In present times, emails can be said to have a universal significance. Almost everyone has an email address. So, it’s time that you recognize the relevance of emails for your business. You can utilize email marketing techniques to improve your reach and brand visibility. Want to learn what is email marketing? Let us help you comprehend every aspect of it!

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What is email marketing?

Connection and bond with your consumers are important for your business growth. If you want to build a perfect relationship with your potential audience, you need to connect with them in the best ways. And, email marketing is one such strategy that helps you interact with your customers in the most personalized forms possible.

The best part about email marketing is that it can provide your business with a high return on investment. It can help you drive a huge amount of revenue. Email marketing basically helps you nurture your potential leads.

Email marketing definition

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In simple words, email marketing can be defined as a form of digital marketing in which emails are used for promoting a business’s product or service. Through email marketing, you can make your customer aware of your latest products, services, or offers. (source)

In fact, email marketing can be said to be one of the most direct ways of connecting with your potential lead. This form of marketing will help you convert your prospects into customers. It also helps you grow your bond with your present customers.

Email marketing involves many things like newsletters, promotions or exclusive deals for the email subscribers. Newsletters are an effective way to send updates about your business or upcoming events and special offers related to your business. Email software makes it easy to schedule promotional events. It helps you target your clients in the most efficient ways.

If your email marketing strategy is well-defined and organized, it will help you reach both your short term and long term business goals.

Email marketing meaning

Email marketing can be defined as one of the most powerful content marketing techniques that you can utilize for promoting your business. Through a successful email marketing strategy, you can build a personalized relationship with every customer.

Well, email marketing is not only about sending emails to subscribers. There’s a lot more to it. Email marketing can be described as a process of sending optimized business messages through emails to the target audience. It involves the procedure of creating promotional emails and maintaining them as well.

In a nutshell, it can be described as a direct form of marketing that helps you improve brand loyalty.

What are the Benefits of email marketing

Given below are the list of objectives that you can fulfill through email marketing:

1. Better brand awareness with email marketing

The email marketing strategy is a great way to remind your customers about your brand. When they see important emails from your side in their inbox, there are chances that they will choose your brand when looking for a product or service.

Only sales-oriented emails won’t help you create the right image in your client’s mind. So, you need to include educational content in your emails.

2. Earn credibility with email marketing

You should always be honest with your customers. They appreciate this. You can add reviews and testimonials to your emails. This way you can validate your claims.

Maybe, you can provide a link to your site page that contains customer feedback. This will help you gain better credibility.

3. Email marketing helps you attract traffic to your site

Your emails can include links to several site pages. When you create relevant offers or discounts, customers will follow your links.

This will help you boost traffic to your popular pages or help you promote pages that lack engagement.

4. Growth in sales with email marketing

When your brand is reliable, customers don’t take much time to purchase from your email.

Upcoming sales, personalized offers or hot deals are quite eye-catching. They will help you increase your sales.

Email marketing is the best way to automate your routine tasks
You can send emails directly in response to your customer’s actions.

Such automated routine tasks can include welcome and onboarding series, registration confirmation, transactional emails, order confirmations or password reset emails.

This will help you cut extra costs by handling these activities manually.
Start developing your email marketing strategy to build your brand in the best possible ways.

5. Better personalization with Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you establish a better connection with your customers. Set up automated behavioural trigger emails to collect your customer’s reaction after using your product.

You can wish your customers happy birthday or anniversaries. Or, you can give them special offers to mark special days. You can give them gift vouchers, invites, etc via emails. Personalization tends to add impressive levels of human connection between you and your customers.

Why every Business need an Email marketing strategy

If you want to achieve your desired marketing goals, email marketing strategy is indispensable. Your email marketing strategy should include a set of procedures that can lead to better brand awareness.

Now, an email marketing strategy is necessary for several reasons. Let’s try to understand some of them:

An email marketing strategy helps you chalk out your promotional and non-promotional activities. You can send time-based promotional emails to your clients. This will prompt your customers to take action immediately.

Your non-promotional emails can be less timely and sales-driven. Non-promotional emails are important for establishing long-term relationships with your customers. They can help you comprehend the interests of your subscribers.

With a well-defined email marketing strategy, you can gauge your business results better. Email marketing strategies help you evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Moreover, having an email marketing strategy helps you layout your marketing process well in advance.

How to create your email marketing strategy?

The first thing that you need to need to do is to define your audience properly. Try to comprehend the requirements of your potential consumers. You can plan your email marketing campaign according to your customer’s needs.

Next, you should have a clear cut vision of your goals. You need to perform certain specific research related to your industry. This way, you will get a better idea about the different areas that you need to focus on while carrying out an email marketing campaign.

Try to make your email marketing activities fun. Make each of your subscribers feel valued. Build an email list of users who have granted you permission to send them emails. Come up with interesting content and watch your email list grow organically.

Also, it is very necessary to select your email campaign type. Figure out whether you want to send a weekly newsletter or regular blog posts. Try to create different lists for different types of emails. This way, your prospects can sign up for the emails that are essential for them. It improves their quality of engagement with you.

Plan a proper schedule for your email marketing activities. You should decide when to contact your consumers. You should try to stick to a proper schedule.

How to do email marketing?

Wondering how to build your email marketing strategy? Fret not! Preparing email marketing strategies is not that complicated. Let’s understand the top tips on how to do email marketing:

1. Garner contacts for your email marketing list

The first step towards developing your email marketing process is creating your email list. You can consider consumers who already have a relationship with you. You can even start with a few supportive friends and family members.

There’s no need to worry if you are building an email list from scratch. You can put an online sign-up form to your website and encourage your social media followers and customers to sign-up.

Well, there are several ways to grow your email list. You need to attract people with exciting offers. You can utilize lead magnets for this. Lead magnets are generally digital materials like PDFs, MP3 audio files or videos. You can create these at a very low cost. Here is a list of some popular lead magnets:

  • Coupons
  • Ebooks
  • Free trials
  • Fun quizzes
  • Webinar
  • Case studies and many more
how to do email marketing
How to do email marketing

Lead magnets can only be effective if they are properly constructed. They need to offer an actionable tool or relevant information that your consumers can apply. Your lead magnets should be as valuable as your product or service. Try to create lead magnets that have the potential to solve problems.

2. Focus on personalized email marketing

It is very essential to segregate and segment your email list. Divide your subscribers into small groups based on certain specific criteria. This will help you send personalized emails to your customers keeping in mind their specific requirements.

Segregation helps you send certain emails only to those email subscribers who can be more interested in that content. This will lead to higher conversions.

Email list segmentation can help you improve the effectiveness of your email campaign. There are numerous ways to divide your subscribers. Let’s have a quick look at some of them:

There can be separate welcome series emails for new subscribers.

You can also create your email list according to the preferences of different customers. There are some subscribers who want to hear about blog posts while there are some who only like sales notifications.

You can even segregate the list on the basis of location. You can notify people about your local event.

Some emails can remind consumers who put items in their cart but haven’t checked out.

3. Work on improving your email open rates

It is very essential to have a good email open rate.

It is important that your emails get opened. Otherwise, all your efforts in building your email list will go in vain. There are multiple factors that determine whether your emails will be opened or not. Let’s delve into some of them:

Try sending your email campaign from a good IP address.

Make sure that you are sending them from verified domains. You can utilize merge tags to personalize the ‘To’ section of your email campaign. You can include your location too. It is necessary to avoid spam filters.

Also, you should eliminate inactive subscribers from your list.

Try to keep your list fresh and updated. Also, can try to re-engage with your inactive subscribers.

You need to figure out your perfect timing.

Make sure to send your email at an hour when there is more possibility of it to be opened.

Try to create a unique subject line.

Focus on using a friendly tone. You can use certain figures to catch the attention of your audience. Maybe, you can try including some humour in your content.

Also, make sure to optimize for mobile.

Keep your format simple and utilize smaller images to reduce the loading time. The call-to-action button can be large.

4. Enhance your email marketing techniques with autoresponders

Autoresponders are a powerful tool for improving your sales. It helps you successfully engage with your audience. Create the content for your autoresponder series and set up the time with your autoresponder software.

Try to develop autoresponders that can have the potential to increase conversions. Personalize the content to make the email more valuable.

Also, you can give them updates etc via newsletters. Good newsletters that are enriched with good content and design can inspire brand loyalty. Utilize newsletters to update your customers about the latest products or services. It is considered to be a cost-effective way that can help boost your business.

5. A digital marketing agency can help you build your email strategy

Hire a good digital marketing agency that can help you make the most of email marketing. (source)

A digital marketing agency can set up your email marketing campaign in the best possible manner. Your business objectives will be kept in mind and your email marketing strategy will be planned accordingly.

Marketing agencies can craft professional templates for your brand. They are well-aware of the strategies that can convert your readers into customers.

How to improve email marketing campaigns

In order to turn your email marketing strategies effective, here are a few email marketing tips from our side:

1. Let your email subscriber list grow

Do you already have a long email list? But you should never stop adding more to it. You should make sure that your list is always growing. Always keep a signup feature on your website. You should also include subscription forms wherever you can be it on the home page, blog page or anywhere else.

2. Tempt your readers to respond

Make sure not to throw information on your potential lead. The best way to attract consumers is including attractive subject lines in your email. It is the best way to stand out in a crowd. Try to give a more human touch to your content. These factors can help you encourage your audience to reply.

3. The ‘personal’ factor is the game-changer

Always involve a personal element in your emails. Remember to segment your emails to particular groups of your audience. If you are dealing in more than one industry, you should focus on sending different versions of your emails as per the audience requirement.

4. Keep yourself safe from spam folders

Make sure that your recipients have opted in to your emails. Don’t use too many exclamation marks or hyperbolic phrases in your email content. Also, don’t write all characters in caps.

5. Crisp emails steal the show

Make sure that your email is clean and engaging. Try to use small paragraphs and ensure that relevant keywords are highlighted efficiently. You can include bullet points so that people find it more convenient to notice the relevant facts.

6. Call to action is a must

Try including eye-catching buttons with texts that offer your audience more than one opportunity to engage. Here are some examples:

  • Download now
  • Click here
  • Know more and many others

Call to action encourages your audience to respond and increase your conversions.

7. Unsubscription method should be easy and convenient

Make sure that the unsubscription process is not too complex. Suppose, a subscriber tries to remove his/her name from your list and is not able to do so easily. He/she might flag your email as spam. This can lead to future problems.

8. Mobile-friendly emails can do wonders for you

Most of the people are always active on phones. They mostly view emails on phones as it is quick to access them there. So, make sure that your emails are optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Sounds nice? Start your email marketing campaign today!

Email marketing tips
Email marketing tips

Types of email marketing

Now, there are several types of email marketing techniques that you can utilize to promote your business, product or service. Want to learn about those techniques? Keep reading!

Let’s delve into the different forms of email marketing:

Email marketing types
Email marketing types

1. Use the power of newsletter email

Newsletter emails can inform customers about your current promotions or new offers. However, it should not only focus on driving sales. Make sure to inform, entertain and benefit the audience through newsletters. Also, try to include a call to action in your email newsletter.

2. Offer some warmth through welcome email series

This is one of the most common forms of email marketing. It can help you build better familiarity with your email subscriber. The welcome email series can include asking the subscribers about their preferences or thanking them for showing trust in you. Welcome emails have high open rates and can generate more revenue.

3. Better brand awareness with promotional email marketing

Promotional emails provide you with great opportunities to attract your audience. Try gaining their attention by adding humour to your content. Try to create emails that can make your subscribers curious. You can use catchy slogans and images or fonts that can easily grab attention.

Also, you can offer free stuff and encourage your audience to take a step towards building a relationship with you.

4. Boost your brand loyalty with transactional emails

Transactional emails include email receipts, invoices, bill statements, and order confirmations. They help you enhance your service transparency. Customers generally want such emails to maintain records. Transactional emails offer a sense of reliability to consumers.

5. Post-purchase email marketing is essential

This kind of email marketing includes a series of emails that are a follow-up to a certain purchase. It helps you to build brand loyalty. The consumers feel delighted to attain attention in the post-purchase period.

6. Gain lost attention with re-engagement email marketing

Don’t let go of your past consumers. Try to regain their attention and motivate them to re-engage with your brand or business. You can send them a ‘miss you’ email. Or you can provide them with exciting offers or discounts and prompt them to interact with you.

What are you waiting for? Increase your brand value and conversions with the proper utilization of different forms of email marketing.

7. Benefits of email marketing

You can gain several benefits for your business through email marketing. Email marketing has a mind-blowing ROI. It is one of the best ways to reach and engage with your audience. It also has the potential to generate higher conversion rates for your business.

Want to learn and delve into the benefits of email marketing? Stay with us!

Advantages of email marketing campaigns

Let’s dig into some of the benefits of email marketing:

1. Enhance brand recognition with email marketing

Email marketing helps you build a better brand identity. It helps you connect with your audience directly. Email marketing gives way to personalized engagement with your potential customer. Through different forms of email marketing, your customers can know you better.

2. Avoid financial stress with email marketing

Email marketing is a very cost effective technique. It is economical than many other forms of marketing. It does not involve advertising fees or media space costs.

3. Email marketing is permission-based

The best part about email marketing is that your email list consists of people who have actively opted to receive email communications from you. And people who are interested in your product or service will engage with your business efficiently.

Your conversions and sales will skyrocket with email marketing
If you have a new promotional event coming up, there are chances that you will get more clicks on your link. Email marketing can prove to be beneficial at every step of the buying process.

4. There is scope for benchmarking email marketing

You can easily compare your business results against others who work in your industry. You can find many free email marketing benchmarking reports online. They can help you prioritize your improvement concerns.

5. Marketing in its truest sense

Email marketing is considered to be real-time marketing. It helps you connect with your consumers in real-time. You can use automated triggers like website activity or shopping cart abandonment to reach your right subscribers at the right time and in the right place.


The best aspect of email marketing is that it is simple. Simpler things are easy to comprehend. Email marketing helps your customers understand the essence of your brand in the most efficient and easiest ways.

This casual yet well-structured email approach can help you enhance your brand’s value. Start your email marketing campaign and watch your brand grow!

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Cheers to simple and basic!


  1. What is email marketing?

    An email marketing strategy can be defined as a highly effective digital marketing strategy that helps you generate leads for your business or brand. In this form of marketing, you send emails to your prospects and customers. Basically, it helps you convert your prospects into customers and turns your one time buyers into loyal clients. It is one of the easiest and direct ways to engage with your audience. You can define it as the best communication channel that helps build your brand reach and visibility. It can help you gain the highest ROI for your business.

  2. What is email marketing strategy?

    An email marketing strategy can be described as a set of activities that help you achieve your business marketing goals. It provides you with a direct opportunity for interaction with your prospects and consumers. In order to create a perfect email marketing strategy, you need data about your customer's habits, behaviour and requirements. Your email marketing strategy should be well-structured and detailed. A good email marketing strategy can help you attract great sales for your brand or business.

  3. How to do email marketing?

    There are multiple steps to building your email marketing process. First, you need to gather your contacts for creating your email list. Select the type of email marketing that you want to perform. You need to structure your content in an easy and well-defined manner. This can help you gain high click-through rates. You can use images and videos to boost your business engagement. Also, always focus on creating personalized content for your email marketing strategy. Last but not the least, you should always measure your results. It will help you learn about your open rate, click-through rates, your spam complaints or your unsubscribe rate.

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