Experiential Marketing Agency

How Can BrandLoom Help You with Experiential Marketing?

With some of the best minds in the industry at the helm, BrandLoom is uniquely poised to help you strategise your experiential marketing ideas. Having worked with many Indian and international brands, we understand how your brand can connect best with your target audience, and offer you custom-made solutions which suit your needs best.

Here is what we can do for you-

  1. Creative event ideas

To organize an experiential event, brands need innovative ideas which will help them connect with their audience. BrandLoom analyzes your brand properly and then offers you the marketing ideas which are related to your product and define your brand properly. We make sure that you have innovative ideas for promoting your product so that you can create ripples in the sector.

  1. Grab public attention

To have a successful experiential marketing event you need to grab people’s attention first. What is the benefit of an event without an audience? Companies need a full proof plan to bring people to their event with creative ideas and social media marketing so that they get large engagement and audience as well. For this, brands need a good experiential marketing agency like BrandLoom with a solid background in digital marketing. We help you generate the required buzz for your brand that gets people excited about what you offer.

  1. Help in using good quality resources and maximizing ROI

Experiential marketing companies always know what the audience wants and how to create an impression. We back all our suggestions after going through market data, and we help you take an informed decision which will give you the results you want. Our team can help brands in making the right decisions related to the event and their promotions. Our suggestions always consider the methods that can get you the best returns on your investments.

  1. Create live experiences

It is not just enough to have an innovative idea to market your brand. You must pay close attention to how the audience behaves to design such live experiences that compel the audience to respond to your brand. BrandLoom has worked with many brands across industries, and understands how to create great live experiences based on a thorough understanding of the behaviour of their audiences.  We know what it takes to popularize an event and how you can craft unique, immersive experiences that convinces your audience to engage with your brand positively.

  1. Make brands viral

Experiential marketing agencies know exactly how to make something viral. We help brands create the right kind of buzz on social media, which helps them generate brand awareness and helps them go viral. We help you generate good word of mouth publicity which helps you reach out to and engage with an even wider audience.

  1. Measure brands success

BrandLoom helps you monitor your promotional activities and keeps measuring your brand’s success rate according to the audience reactions and behaviour before and after your execute your experiential marketing plan.  Based on data, we also tell our clients how they can increase their profit margins and brand engagement levels.


Experiential marketing is the next big thing in the marketing strategy umbrella, but planning and executing a good campaign is not an easy feat.  Preparing for a good launch or a brand event takes a lot of experience and competence because you cannot stake your money and time for an unsuccessful event without any social media shares and brand awareness.

So, if you want to create the right kind of buzz in the market, grab your target audience’s attention and create a lasting impact in their ephemeral world, you must work with the best. BrandLoom can help you create an event where your potential customers can feel alive and experience the real you, the real brand and product and take away some good memories. What’s more, we can help you understand your ROI, which will enable you to take data-backed, informed business and marketing decisions about your brand, and you can figure out what are the areas you should focus on to create your own niche in the market.



Experiential marketing 

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy in which experiential marketing agency engage the public with their brands to build an emotional relationship and to leave a strong impact on customer’s minds. It can also be called “event marketing”, “participation marketing” or “live marketing” where companies introduce their brands to a broad audience in an impactful and magical way to grab their attention and give them live experience with the brands.

The aim of experiential marketing is to make brands memorable to the audience and help brands to make their audience feel special and become a part of the brand universe. In other words, experiential marketing makes the audience connect with brands passionately.

And if you want to give your audience a good experience and increase brand engagement, look no further than BrandLoom. As India’s foremost digital marketing company, we create immersive brand experiences which help you engage your customer in positive ways that help you grow sustainably.

How Does Experiential Marketing Work?

Experiential marketing works on an engagement basis. Today, more than 90% of the content is created by the audience and influencers- which forms the bulk of the marketing materials. At the basic level, this is the most important part of marketing. Everyone is online today, and are constantly sharing, shopping and recommending things.

Needless to say, this creates a huge impact on any brand’s reputation and market share. An engaged fan base have a compounding effect on a brand’s growth, and they help keep widening a brand’s outreach. So what they feel about the brands plays a big role in how they talk about a brand, and it is only prudent that the brand owners do their best to keep the audience’s experience positive.

Experiential marketing makes this task easier and long-lasting. The role of a good experiential marketing agency is to give people great brand experiences. The best way to do that is to make it possible for the customers have one-on-one interaction with brands.

This gives brands an audience which will listen to them and will understand them which ultimately helps the former achieve their goals- whether related to sales or creating an image. Experiential marketing done right can create strong brands with a solid following, and convert their customers into brand advocates.

How Can Experiential Marketing Help Your Brand?

When you create immersive and innovative brand experiences for your target audience, they form a special connection with the brands. Think of Apple- think of the excitement every launch brought and the loyal customer base they built up. As a brand owner, your aim is to engage with your customers in such a way that they become your spokespersons and stay loyal to you.

What Can Experiential Marketing Get You?

  1. A moment with products

You can organize events where people get to experience products as free samples or try them out. When people use them they see their quality first hand. Products just need a moment to make an impact and command the audience’s attention which brands successfully do in these events.

  1. Social media engagement

When brands do something good for their customers or engage them positively,  audiences talk about it in their social media circles. When the audience shares their positive experience on social media, brands get huge social media mileage online, which matters a lot in marketing.

  1. One-on-one interaction

When brands successfully bring a large number of audiences to their event they have a direct one-on-one conversation chance with them. Even online, they can create immersive, personalized experiences which help them bond with their customers. They have people who will listen to them which helps the brand’s vision and mission to reach a large number of people in the way they want. It also creates or recreates a brands image in people’s minds, which makes the brand memorable for their customers.

  1. Long-lasting impact

It is an evergreen theory that people remember the craziest, funny, or happy moments in their life. When brands create an extraordinary event or moment for them which gives them their best memories, those brands leave a long-lasting impact on people’s mind and heart. The audience remembers them and it helps build loyalty towards their product or brand.

  1. Audience’s emotional attachment with your brand

When your audience has a positive experience with your brand- in terms of quality, services and engagement- they get emotionally connected to the same. This relation affects your audience’s purchasing behaviour towards brands and makes them change their priorities. Brands are also able to change people’s perception through experiential marketing and create a rejuvenated image in the minds of their audience.

  1. Convey the right vision of a brand to the audience

Experiential marketing tells your audience about what your brand stands for, what is your real vision and mission and how the audience is the most important part of their story.