for
  • What experience they value.

With this Understanding astute marketers are able to develop impeccable consumer offerings. At BrandLoom Consulting we apply our understanding of advances in data, modeling, and automated analysis to create refined ways of targeting and measuring the ROI on marketing expenses.

How we will help you?

Our Team of Creative web developers use latest web technology to develop consumer-centric web design and mobile app design. Our consumer centric web design and mobile app design will help you reachout to your prospective consumers and achieve your business objectives. At BrandLoom we believe our customers may need 3 types of web or mobile apps:

  • Informational: At BrandLoom Consulting, Informational websites or apps are developed keeping in mind your target consumers information needs. Our experts will optimise your webpages or mobile app, basis SEO so that your website start appearing in web searches. Your informational website will address many queries of your consumers and also help connect with many prospective customers without any running expenditure.
  • Transactional: At BrandLoom Consulting service oriented websites or mobile apps are created to make them user friendly. We will enable you to provide Best in Class services to your customers.
  • E-Commerce: We specilise in developing E-Commerce websites or mobile apps. It is just not good enough to put together some products on a webpage and start shipping as and when you get order. BrandLoom Consulting applies understanding of Consumer Behaviour, Brand and web interface to create an unparalleled combination to give you leadership in the E-Commerce space. Our team will develop most appropriate customised solution to meet your demand and business requirement under BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model. Under BOT model, we will develop your website and make it searchable by your target audience through SEO & SEM, enable Anywhere Commerce Services by introducing best vendor base for your business, before we transfer the operation to your team.
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