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Rapid Momentum, Explosive Growth

Ebooks with Cutting-edge Strategies From Expert Marketers That Get You Results Without Breaking the Bank.

Resonate with your audiences & skyrocket your business growth with tried & tested marketing strategies. Whether you want to build your brand, get people to notice you, or engage them positively- our guides and resources will empower & inspire you to resonate with your audiences for ages.

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“Being an entrepreneur, I regularly read BrandLoom blogs and have all their ebooks. The strategies have been immensely helpful for a startup with a shoestring budget. I have used their tips to build my website & it’s doing great.”

– Mehul Kumar, Gurgaon.

“For my online bakery, I could set up a payment gateway in under an hour with this ebook! I could select the right gateways, and in a year, my sales have almost doubled- all online purchases. Very useful.”

– Swati Mukherjee, Kolkata.

“I wanted my blog to rank, but after two years of doing a lot of DIY, I finally gave up and started following BrandLoom blogs. I am glad I did because many of my articles are now ranking on page 1 of Google- all thanks to what I learned.”

– Cynthia D’ Souza, Panjim.

“My Instagram posts were not getting any likes. But since I started implementing what I learned from BrandLoom blogs, I have gotten more likes in the last 6 months than ever before.”

– Anjali Gupta, Hyderabad.

“As a marketer, knowing more about brand archetypes has helped me get better client results. Having a distinct personality on social media for my client brands is now getting them more likes and followers.”

– S. Karunakaran, Bengaluru.

Ebooks on Digital Marketing and Branding

Branding Mastery – Know Your Brand’s Archetype

A brand is a feeling, and if you want to invoke the right ones in your customers, you MUST give your brand a strong personality. With this ebook, you can determine the right archetype for your brand and create a communication strategy that gets people to stay emotionally invested in your brand.

What do you get with this ebook?

  • β€’ 12 Archetypes & their traits
  • β€’ Real-life examples of brands that embody them
  • β€’ Actionable strategies that’ll help you decide yours

Payment Gateway Secrets

If you want more sales online, you need to make purchasing easy. Choosing the right payment gateway will give you more sales and more satisfied customers. This guide is the most popular of Avinash’s digital marketing ebooks.

Read this book to get it right- avoid hassles with:

  • β€’ Hidden fees
  • β€’ Subscription payments
  • β€’ Integration issues
  • β€’ International transactions.

What do you get with this ebook?

  • β€’ Demystification of payment gateways
  • β€’ Expert comparisons to help you make the right choice
  • β€’ An introduction to diverse gateways
  • β€’ Efficient integration guide
  • β€’ A list of top payment gateways in India
  • β€’ A guide to setting up your gateway of choice in just ONE HOUR

Brands we’ve turbocharged with our fool-proof strategies



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Tested for Success: Our Ebooks On Actionable Online Marketing Strategies for Businesses

With our step-by-step ebooks, you get:

  1. β€’ Actionable, practical insights into creating communication strategies to help you shape a standout brand.
  2. β€’ Helpful strategies and tricks to promote your products and services the right way WITHOUT wiping out your budget.
  3. β€’ ROI-friendly tricks for running paid campaigns.
  4. β€’ SEO strategies that’ll get your website to #1 on Google SERPs.
  5. β€’ Tips on how to use content marketing to grow your business 10x.
  6. β€’ Simple pointers for SEO and social media marketing for business growth.
  7. β€’ Proven content marketing strategies for lead generation and sales for e-commerce businesses.
  8. β€’ Customizable frameworks for plotting customer personas, user journeys, and campaigning strategies that make planning easy.
  9. β€’ Eye-catching, CUSTOMIZABLE design templates that make creating artworks a piece of cake.
  10. β€’ Case studies that give you a blueprint for creating similar success stories.
  11. β€’ Contemporary brand-building philosophies that help you CONNECT AND RESONATE with your customers.
  12. β€’ Multichannel marketing playbooks that make your brand feel seamless, coherent, and consistent.
  13. β€’ Precise analyses of prevalent marketing practices that help you choose the right ones for your brand.

Whether you’re an existing brand looking for a revamp or an ingenue on the field, we have the best digital marketing ebooks for small businesses. So, start #growthhacking now!

Know the Authors

Avinash Chandra
Avinash founded BrandLoom after absorbing EVERYTHING he could in his 20 years in marketing. He started his career at the grassroots level and worked up through brands like Philips, Bausch & Lomb, HBI, and Lycra (Invista). While being the head of marketing at Opple, he struck out on his own and since then, has guided his team into building sustainable and profitable brands worldwide.

Under his leadership, BrandLoom has established itself as one of India’s most sought-after branding and marketing agencies. Avinash’s proven methods for explosive growth have helped many bootstrapped businesses break even and soar within record time, leading to record-breaking revenues for companies of all shapes and sizes across industries.

As an award-winning branding & marketing agency, Avinash and his team are ready to share the tried & tested marketing strategies that help businesses grow long-term while meeting their short-term revenue goals.

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