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10 Reasons why Influencer Marketing is the Next Big Thing

Social media influencers are changing the digital marketing landscape. When influencers endorse products and brands to their followers, the brand gets a boost and can rake in revenues. For small business owners and brands, social media influencers can prove to be a useful marketing tool, but they need someone who can devise a good marketing strategy with effective influencer management plans.

influencer marketing facts influencer marketing india
  • According to a study by Linquia, 39% of marketers worldwide are now committing more money for social media marketing.
  • As per a study by video publisher One Production, 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it effective.
  • The study by One Production also indicates that influencer marketing can give up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.
  • According to a study by emarketer, sponsored posts generated 1 billion total likes in 2017 alone.
  • As per a study by Newswhip, posts by influencers have generated more engagement with the brand than the direct posts by brands themselves.
  • Lastly, millennial customers trust social media influencers more compared to celebrities. As per a study by GenZ 44%, millennials said that they trust influencers, while only 36% said they believe celebrities more.
  • Conventional marketing is expensive for small businesses.
  • The youth are consuming media differently and moving away from traditional platforms.
  • Niche products can be effectively marketed through influencers who appeal to their target audiences and whose brands reflect the same values as that of the niche brands.
  • Conducting influencer campaigns are more cost-effective and less labour-intensive than celebrity endorsements

Why BrandLoom as your Influencer Marketing Agency in India

BrandLoom can help you design successful campaigns with influencers that will help meet your branding and ROI needs and give you an edge over your competitors. At the same time, if you are an influencer who is looking to connect with brands whose values reflect your own, we can help you find your right fit.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Delhi, BrandLoom gives you tailor-made solutions for all your branding, digital marketing and social media needs. With decades of experience, our team can help brands find influencers that fit their image and budget and conduct ethical, viable influencer marketing campaigns that ensure that you meet your revenue benchmarks.

Our expertise with all facets of digital branding and marketing gives us a unique advantage. Team BrandLoom brings years of knowledge to the table, and we help your brand get noticed, stay relevant, and grow its influence online. We understand that it is not always necessary to find a big-name celebrity spokesperson to promote your product- but it is crucial that you find the right person for it.

What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our expertise. Build your Brand Equity and Business online with the best Influencer Marketing Agency in India. We help brands engage and connect with audience worldwide through top influencers (bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers). Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategy that works.

  • Ability to deploy the power of 500000+ influencers.
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy driven by application of Data.
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy Built on Consumer Insights.
  • Application of Best Measurement Tools to evaluate your impact.
  • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding & Storytelling.
  • Influencer Marketing Capabilities for Fashion, Health, Technology and more.

Influencer Marketing Process

1 influencer marketing process define objectives

Step 1
Define Campaign Objectives

influencer marketing
2 influencer marketing process Identify influencers

Step 2
Identify Right Influencers

influencer marketing
3 influencer marketing process create content

Step 3
Create Amazing Content

4 influencer marketing process launch campaign

Step 4
Launch Influencer Campaign

influencer marketing
2 influencer marketing process Identify influencers

Step 5
Optimise The Campaign

influencer marketing
6 influencer marketing process measure

Step 6
Measure Campaign Impact

What makes us one of the Top Influencer Marketing Companies in India

We can help you promote your brand via influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Each brand is different, and so is each product, so it is necessary to first find the right medium for your promotional content. BrandLoom understands the customers and can provide you with valuable market insights that make sure that the campaign we design reflects ongoing trends and creates the appropriate buzz in spaces where it matters.

BrandLoom also understands that a social media influencer campaign needs to be authentic, so when we select the influencer, we make sure they have engaged and authentic followership. Many agencies apply shortcuts like buying followers, but these usually only result in draining the brand financially without being offset with sufficient revenue generation. BrandLoom makes sure that the influencer campaign is engaging and successful, and helps you meet your online marketing and revenue goals.

It is also important to assess the efficacy of a campaign, and unfortunately, it is difficult to determine ROI from a social media influencer campaign. However, our team keeps track of all necessary data and helps you make sense of it so that you can identify the effectiveness of a campaign and gain valuable customer behaviour insights, which will be useful in future branding strategy.

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are often on a tight budget and deadline, and for them, it is crucial to identify influencers who will give them their desired marketing and branding results without much hassle. BrandLoom can help you identify micro-influencers who can showcase your products effectively to the right audience, and pull in local or niche shoppers. This gives you an advantage over competitors and helps you create your marketing niche.

BrandLoom can help you design a social media influencer marketing campaigns that are effective, ethical and in sync with your overall branding strategy. We find the right influencer to promote your products, design branded posts and content for promotion and start social media trends.

Are you an Influencer?

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Best Blogger and Social Media Influencer Platform in India for those, who want to change the world. We provide everything that you need to take your blog or social media account to next level & turn it into a profitable and growing online business!

  • The Different Ways to Monetize Your Brand.
  • The Importance of ‘P2P’ Relationship Building.
  • How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout.
  • How to be ‘Seen To Sell’ to Grow Influence.
  • The Power of Pre-Selling Your Products.
  • Plus, much, much more!
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Influencer Marketing Platform” Connecting Influencers with the right brand

If you have an active social media presence and boast of a large number of followers- you may want to have your voice heard and support service providers or causes that are close to your heart. In that case, BrandLoom can help you get in touch with the right brands, and help you curate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Moreover, we will provide guidance on how to conduct a clean and effective campaign. We design influencer campaigns that are ethical and scalable and make sure that the brand reputation of both parties remains positive. We can also help you positively engage with your followers, so that your long-term relationship with them remains stable and that you can gain a new one in the process.

We understand that influencer marketing campaigns reflect the spirit of the brand and the influencer personality. Our team will treat your brand as our own, and not only help you design an ethical and productive campaign but also lay out a roadmap for the future.

Our team has worked with many Indian and international clients, and we have led successful social media campaigns for many brands. If you want effective solutions at affordable rates, you can never go wrong with BrandLoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Influencer Marketing is a way to promote and sell products and services through social media influencers. They are people who are active on social media and have many dedicated followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. Influencers are like brand spokespersons, and via sponsored posts, they inspire their followers to try out some products.

Instead of marketing directly to consumers, brands collaborate with influencers to conduct campaigns. Followers of have a high engagement rate and are more likely to check out products that the influencers endorse.

Ans: If you are on social media, you will notice that there are certain persons on the platform who have a large number of followers. Even you might be a follower or know someone who is one. Social media influencers are people who exercise a significant amount of influence on social media or marketing platforms. They are particularly well known in the beauty and lifestyle sectors.

Influencers represent aspirations for their followers. If they post about a product or a service provider whose work has helped them achieve something, or enhanced their lives in some way, their followers are likely to check the same out and even spend money on the same. Influencers post branded content on their profiles, or promote certain brands or products, and thanks to the number of people who follow them, the brands gain access to a larger audience.

A social media influencer campaign is like a publicity or marketing campaign, but it takes a different approach. Social influencers act as celebrity endorsers for products on social media. Via branded content, sponsored posts and blogs, an influencer campaign promotes a brand product in a way that reaches their respective followers, and lays down the grounds for direct engagement with the target audience.

Top influencers on social media come with a dedicated and sizeable follower-base, so when companies use influencer marketing campaigns, they already have a ready (and vast) audience to talk to. Studies show that with genuine and engaged content, social media influencer marketing campaigns are highly effective and drive good sales numbers.

Ans: It is a well known fact that celebrity endorsements really enhance a brand’s profile and help them reach their revenue goals. However, conventional celebrity endorsement deals are expensive and way beyond the means of small businesses. With younger people now being more tuned on to the internet and social media and moving away from television, it is only prudent that brands engage with them on their preferred media platforms. The new, urban youth also prefer to interact with brands directly and expect instant response- something which is only possible on social media.

Studies show that unlike celebrity fandoms, social media influencers have followers who are highly engaged and regularly check out what the former post about. A popular influencer is a perfect conduit who connects brands with a wider audience without the brand having to search out for its target audience. All they need is to find influencers who fit their product profile and design a campaign that promotes their product in the best possible way.

Ans: Influencer marketing happens via collaboration between brands and social media influencer. Every brand has a target audience. To conduct an influencer marketing campaign, they must first locate an influencer who is likely to appeal to their target audience, and their personality gels well with how the brand tries to position itself.

An influencer marketing campaign then involves the influencer endorsing or recommending the brand or products to his or her followers through blog posts, sponsored posts or social recommendations on various platforms.

Influencers may not be big celebrities, but their followers are loyal and are more likely to try out products they recommend. Hence, companies have a better chance of reaching their marketing and revenue goals with influencer marketing, and it is more cost-effective.

However, they should be careful that the influencer has real followers (not fake ones) and she posts authentic and engaging content regularly. Influencer marketing is effective among youth, and especially useful for brands in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, décor and food sector.

Ans: If you have an active and popular social media presence, you can be an influencer too. It starts with finding your niche and putting your personality across social media in an engaging way. Influencers should have real followers and post authentic content regularly and should distribute their content across social media platforms and grow their network.

Ans: Micro influencers are those who have about 100 or so followers on social media. Their followers are extremely loyal and have a higher engagement rate. Micro influencers are very useful in pushing niche products and are popular with small businesses. They are growing in popularity, and are useful in pushing customised or limited edition products.

Ans: Influencer Marketing is here to stay. Here are some things that explain why:

Conventional marketing is expensive for small businesses
The youth are consuming media differently and moving away from traditional platforms
Social shopping is popular among the youth, and they are more likely to go by recommendations from people or personalities they trust.

Influencers come with their inbuilt fanbase, so you don’t have to go search for an audience
Influencers have followers who are highly engaged and authentic and are more likely to check out things they recommend
Social influencers can easily show how the products are helpful by posting videos that show how they can be used
Niche products can be effectively marketed through influencers who appeal to their target audiences and whose brands reflect the same values as that of the niche brands.

Influencers are good at networking, thus widening the reach of your brand.
Influencers enjoy more credibility than big-name celebrities, as they are deemed more ‘real’ and give the impression that they use the products they endorse and vouch for the same

Influencers are aware of social media trends and can help position your brand in a fresh and relevant way, and also increase your reach
Conducting influencer campaigns are more cost-effective and less labour-intensive than celebrity endorsements