If you love to travel the world then you have come to the right place where you will come to know about the best travel bloggers in India. The bloggers are really amazing and have also won awards in the travel media industry. Some of the best Indian travel websites are Indian Travel Blogs, Lonely Planet India, Nat Geo Traveller India as well as waytoindia.com; all these websites provide you with amazing information about your favourite destinations in India.

Through their blog posts, they give amazing travel tips that will surely help you when you travel around the world. Their blogs have set an example for wanderlust as well as also inspire you to travel around the world. When the travel bloggers are on the travelling mode they keep a close eye on every detail so that they help their audiences to keep those things in mind when they visit the same place which they have mentioned in their blog. 

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World Famous Travel Bloggers

Below stated is a list of best travel bloggers in India about whom you need to know if you have a passion for travelling. 

Tales of a Nomad- R. Niranjan : One of the Best Travel Bloggers in India

Niranjan is one of the top travel bloggers in India who adore life on the road. He has travelled all around India as well as covered almost ten countries in Europe as well as Asia. He says that the major reason for him to start his travelling journey was to know about the languages, roads, unknown places as well as cultures. 

When Niranjan is on travelling mode, he enjoys every small phase of travel. He has done almost everything in his life right from bike riding, trekking down double-crossing slopes as well as chilling on vacations. Niranjan has a dream of visiting every corner of the country to meet new people known as their customs, languages, food and so on. Atlas copies, as well as travelogues, are favourite companions during travelling. 

Some of his favourite destinations are Spiti, Basar, Florence, Gokarna, and Maafushi. During his free time, he always loves to go on a hike and make some life-long memories. In his blog, Tales of a Nomad you will find wonderful travel stories about the places which he has explored and he has also mentioned about the people that he came across during his different trips. 

The shooting star, Shivya Nath : One of the Best Travel Bloggers in India

Shivya Nath decided to quit her corporate job in order to chase her dream of travelling around the world at the age of 23. She is one of the top ten travel bloggers in India as well as womanly explorer whose main mission is to inspire other young women to travel solo and be self-determining. She is one of the travel bloggers who has received many travel blogging prizes. 

In the year 2013, Shivya was acknowledged with the title of Best Travel Blogger at the Indian Blogger Awards for sharing her proficiency as well as tips on how to travel like a local and find the less-travelled destinations. She is so much fond of travelling that she has bowed her obsession with the means of livelihood. 

Nath has travelled to more than 20 countries across the four continents and is writes for different offline as well as online publications. She is very fond of writing about lesser-known destinations. The blog of Shivya is considered as the finest blog in India. 

She is known to have a prominent name in the travel industry. Shivya mainly writes about the different destinations that she has visited, about the hotels in which she stayed during her travel journey as well as various travel tips. 

Therefore, in different publications as well as topmost channels like NDTV, BBC and Times of India, Shivya Nath has been featured. Needless to say, she is one of the best travel bloggers in the world.

Travelure, Ajay Sood: Travel Blogger Instagram

Ajay Sood is one of the travel photographers who is very passionate about making a human component in a picture out of expression through his photography as he believes that every face has a story to tell. 

He is one of the self-taught photographers who has written many articles that have been printed in photography travel as well as in-flight publications like Conde Nast Traveller, GoGetter, Travel 3 Sixty, Huffington Post, Smart Photography, Jetwings as well as Taj Magazine. 

If you want to explore some unbelievable pictures of landscapes, streets, architecture as well as people then do visit his Instagram feed. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that he is the person who has covered almost all the continents during his voyage. The strangest food which he has tasted while travelling is giraffe medallions. Needless to say that Ajay is one of the top 10 travel bloggers on Instagram.

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Avinash Chandra

Anki on the move, Ankita Sinha : Best Travel Bloggers in India

You need to definitely visit her blog today if you are one of the adventurous freaks. She loves to be a free bird that travels the world to her fullest. Her name comes among the stylish travellers who believe in exploring as well as discovering every corner of the world instead of just adding their name to the travel list. She has been successful in creating sensation amid the travel freaks. The way she doddle down her thoughts in her blogs makes her stand out of the crowd. 

Ankita Sinha says that one should limit their desire to travel. Just in a time of two years, she has covered not only national but also international destinations. She has won many prizes for her incredible writings, while Ankita was invited by Visit Scotland Thailand Tourism, Visit Britain and many international brands. 

She believes that if you decide to set foot in each country then you can surely do that. Ankita is one of the outstanding adventure bloggers in India. In her blog “anki on the move” you will learn how to get into most tremendous adventure sports like cliff jumping, zip-lining as well as mountaineering, while you also come to know about the best time to visit places that are mentioned in her blog. 

Every time Ankita visits any new place, she makes sure to create a video in order to upload on her blog. Therefore, she comes among the best travel bloggers whose blog you should definitely read. 

Travel Tales from India, Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Diwedi is a Ph.D.scholar from IIT Kanpur who gave up her job as a professor in the year 2005 just to live her passion for travelling the world. She is counted among the successful Indian travel writer who was recently featured in Via.com. Mridual has been continuously travelling from 2005 and never stopped. 

Her one of the famous blog Travel Tales from India and abroad features some of the best travel stories. In the year 2007, she was awarded as best travel Indi blog at the India Weblog Awards. One of the biggest travel muse for her is Nature. Mridula is a very talented woman whose blog was appreciated by National Geographic Skoda Yeti Video, BBC as well as The Guardian.  

In her blog Travel Tales from India, you are going to find about the places she has visited like hotel reviews, about travel insurance, how to reach the destination, adventurous trips as well as what places you must see during your visit to different countries. 

She is very fond of travelling in metro trains and has also captured many photos of the metro of different cities in the world; you can see them in her blogs. Therefore, Mridula is very fond of travelling around the world and has covered 27 countries till now and has also documented about them in her blog. 

Desi Traveller, Prasad Np : Best Travel Bloggers in India

If you always love to spend some time with your family and head out on vacation with them, then Prasad Np is a perfect person to guide about some of the most beautiful destinations in India that you should definitely visit with your family. He is very passionate about travelling and no other things in this world can make him happy as travelling can. 

He is one of the regular travellers who keep on visiting different places in India with his family. Through his blog, you can come to know about some of the most beautiful as well as a holy temple of India. Some of his favourite destinations are Spiti, Hampi, Kerala, Varanasi as well as Ladakh. In his blog, you will find his personal travel stories and also amazing travel tips which will help you to connect with local people. His blog “desi traveller” is a stop solution if you are confused about which destination you should visit with your family.   

He is one and only hobby blogger in India who is surely going to tempt wanderlust for packing bags and visit the destinations that Prasad has mentioned in his blog. Prasad captures the pictures in such a way that it will surely attract you. 

Kunzum, Ajay Jain Travel Blogger

Ajay comes among the top bloggers in India and is very fond of photography. In the year 2007, he visited Kunzum La pass in Lahaul Spiti which was one of the remarkable trips that inspired him and turned him into a blogger. This is the time when he first started writing a blog name Kunzum.com. 

Ajay also runs his café in Delhi named Kunzum Travel Café. He has a unique way of writing stimulating stories with eye-catchy images as well as videos that has made him very popular. Therefore in his blog, you will get complete information about the destinations which he has visited like hotel reviews, which route you should take, the best holiday places as well as tribal places.    

IndiaBackPackMotorBike.com, Venkat Ganesh

If you love going on bike trips then Venkat’s blog is sure to help you out. His blog on the road trip will leave your eyes wide open. He decided to quit his job after returning from his astonishing solo bike trip in 2011 just because he wanted to travel around India on a motorbike. Venkat is very fond of exploring new places in India and travel to every corner of the world with his bike.  

Do follow his blog IndiaBackPackMotorBike.com for some amazing travel tips, if you are also planning to travel across India on a motorbike. When you will go through his blog, you will be amazed by how his unplanned trips turn into the most exciting and memorable trips. Therefore, after reading his blog you are sure to get influence on a road trip with a motorbike. 

Wandering Kamya, Kamya : Best Travel Bloggers in India

Kamya is famous for travelling the world on a budget. In her blog Wandering Kamya, she has shared all her crazy as well as amazing experiences that she has while travelling to different destinations. She has completed her Masters from Warwick University in the year 2015 in Economics. Kamya loves to travel to different places in India as for her travelling is a lifestyle.   

Devils on Wheels, Dheeraj Sharma : Best Travel Bloggers in India

If you love travelling to the Himalayas and want the complete guide for it, then Dheeraj Sharma’s blog Devils on Wheels is a perfect guide for you where you will get all the information that you need. Dheeraj is one of the keen travellers who is a software project manager. He is a very zealous lover of the Himalayas who is always in search of exploring new places in the Himalayas. 

Since he has a devout worshipper of Leh-Ladakh, he has discovered many off-beat destinations on wheels in Ladakh and shared his amazing experiences in his blog Devil on Wheels. 

In his blog, you will find a list of outstanding hotels to stay as well as a complete guide of Leh and Ladakh. If you want any kind of assistance for planning your trip you can definitely contact him and get a quick reply. 

iShareThese.com, Indrani Ghose : Best Travel Bloggers in India

Indrani Ghose is an ex-Indian Air Force employee who is very passionate about travelling. She is not any common traveller; till now she has travelled to over 21 countries as well as 250 plus cities right from Portugal, Singapore, Guwahati to Jaisalmer.  

In her blog, you are going to find about the different places to visit in the countries that she has visited, cuisines that are famous in those countries or cities, about the hotels as well as things that are special or famous for a particular place. With her family, she has countless road trips across Southeast Asia as well as Europe. 

In an international book, her travelogue was published, while in a national magazine one of her articles on Eco-tour was published. 

Life and its Experiments, Ruby Singh : best travel bloggers on instagram

Ruby is not only a multi-talented girl but a keen observer as well as a quick learner. Her blog is very motivational and aspires others to do a lot of things in their life. She is one of the travel and adventure enthusiasts who write about her travel stories in her blog. 

Some of her favourite destinations are Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand as well as Arunachal Pradesh. One of the major motivations for her travelling is the ecstasy of knowing new facts as well as stories. 

So, the above stated is a long list of bloggers and must have inspired you. If their stories have inspired you then do plan your trip with friends, family or alone right now. 

How to become a travel blogger

If you love travelling and want to make some money then you can definitely start freelance writing in the field of travelling. Here you have the great opportunity to share your travel experience and motivate others for exploring different destinations in India. 

Though to start a blog it demands some time as well as a lot of work in order to build an audience but it is surely going to pay for your hard work more quickly than your imagination. 

You must be now wondering how to become a travel blogger? Don’t worry in this article you are going to learn some incredible secrets for becoming a successful travel blogger. 

Travel blogging has now turned out to be one of the teeming fields and continues to get more crowded. A successful travel blog demands for determined and consistent hard work. Don’t think that just by posting one blog in a week is going to make you earn money. 

Here is how to be a travel blogger:

1 Know your purpose

If you are a beginner then you need to ask yourself why you want to become a travel blogger. If you are starting with a motive just to make some money out of it as well as get some free trips. Then you need to find out some other productive medium.  

You don’t start earning money just after starting your blog; it takes time as you need to build some outstanding audience as well as readership in order to start the flow of money coming in. You should have some solid motive in order to start your work with force. 

2 Read a lot of books

There are hundreds of books available in the markets that are tremendously valuable which can help you to succeed in this field. Remember that running a travel blog is similar to running a business as it necessitates efforts. For running a successful travel blog it is very important to keep yourself updated with all the new trends or else you will surely fall behind. 

You will always see that all the successful bloggers are ravenous readers as they want to enhance not only their knowledge but also skills. If you want to excel in this field it is very important for you to read more and more books as well as remain in a learning mode. Read the books of experts and apply them to your blog. 

3 Find a niche

Before you start writing the travel blog ask yourself what has brought you to this field. What kind of travelling do you love? The one which is under your budget or the luxury one? Do you like to go on beach vacations or to some adventurous places? In today’s time, if you are into a travel blog it is very necessary for you to be creative as well as look for selling points that will make you stand out of the crowd. 

Find out what kind of travel blog you love to write whether adventure blog, volunteer blog or family travel blog. Though figuring out on which blog you have to write might take some time so it is very necessary to have some patience. Once you find what you are obsessive about you can start right from there. 

4 Decide the name for your blog

Though it might be hard for some people but it is one of the most crucial steps for staring a travel blog so select the right name. It is always recommended to keep the name of your blog simple yet memorable. The blog name should be a catchy one as people are going to refer as well as find you by that name only. 

You are going to lose the readers or audiences if your blog name is difficult to remember. 

5 Set up your blog

Once the domain name is selected its time for you to set up the blog. Though for doing this, there are countless options. It is always advised to start from the self-hosted route by using WordPress which is one of the most famous blogging platforms. 

In self-hosted you have complete control over the site. You will come across many companies who will do a lot of things right from registering your domain to getting your site started and running. All these are going to be great value for money. 

6 Do write regularly

It is very necessary to write on a regular basis and that too well. There is no rule for how often you need to post or how long your post should be, but make sure you come up with content that works best for you. Remember that if you are not able to write daily write at least consistently. 

If you want to make your audience then you need to write regularly as well as the content should be a quality one. Do keep at least one post for a fortnight as it will help you in maintaining your audiences.  

7 Blogging is all about content

If you want to become successful in this field, then it is a thumb rule to post high-quality content every time. Just to meet the schedule, don’t throw anything on your site as in this way you will lose your audience. When you get into blogging, you often come across great advice on building an audience; you will also know about various things such as search engine optimization, utilization of social media platforms in order to drive traffic and so on just to get the traffic on your site.

Though all these things are important, but to be successful in the blogging field you need to write as well as post the best and perfect content every time.  

If you post quality content every time you are surely going to have audiences who will come back to your page always to find out new blogs. 

8 Think different 

Always try to present things on your blog in a unique way that has not been done before by anyone. Try to add photos, maps, charts, and videos in your blog wherever possible as this will bring your audience again and again back to your blog as they will find the resources to be perfect. Don’t try to just provide dusting of information. 

For instance, anyone is sharing sponsored content, then you should avoid doing that. Be funny, if everyone else is writing on serious topics. You need to go for a video, in case everyone is back in writing text. Therefore, always try to do something different from other bloggers so that people keep coming back to your page. 

9 Recognize your audience 

Before you start blogging make sure you know who exactly your audience is to whom you want to speak as it will help you in writing the blogs accordingly. You will come to know which social networks you are most active on and in future to which brand you will partner with. Therefore, when you know the readers in your mind before you stay more focused & dedicated. 

10 Be knowledgable and research

As the travel blogging industry is becoming more crowded with the passage of time, so it is very important to keep the quality of your blog at the top precedence. This is only going to make you stand out from the crowd. Take your own time and do proper research about the content on which you are going to write. 

You need to be knowledgable as well as trustworthy in order to magnetize the readers and budding industry partners who depend on you for the relevant and right source of travel information. Therefore, you must imagine the reader’s intelligence and come up with the creative as well as useful posts that meet their expectations. 

11 Be persistent

Remember that no one can become a millionaire overnight and the same goes for your blogging too. You need to sustain a sensible outlook about your blog. Don’t expect too much for the first year all you need to is just keep on working hard determinedly. 

Don’t be in a rush as you need to build things that last not just for one or two weeks. 

Therefore, becoming a successful travel blogger is a time-consuming process. All the above-stated points are sure to help in becoming an ideal travel blogger. 

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