Who does not want to feel their best selves every day? One of the most frequented websites for a netizen is beauty blogs- where you can get tips on everything from picking the right shade of lipstick for your dress or the best face pack you can make at home. Thankfully, there are many Indian beauty bloggers who are there to help us out. Want to know about some of the best beauty bloggers in India who write about fashion and beauty? Keep reading.

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Top beauty bloggers in India

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best Indian beauty bloggers and their blogs:


Dendiva’s blog, “My Beauty Junction” is a great place to look for makeup tutorials. In this blog, you also come across the tutorials and tips about the detailed process of makeup looks that will help you achieve the look that you have wished for- be it basic stuff like getting the perfect cat eye or some fabulous contouring. You will also develop a deep understanding of your skin tone as well as which makeup best matches your skin. 

You can also check out her great look books if you are undecided about how to style your outfits. 

The name behind DenDiva is Madhu, who is a US-based Indian blogger and YouTuber. Her blog touches on makeup, beauty treatments, nail art, fashion and even mouth-watering recipes. This is because Madhu believes that beauty comes from within- and it won’t come unless you feel good in your body and mind.

Madhu is a California-based techie who started to her blogging on beauty, fashion and makeup when she was on her maternity leave. Her philosophy is that every woman has a diva within, and everyone should pamper that diva by living the best life they can.

Website:- dendiva.com

The Indian Beauty Blog: Best Indian beauty bloggers

If you are also one of them who love to know more about your grandmom’s beauty tips; as well as other life hacks, then you are going to love The Indian Beauty Blog.  

From makeup to skincare, product reviews and great desi beauty look books- this blog has it all. The best thing about this blog is that, of course, the desi spotlight. Often, makeup tutorials and recommendations are written keeping in fair skin tones in mind. This blog takes into account the average Indian wheatish skin tones and builds looks that favour it.

Most bloggers also favour western looks over Indian ones. The Indian Beauty Blog is uniquely Indian and especially helpful for young women who want to learn about basic desi styles which they can wear with ease.

Blogger Ritu Rajput is especially well known for her “saree stories”. Ritu is a well-known face in the Indian fashion and beauty scene, she has worked with many national and international brands. She also served as “Lux ambassador for India” from 2016-2018. 

Website –http://www.theindianbeauty.com/

Sherry Shroff

Sherry Shroff is a well known YouTube beauty blogger. Women who love quirky styles and don’t favour overtly feminine styles flock to her channel because she has a unique personality and her style resonates with it.

Sherry posts videos every Monday and Friday, and her videos are informative as well as full of humour. You can learn about various aspects of beauty- right from the basic skincare hacks to advanced tutorials for hair, skin and makeup.  

Sherry is also an enthusiastic traveller, and there are many travel vlogs that you can spot on her channel. What’s more, she also gives you advice on travel style- how to switch up your look based on where you go. She is also an expert on DIY and has emerged as a well-known beauty influencer

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/scherezadeshroff

Gia Says That 

Gia Kashyap’s blog, “Gia Says That” is immensely popular. While she is more widely known as a fashion blogger, she is very versatile also talks about beauty, travel and lifestyle. Her own style is natural, urban and understated, and if you are looking for timeless, classic looks- she is the girl for you. 

She is known for keeping a keen eye on quality-oriented makeup essentials as well as regularly suggests her valuable readers with generous reviews on them.  Not just that, she also provides skincare tips and features special preps and tutorials for festive and wedding seasons. 

Gia believes that a person cannot feel beautiful unless she is happy, so her blog takes a holistic approach- she also talks about the importance of self-care and de-stressing. She is a hit among women in their 20s and young professionals because her advice is always practical and wearable. 

Website- http://giasaysthat.com/


If your style is feminine, Corallista is the blog for you. Corallista is fronted by Ankita, who has been blogging since 2011. She also has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, but the blog remains her main draw.

Ankita covers makeup and skincare extensively. From product reviews to color cosmetics tests to featuring sking care routine or every season and time of the day- Corallista has it all. She’s a great makeup artist, and if you have a fair skin tone, you can easily follow her make up tips. She also writes about food and travel occasionally- but the main strength of her blog is her product reviews. You can find almost each and every skincare and makeup products featured on her blog- and she is prompt at reviewing new arrivals too.

Website- https://www.corallista.com/

Peaches and Blush

If you are a wedding-enthusiast this blog is a one-stop solution for you. The Bridal section is well known among beauty enthusiasts because the blog covers every possible wedding/bridal look. So if you are looking outside the typical traditional wedding looks, Peaches and Blush is a great pick for you. 

What’s more, the bridal section is dedicated to providing information about bridal shopping, makeup as well as vendors. In fact, the blog is complementary to the startup WedMeGood, where you can find almost every information you need on weddings. 

But that is not all that the blog is about.  Mehad Sagar and her team cover beauty, fashion and travel in general too. She also features a host of reviews and skincare routines from other beauty bloggers and influencers.

Website- http://www.peachesandblush.com/

Deepica Mutyala’s Blog

The blogger behind this blog is Deepica Mutyala who comes among the best Indian bloggers. You may remember her from that viral YouTube video in which she covered up her dark circles using red lipstick. Since then, she has gone on to feature on Dr Oz Show and The Today Show.

If you need to learn about some amazing makeup trick then this blog is perfect for you- with her outstanding videography skills, Deepica gives you some great quality video blogs that really make understanding makeup application techniques seem like a piece of cake.  

The best thing about Deepica’s blog is that her tutorials are perfect for dusky skin tones. She focuses on makeup that is suited to Indian skin tones, and really revels in playing up Bollywood styles. 

Website- http://deepica.com/

WiseShe : Freelance Beauty Blogger in India

WiseShe’s Anamika calls herself a “shameless shopaholic”. Good for us because since the blog started in 2010, it has got five popular domains and has emerged as the most widely known websites for women in India. 

What’s more, she has launched her own beauty and make up line on Amazon. Her team has also grown, and now the website has a solid presence of social media and YouTube as well. So check her blog regularly to know about sales and discounts of her line of products.

You can find articles on baby care, makeup, beauty, skincare, fitness, travel and fashion on WiseShe.  Here, you can also find DIY home remedies for common problems related to hair and skincare. Also, she features “best dressed” lists for important red carpet galas. 

Website- https://www.wiseshe.com/

List of Best makeup bloggers on Instagram

If we are talking about beauty bloggers, it is imperative to mention Instagram beauty bloggers. They are tremendously influential now and have become the preferred go-to for young women and teenagers.

So, here are some of the most well known and the best beauty bloggers on Instagram:


Vasudha Rai is the former beauty director of Harper’s Bazaar India. Presently, she is a columnist with Vogue Indian and The Hindu. Whether you want to know about the present skincare treatments or selecting the right lipstick as per your skin tone you can take help her help. 

Her Instagram handle is great for product reviews. You wil find many quality beauty products that may not be well known, and she is always balanced with her views. But she also reviews drugstore products- but her forte is looking for natural skincare and beauty products.


Naina Ruhail is the person behind this handle. Based in Delhi, Naina is very good at creating splendid bridal looks. But that’s not the only thing she is good at. Naina is a versatile beauty blogger who is as proficient with wedding makeup as she is with classic feminine, sporty and adventurous looks. 

She is the founder of Vanity Wagon, and her focus is on “clean beauty”. If you are a mother, you are going to love her style because she manages to be chic as well as age-appropriate and always highlight looks that are wearable in real life.


Shreya is aDelhi-based YouTuber who is fast becoming one of the most popular names in the Insta beauty scene. For some daily beauty inspiration, you can check her different beauty looks on her Instagram page. 

Apart from giving detailed descriptions for each product she uses to create her looks, Shreya is also a great fashion blogger. In beauty, she prefers bold, striking looks. Her Instagram is a great place to find products that suit the Indian wheatish skin tones.


Kausal, an UK-based Indian Youtuber has taken Instagram by storm. She is one of the best makeup artists around- be it providing basic makeup techniques to creating breathtaking, complicated lewks. Her videos are addictive, and she loves to highlight her desi feminine side. 

If you want to experiment with bold colours, Kaushal is the beauty blogger to follow. She often creates dramatic, eye-catching looks which are extremely trendy without going over the top. So if you want to find the perfect glittering, purple eyeliner for yourself, check out her product suggestions. Her Insta handle is also a great travel diary.


If you are tired of seeing only the lip colours that look good on white women, then do follow Deepika Instagram handle today. She is a US-based Indian beauty blogger who gives amazing tips of lipstick shades that look perfect on Indian skin. She gives amazing tutorials about the makeup which every desi girl can go for. 

What’s more, her Instagram is a great place to find simple, everyday looks. If you are one of those who prefer simple, fresh, wearable looks- Deepika is the person to follow. She is also a saree enthusiast, and you can check out some amazing looks on her handle.

If you are looking for makeup and fashion that prioritizes comfort and is suitable for real life situations, this is the place to be.


If you are an ardent Instagram beauty junkie, you must have come across Farah’s beauty and makeup videos. If you want great skin and hair care tips, Farah is the girl to go to. She is the best guide when it comes to hair care- check out her own lustrous locks and you will be convinced about her tips.

If you love dewy, fresh looks, Farah’s Instagram is a great place to start. Her make up is always natural but glowing, and she is a master at contouring and nude make up looks. 


This is the place to be for the bold, the beautiful, the not-so-faint-of heart and definitely-not-wallflowers. If you love to go extra, you have to follow Anchal’s Instagram. Be it a bold Indian wedding look, or rocking a red eyeliner or green lipstick- Anchal is here to try out all that is bold and beautiful in the world of beauty and makeup.

 Anchal is a UK-based Indian makeup artist who gives amazing tutorials on different beauty looks. She updates her Instagram regularly with all the new products that she tries out- and if you spot a new product – you will surely find its review on Anchal’s handle.

She also regularly reviews skincare products that she tries on herself, and her make up looks are a great point of reference for women with wheatish skin.


If you are looking for a makeup artist who can help you rock every shade of lipstick and eyeshadow you can dream of, Eshani is the lady for you. In all her tutorial she makes use of contemporary beauty tools as well as palettes. 

Her fun personality shines through, and the looks she goes for are also fun and carefree. She exudes a chilled out, urban aesthetic which is very well suited for those who do not like to fuss around too much with their looks. What’s more, the products she uses are a great fit for dusky-skinned girls.

You can also find some pretty good makeup lines on her Insta posts that may fly under the radar otherwise.


The senior beauty editor at the popular website Miss Malini, Natasha is the person to follow if your aim is to get even-toned, flawless skin. She is a skincare enthusiast and passionate about nail art, and favors feminine looks.

If you want to go the classic feminine route, Natasha’s Instagram will give you some great ideas. It is also filled with some great product reviews- mixing high end ones with drugstore brands.

@magali_c : Best Beauty bloggers Mumbai

Magali Vaz is the beauty blogger whose style is relaxed urban with just a hint of grunge.  She is Mumbai-based who provides amazing beauty advice on all the basic as well as exotic makeup looks.

You can follow her Instagram profile to known the product reviews about different makeup products such as nail paints as well as brushes. Her reviews are honest, and you will clearly know what products to avoid if you follow her. 

Magali goes for clean, fresh, urban looks- and is a great for young working women and college students looking for inspiration. What’s more- her style recommendations will not blow a hole in your pocket. @therightshadeofred

As the name says, this is the Instagram handle for those who LOVE to rock the classic red lip- aka, those who favour timeless, feminine looks. Urvashi has a great sense of style and she favours feminine looks that bring to mind that of the movie stars of yesteryear.

She also posts product reviews and recommends great products regularly. If you have a medium-toned skin, Urvashi’s Instagram will be a great beauty inspiration for you.

In Conclusion

So, as you can see, there are many beauty bloggers who can help you find the right look. If you are passionate about beauty and makeup, you can take inspiration from them and start your own blog!

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