Up-selling & Cross-selling Secrets marketing
Hey there , In Today's Email: 🛒 E-Commerce To-Do: Up-selling & Cross-selling Secrets 💰 🔑 Advanced E-Commerce: Acquire an edge over your competitors 😇 Evergreen Scam: The first Nigerian Prince scam is over 100 years old - A surprising history of phishing 🎣 🛒 E-COMMERCE TO-DO: Up-selling & Cross-selling Secrets 💰 While working with brands from all over the
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how to build a business in six months
Hey there , Business Building 101 How I Would Build A Business That Can Drive Revenue & Cashflow [In 6 Months] "Get me to page 1 of Google, also email our customers and contacts a bi-weekly newsletter while engaging influencers on Twitter, and maintaining a captive Facebook audience, also capturing new leads, and put out two
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5X Your Website Traffic
Hey there , In Today's Email: 🧩 Traffic Strategy 6 : Blow up your website traffic by 5X[6 months] 🛒 E-commerce Pain : Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Return Products ⏰ Social Pulse : Best times to post on social media[For 2022-23] 😇 Brand Story : Facebook Evolution - What I learnt. id:2022-09-28-04:46:30:036t 🧩 TRAFFIC STRATEGY 6:  5X Your Website Traffic[In
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Hey there , In Today's Email: 🗝 Traffic Strategy 5 : BrandLoom’s easy traffic secret revealed. 🎯 6 Easy Sales Goals To Earn Revenue : Even if you have never sold before! 😇 Social Pulse - The Twitter edit button : Is it worth it ? 🥇 Brand Story - Shaktiman & Parle-G : How Shaktiman boosted sales from 50
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problems with selling on Amazon
Hey there , In Today’s Email: 📦 Should you sell on Amazon?: Yes & No! [Take your pick] 💰 Sell More: Adopt remote & automated channels. [With proof] 🖌 Industry Pulse: Photoshop Comes Online. [Freemium model] 🎙 Discover: Top 4 Business Podcasts. [For new business growth trends] IS SELLING YOUR PRODUCT ON AMAZON REALLY WORTH IT? Of our many e-Commerce clients, many have tried the Amazon route. However,
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ux best practices that can increase revenue
The BRANDLOOM Essential Marketing Digest The most important marketing news you should know- curated by India’s leading marketing experts at BrandLoom. In Today’s Email: UX Best Practices: UX mistakes that are responsible for revenue loss of 89% of online apparel businesses. Website Design: Your website may need a makeover. Are you paying attention? E commerce revolution: Indian govt
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