Hi, I am
Avinash Chandra

Branding, Integrated & Digital Marketing consultant and Founder of BrandLoom Consulting.

I help companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. I have successfully led Business and Marketing operations of several large & small; American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and Startups. In totality I have worked with over 100 Brands during my 17 years of professional career with a proven track record of Building Sustainable & Profitable Businesses.

I BELIEVE IN CONSUMER CENTRIC, connected, profitable & sustainable BRANDS.

I believe in Brands and startups that Truly Help consumers. Yes! A Brand is out there to make profit. However, unless you connect and truly help a consumer, your chances of survival are zero in this digital world. It is no longer about attacking or defending, but about finding what you can do profitably.

I don’t believe that established businesses can’t be agile and connected like the upcoming digital startups. Instead I believe that they can play from their point of strength which is their brand, data, and consumer base to make sure that all of their strengths are leveraged and used equally well in the digital world.

I don’t believe that a startup just needs to be an aggressive attacker and use discounting (with investors money) as a strategy to build their business. Instead I believe that by finding their niche and connecting with their prospective consumer at the right point of time, a startup can find their MOJO.

Brands Digital Marketing Consultant Delhi helped
Brands Digital Marketing Consultant India Supported

Reimagine the Results.

That Digital Consulting can Drive for your Business.

Enhancing Brand Awareness by Digital marketing agency in Bangalore


An American automotive brand was struggling to increase its market share due to an low brand awareness and an imposing incumbent. The company challenged BrandLoom to help them build awareness among savvy audience and remove brand rejection at retail.


With celebrity cricket star as the Brand ambassador coupled with continuous campaign on YouTube, Facebook  and PR led to significant increase in brand awareness and significant reduction in brand rejection at retail.


Overall Brand Awareness 75%
Increase in Market Share 2%
Increase in Sales 25%
Generating B2B Sales by top digital marketing companies in bangalore


One of the largest Indian conglomerate was struggling to generate new business opportunity for their premium B2B solution. The company challenged BrandLoom to identify new business opportunity in residential and SME sector to grow their business without involving their salesteam.


BrandLoom optimized the website for search, deployed lead magnets and built landing pages to generate leads for the business. Google adwords advertisements in select geographies with contextual targeting helped the brand generate new leads for their dealer network.


Increase in Lead Generation 100%
Reduction in CPC 30%
Increase in Large Deals 20%
top digital marketing agency in bangalore to drive B2B sales with Branding


A large American ingredient brand was struggling to gain traction among Indian business users. The brand challenged BrandLoom to identify ways to build traction among their business customers by sharing new innovations being developed for Indian or international markets.


BrandLoom started email marketing activity sharing new innovations being launched along with use case scenario. Based on behavioral action provided BrandLoom provided action plan to the sales team through Salesforce CRM.


Increase in Innovation Adoption 25%
Sales Increase 20%
Increase in Visibility 20%
Best Digital Marketing Agency driving Visibility through Online PR


An American automotive brand was struggling to build its visibility among its target audience. Brand wanted to drive its visibility in media, however the cost was a major concern.  The company challenged BrandLoom to help them build awareness among savvy audience through media.


With celebrity cricket star as the Brand ambassador coupled with online and mainstream PR campaign, BrandLoom launched campaign in several target cities.


Impressions in Mainstream & Online Media 155Million
Increase in Marketi Share 25%

Looking for Digital Marketing Consultant

So if you are looking for practical, tried & trusted digital consulting services then I can help you get the results.

It does not matter what your desired result is. You might be looking to:

  • Start an online business with little or no capital.
  • Grow your business online with limited investments.
  • Omnichannel Strategy to take your existing business Online.

However, before you start your digital transformation journey with me, let me share how it all started for me.

I was always fascinated with brands, and particularly with those which formed a deep connection with consumers. Even before I started my graduation, I was clear this is where I want to build my career. Well, in India, such a career was a strict no-no, as parents always wanted to see their children become a Doctor or an Engineer.

But, somehow I saved my life and became an engineer only to find that I needed more. Finally, I found my calling. I studied and pursued a career in marketing, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.

While studying, I started gravitating towards Digital (so called Cyber marketing way back in 1999). The desire to learn more led me to demand my Alma mater, MDI, Gurgaon to start a course on Cyber Marketing.

However, studying digital marketing was one thing and using it was another. It took me several years to actually use it for a marketing campaign in 2006. For the last decade, I have been using it in some or other form on the job and while trying my ventures.

During my journey, I learned a lot about brands and how technology can enable the amplification of brands.

I helped several established brands, and startups find their mojo in last 5-6 years. BrandLoom was a culmination of that approach.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I will enable you to build skills and capabilities to meet Consumers demands in this ever-connected world. You will be able to grow your revenue and profit by improving operational performance, deliver your products and services more effectively & efficiently.

Digital Consulting Services

Why my approach works?

The impact of digitization has been all pervasive. Yes it started with sales and marketing processes, however now its impact is visible in all the functions of an organisation. Every C-suite executive is feeling the impact of it in their functions.

However, digitization has completely transformed business and marketing operations. At BrandLoom, I along with my team will assist you in this journey with our unique “Digital Brand Commerce” practice.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

With our Digital Brand Commerce practice you can increase your product / service reach beyond geographies, help you take better decisions with data & analytics and drive product innovations at a faster pace. I will also help you with adoption of latest marketing technology that supports your business model. As an organisation you need to be very careful while walking the path of digital transformation.

Our Vision

To apply Digital, Branding and Commerce capabilities to enable Startups & Brands to meet Consumers needs and develop world-class skills & capabilities. Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products and services more effectively & efficiently and grow their businesses in existing & new markets.

Digital Strategy Consulting

I and several members of my team have an extensive experience in digital and marketing processes. Therefore we are strategically placed to help you deliver better marketing programs, products and services through digitization.

Here is an example:

Couple of months back, a startup approached me. The Founder/CEO said “we have been doing well on online marketplaces, however our conversion rates on our own website and mobile app sucks”.

I asked them “what is pulling you down?”

His answer surprised me. “I am not sure, we have been spending lots of money to drive traffic to our website from Facebook and Google. But conversions rates are really horrible.”

Well, the beauty of digital ecosystem is that you can deep dive and identify what is working and what is not.

This is what we bring on the table.

I will show you how to build a “Digital Brand Commerce” ecosystem to help you achieve your business objectives.

There are a lot of elements to build digital excellence. Digital is an ecosystem and one activity feeds into another. So if you do not play all your cards right you will have an unbalanced strategy. Anything unbalanced can not stand on its feet, leave alone delivering results for your business or your career.

Simply trying whatever comes your way and spray & pray approach will not help you build your business as there is no proven system available anywhere in the world. Most of the “digital experts” talk about one or the other part as if that is the only thing that drives digital excellence.

Let me set it straight.

Trying harder doesn’t work.

You need a practical system to advance your business or career. I will show you the exact system I have used to build brands and businesses.

So with “Digital Brand Commerce” system, just focus on building your business and brand instead of worrying about being on the right path.

That’s what I offer HERE. No gyaan. No hiding of real techniques. No BS. No random tactics. Just tested, step-by-step systems that work in the real world.