Brands will increasingly handle their own e-commerce and rely less and less on local distribution partners. Why should they give away their profit margins?

Take advantage of our End-to-End eCommerce Services and sell directly to your consumer all over the world and also on leading marketplaces. BrandLoom Consulting will enable you to showcase your entire product range on your own and other eCommerce websites.

How our eCommerce Services support your Business?

At BrandLoom Consulting, we enable Startups, brands and retailers to start selling their products online directly to consumers. We have developed a unique eCommerce Services ecosystem that enables brands/retailers to do so using their own Exclusive Online Brand Outlet (EOBO) concept.

BrandLoom Consulting will help you build, operate and transfer eCommerce Business Module right from eCommerce website development, operation of web stores, online marketing, payment gateway, dispatching goods, managing account receivable and processing returns. We provide following services as a turnkey model:

eCOMMERCE SERVICES by BrandLoom Consulting

eCommerce Services by BrandLoom Consulting

eCommerce Website Development: We will create a consumer friendly eCommerce website with easy navigation so that your consumer keeps coming back. Our team specialises in eCommerce website development. Our approach to eCommerce website development is consumer centric and data driven. Our eCommerce website design is combined with the optimum mix of both standard and individual features to encourage your customers to buy. Below are some of the things we will do:

  • First we will create a consumer centric eCommerce website design & mobile app design, basis UI/UX principles

Post approval we will do the following

  • eCommerce website Development with unique Store Front
  • Listing of most frequently bought products
  • Product groupings and presentation
  • Individual Product Pages
  • Product comparisons
  • Shopping Kart and checkout pages
  • Global Store: we can also enable you to sell worldwide by developing a eCommerce Website customisable to the unique requirements of each country. The following features help you do that:
    • Selection of target countries
    • Multiple languages
    • Ability to handle multiple currencies
    • Localization options

eCommerce Mobile application Development: We will create a consumer friendly eCommerce mobile application with easy navigation so that your consumer stay connected with your business. Our team specialises in android app development and iOS App Development, which are the most commonly used mobile operating systems. Our approach to eCommerce mobile application development is consumer centric and data driven. Our eCommerce mobile application design is combined with the optimum mix of both standard and individual features to encourage your customers to buy.

eTailing Management: Take advantage of our strong e-commerce infrastructure, which includes centrally located warehouse – close to transport hub in Delhi, existing relationship with leading portals and a team of Industry professionals with combined experience in MNC’s of over 100 years. We will work with your sales and marketing teams to identify and select range of products for online sales. Our eTailing infrastructure is a reliable and ready to use platform for brands and retailers. It can be tailored to manage B2B & B2C commerce and offers opportunity to reap the emerging opportunities with little risk.

ecommerce services bt BrandLoom Consulting, ecommerce website development company
eTailing services by BrandLoom Consulting

Online Campaigns: We will apply latest web strategies coupled with promotions to build traffic on your eCommerce website or mobile app:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Paid marketing campaigns
  • Promotions including discounts and coupons

Payment Processing: We will introduce best in class payment methods for quick, reliable, and secure payment for merchandise such as online transfer, credit card, or cash on delivery—to give your customers more choice.

Product picking, packing and shipping: The moment we receive any customer order BrandLoom Consulting partnered fulfillment center will pick, pack and ship the product as per your packaging / delivery instructions.

Accounting, Customer Service & Logistics: Our trained, capable and online ready team of Accounting, Customer Service and Logistics personnel will handle the following:

  • Accounting: Payment & Accounts receivable, Risk management
  • Logistics: Demand Planning, Supply Chain Management, Stock Management, Delivery Management to consumers,
  • Consumer Care: Credit card complaints, Returns and exchanges, Product complaints.

Marketplace Integration: BrandLoom Consulting can also help you leverage your association with us by integrating you with online marketplaces.