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🦄 3 EASY WhatsApp Tricks – You Can Try Now. To Double Your Sales.
🕷️ The Secret To – Keeping People STUCK To Your Website.
👌 How Ritesh Agarwal Scaled OYO – From Zero To A Billion Dollar company!
🔥 3X Organic Traffic – By Just Adding THIS to Your Website Images!

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3 EASY WhatsApp Tricks

🦄 3 EASY WhatsApp Tricks  You Can Try Now. To Double Your Sales.

More than 2.7 billion people prefer to use WhatsApp to stay connected with each other.

No wonder most top brands, such as Netflix, LensKart, and many more, use WhatsApp marketing to improve their reach.

I have observed several brands receive massive success after implementing WhatsApp marketing successfully.

Here are 3 WhatsApp marketing strategies you should try today:

1. CHATBOT HELP on WhatsApp
People in 2023 are accustomed to receiving information rapidly. They do not want to wait for an email response or a customer service representative to become available when they visit your website and have concerns or need assistance.

They may abandon your website without making a purchase or even remembering your brand due to this delay.

Easy Fix:
Use a WhatsApp chatbot. It can be your 24×7 representative that can answer common questions for you, right away.

How to Do It:
1. Get a WhatsApp Business Account.
2. Add a chatbot that can answer simple questions like “What’s your store timing?” or “How do I buy this?”

People get instant answers to their questions, while you have provided them with better customer service.

2. SHARE UPDATES on WhatsApp Status
Customer’s Information overload is a problem for new businesses. People are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they go—on social media, in search engines, and even in their email inboxes.

This makes it hard for your business to stand out. Also traditional advertising methods are not only expensive but also less effective because people have learned to tune them out. So what can you do?

Easy Fix:
Use your WhatsApp Status to show new products or offers. It’s like a mini-ad that your contacts can see.

How to Do It: 
1. Post a picture or a short video of your product on your WhatsApp Status.
2. Tell people to visit your website to know more.

Now your WhatsApp Status goes directly to people’s phones. This will bring more visitors to your website more often.

3. SPECIAL DEALS in WhatsApp Groups
Customers love feeling special. They also love getting a good deal, but it’s challenging to make them feel that way, especially when you have a large customer base.

Making generic promotions will cause them to get lost in the sea of so many other offers they receive.

Easy Fix:
Make WhatsApp groups and share special deals there.

How to Do It:
1. Make a list of your regular customers.
2. Create a WhatsApp group and add them.
3. Share special coupons or deals in the group.

People feel special when they get an exclusive deal. Deals are a surefire way to get returning & new customers to your business.

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🕷️ The Secret To Keeping People STUCK To Your Website

Websites with poor design have a 48% chance of losing their user base to the competition.

A strong UI plan has become integral to the website design process. That’s why brands should stay updated on the latest trends in the market.

Here are 4 Time-Tested methods to improve UI.

The secret to keeping your audience interested and engaged is captivating content. Storytelling is one kind of compelling content. You may captivate your audience’s interest and build an emotional connection by creating a fascinating tale.

Example: Consider a blog article on overcoming obstacles while beginning a company. You may motivate and connect with your readers by providing personal experiences and life lessons. Concentrate on producing material that stirs emotions and tells a narrative. Keep in mind that consumers want relatability and sincerity.

For websites or applications to provide a smooth user experience, intuitive navigation is essential. It entails creating a navigation system that requires little effort to comprehend and use.

Example: The idea is to make the user’s experience as effortless as possible. By providing clear labels, easy-to-find search options, and additional navigational aids such as a search bar, & breadcrumbs, users can quickly find what they’re looking for without feeling lost or frustrated.

Visuals that are captivating and effectively connect with your audience are a great tool for making your website more attractive and appealing.

Example: One example is using infographics to explain complicated material in a visually attractive and understandable way. Use vibrant colors, graphics, and charts to make information easier to understand and remember.

Quick loading speeds are essential for websites and apps to provide a great user experience. According to research, websites that take longer to load attract less attention. That’s why it is a MUST for businesses to ensure that their website loads quickly.

Example: Consider visiting a website that takes a long time to load. That’s annoying, right? High bounce rates and unhappy users are consequences of slow loading times. You can provide users with a smooth experience, boost engagement, and raise conversion rates by emphasizing quick loading times.

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👌 How Ritesh Agarwal Scaled OYO  

From Nothing To A Billion Dollar company! 

OYO Rooms in 2023 has a presence in over 80 countries, has partners with more than 43,000 hotels worldwide, and offers a whopping 1 million rooms!

The numbers are just staggering . . . .

And the man behind this empire is Ritesh Agarwal, who was just 19 when he started.

He turned a straightforward idea into a global powerhouse, by solving these 4 business problems –

PROBLEM 1 : He realized that budget hotels in India were inconsistent. Also most of them lacked basic features like cleanliness and safety.
PROBLEM 2 : Ritesh faced difficulties in securing initial funding for his idea
PROBLEM 3 : India’s diversity presented a unique challenge. Consumer needs varied greatly across regions.
PROBLEM 4 : Managing a large number of hotels across the country is a logistical nightmare.

So what did Ritesh do? . . . .  

Among other things, Ritesh applied for and won the Thiel Fellowship, which came with a $100,000 grant.
This wasn’t just money; it was validation from Silicon Valley that his idea had merit. This initial funding acted as a springboard, attracting further investments and allowing OYO to scale rapidly.

However, Ritesh didn’t just want to create another hotel chain; which would anyway need a lot of capital.

So, he started by taking a single hotel in Gurgaon under the OYO Rooms brand. He standardized everything, from bedding to toiletries, ensuring a consistent experience.

Then very smartly, instead of buying hotels, OYO Rooms adopted an asset-light model by partnering with existing establishments. They would then upgrade these hotels to meet OYO’s quality standards. . . .

This strategy allowed OYO to expand to more than 500 cities in India without the financial burden of property ownership.

OYO Rooms also developed proprietary software that streamlined hotel operations from inventory management to customer relations. This tech innovation is so effective that it handles over 90 million room bookings a year, ensuring seamless operations and high customer satisfaction.

OYO Rooms then, began its global journey by entering Southeast Asian countries, where the demand for budget accommodations was similar to India. After establishing a foothold there, OYO ventured into the U.S. market.

They adapted their business model to suit each new market, sometimes even offering homes & spaces beyond just hotels.

Today, OYO is valued at around $3 billion, proving that standardization in a fragmented industry can lead to astronomical growth.

The company now employs over 17,000 people globally.

OYO Rooms is a testament to what a simple yet powerful idea, backed by intelligent solutions and relentless execution, can achieve.

The brand has not only scaled unimaginable heights but has also set new industry standards, all while accumulating some jaw-dropping numbers along the way.

To build your own success story like Ritesh, you will need a trusty partner, like BrandLoom. Let’s get together.


🔥 3X Organic Traffic  

By Just Adding This to Your Website Images!  

A recent study found that 2.2 billion people worldwide have some form of visual impairment or blindness.

That’s why 80% of the top brands and companies are implementing Alt text SEO strategies to ensure that all types of users can access their websites.

So what is Alt text when it comes to SEO strategy?
In simple words, Alt text is a short description added to website images. It helps blind or visually impaired people understand what the image is about.

Moreover, it helps them understand the purpose and context of images, which may contain important information or contribute to the overall understanding of the content.🖼

Here are 3 unique ways you can supercharge your Alt Text SEO strategy:

The picture’s file name itself is an often forgotten part of alt-text SEO. Use descriptive and keyword-rich filenames before submitting the photographs to your website. This procedure clarifies the context for the AI-generated alt text and aids search engines in comprehending the information.

Use names like “hiking-in-the-rocky-mountains.jpg” instead of generic ones like “IMG_001.jpg,” for instance, if the picture shows a scenario like that.

Your photographs’ total SEO worth is increased by descriptive file names, increasing the likelihood that they will appear in image search results.

2. Adopt AI-GENERATED Alt Text: 
To create accurate and meaningful alt text for your photographs, use AI-powered solutions like AltTextAI. Your website will become more accessible and SEO-friendly thanks to AI technology’s ability to examine the visual content of photos and deliver pertinent alt text.

To ensure the AI-generated alt text matches the context and purpose of your material, it is crucial to examine and edit it.

3. Give NATURAL LANGUAGE & Context Priority:
When writing alt text, utilize natural language that gives the picture context. Aim to correctly and succinctly explain the image’s substance rather than filling it with keywords. Think about the picture’s meaning and how it links to its surrounding language.

Natural keyword insertion is encouraged, but accessibility and clarity should always come first. Your SEO performance will improve because insightful descriptions help search engines better perceive context.

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