In the digital age, bloggers have become powerful voices and influencers, shaping opinions and trends. In India, professional bloggers have not only established themselves as thought leaders in their respective niches but have also carved out a unique space for themselves in the country’s vibrant and dynamic online community.

These bloggers have used their platform to educate, entertain, and inspire millions of readers, making them some of the most influential people in the country.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the pioneers of India’s blogosphere, their inspiring journeys, and the impact they have made on the world of blogging and beyond.

Through their stories, we will gain a deeper understanding of the power of blogging, the importance of original content, and the role of authenticity in creating a successful online presence.

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What is Blogging?

Blogging is the self-publication of writing, photography, and other media on the internet.

Blogging began as a way for individuals to write diary-style entries, but since then, it has been integrated into many businesses’ websites.

Significantly, blogging distinguishes itself through frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for readers to engage and start a conversation.

Before starting with our list of top professional bloggers, let’s first understand more about blogs and blogging.

What is a Blog?

The term “blog” is a shortened form of the word “weblog.”

Weblogs enabled early internet users to “log” the events of their days in diary-style entries.

Because blogs frequently allow readers to comment, communities emerged around popular blogs as they became more popular.

Blog content varies significantly.

Travel blogs, for example, may include many pictures with few written passages, whereas political blogs may provide wordy commentary on current events.

As with most internet-based innovations, many entrepreneurs saw the marketing potential in having a blog, and the adoption of Blogging among the business community increased the medium’s popularity.

A blog can be used to market a business and start a home business in its own right.

Before you become a professional blogger, you must first understand how it works.

How does Blogging works?

Blogging is as simple as creating a website and publishing original and great content and great posts.

Bloggers with technical skills can purchase a domain name and build their websites.

Those with less HTML knowledge can sign up for sites like WordPress, which simplifies web design, development and publishing.

Blogs are typically simple websites, also called blog sites.

Older pieces may be archived in separate sections of the site, and there may be a separate page with contact information or a bio.

Still, the blog is usually just a single page that can be scrolled through—similar to the news feed on social network sites like Facebook. Like a Facebook news feed, a blog displays the most recent content at the top of the page.

Interlinking is another distinguishing feature of Blogging.

This happens when a blogger includes a link to another blogger’s blog within their blog post.

For example, if a music teacher has a blog and writes a blog post about how to form a chord, they may include a link to a musician’s blog to demonstrate the chords in action.

A political blogger may link to another blog about politics and then discuss whether they agree or disagree with a post on that blog.

Interlinking, in conjunction with the comment section, fosters the sense of community that distinguishes blogs.

Before starting a blog, you should be aware of the pros and cons of Blogging.

Pros of Blogging

One of the significant benefits of Blogging is that it allows you to earn money.

You can monetize your blog in various ways, including selling advertising, products or services, and affiliate marketing.

Blogging enables you to share your ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world.

It allows you to connect with other bloggers and build a community of loyal followers around your blog.

Blogging can assist you in developing your brand and establishing yourself and your voice as an expert in your pitch.

It can also be an excellent way to increase website traffic and generate company leads.

Finally, Blogging can assist you in developing and improving skills such as writing, coding, networking, SEO, etc.

Cons of Blogging

One of the most significant disadvantages of Blogging is the time and effort required to build a successful blog. If you want FAST results, there are better options than Blogging.

It can be difficult to create new content consistently and even more difficult to promote your blog and get people to read it.

There is a great deal of competition out there. With millions of online blogs, it cannot be easy to stand out and create a better blog.

Finally, Blogging can be difficult. It’s easy to become engrossed in maintaining your blog and promoting your content; before you know it, hours have passed.

How can we make money with Blogging?

“Can I make money from blogging?” is a question many people have.

You can do so.

But it’s not easy, especially if you’re new to Blogging or have yet to learn how to sell products or services.

Learning and improving various blogging skills such as writing, SEO, marketing, and so on takes time.

If you’re serious about making money from Blogging, here are some helpful pointers to get you started.

Find a profitable market niche.

The first step is to identify a lucrative niche. A profitable niche is a specific topic or area of interest with potential buyers willing to spend money on related products or services.

Create an audience

The next step after the above is to build an audience once you’ve identified a profitable niche.

The most effective way to accomplish this result is to provide high-quality content that solves people’s problems.

This could be blog posts, videos, eBooks, etc. Solving your audience’s issues will make them more likely to buy your products or services.

Look for ways to monetize your blog.

Once you’ve established an audience, it’s time to monetize your blog.

There are several ways to accomplish this, including:

  • Offering goods or services for sale
  • Display advertisements
  • Affiliate promotion
  • Sponsored content
  • Spread the word about your blog.
  • The final step is to promote your blog to increase traffic and profits.

Blog promotion

Blog promotion is what distinguishes your blog from the crowd. Spend at least 50% of your time promoting your content.

You can use a variety of promotion strategies, such as:

  • Answering questions on Quora.
  • Promotion on social media.
  • Creating an email list.

So there you have it. Making money from a blog is NOT rocket science.

Building a successful blog and becoming a big name among successful bloggers requires a plan, consistency, and informative content (videos or articles).

Top Bloggers of India – Top 10 Bloggers in India

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bloggers in India to follow in this post.

Blogging is great where you can get paid to write about what you enjoy.

Many people in India make a full-time living from their blogs.

Before finalising the outline for this post, we were undecided about the order in which we should present you with the best Indian blogs.

Should we consider Alexa rank, domain authority, traffic, content quality, and popularity?

The truth is that there is no single metric on which to base decisions. So we looked at all of these factors and came up with this list.

1 Amit Agarwal – Best Professional Blogger in India with Focus on Technology

Amit Agrawal is one of India’s biggest and best bloggers, earning $60,000 per month from his blog

He dropped out of college to become India’s first professional blogger. He has a degree in computer science and blogs about cutting-edge technology.

In 2004, Indians were unfamiliar with Blogging. Amit Agarwal decided to pursue Blogging as a career at the time.

The Blogging environment was very different from what it is today.

There was no social media, few online networking tools, and several other challenges.

During this time, Amit decided to become a blogger and launched Labnol.

Amit gained much-needed exposure, and his audience grew dramatically. Everything happened within a year of starting the blog.

Also, he tried several other ways to get noticed, like he attended many blog camps. With different strategies and quality content, Amit rose as the first professional blogger in India.

Labnol – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

Amit writes how-to guides for consumer software and mobile apps on his hugely popular and award-winning technology blog called Labnol or Digital Inspiration.

The site’s goal is to assist you in making the most of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you can spend more time doing things you truly enjoy.

Digital Inspiration/Labnol has won the Indibloggies Best Technology Blog award twice. India Today, Business World, Outlook Magazine, and CNN Go recommended the site. It was also featured as a success story on the Google AdSense blog and the YouTube India website.

Labnol blogs have improved over time, and the audience still enjoys them because Labnol did not shift its focus away from consumer software 11 years ago. Even if the blog becomes famous worldwide, the information is genuine and not written for promotional purposes.

2 Harsh Agarwal – One of the Best Bloggers in India with focus on Technology

ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agrawal’s award-winning blog, aims to empower people to be their boss. Harsh started his online business after finishing his engineering degree in 2008.

By 2009, he had been named one of India’s Young Turks and featured in numerous online magazines and newspapers.

He founded CoinSutra in September 2016 to educate people about blockchain technologies.

He is a passionate speaker who has spoken at multiple international conferences, including the MB Summit in Milan, Inorbit in Slovenia, and India Blockchain Week, among others.

One of the biggest highlights of his career was an organized ShoutMeet, a non-profit 7,000 km road trip across India that connected bloggers from all walks of life.

He’s also the best-selling author of The Handbook To Affiliate Marketing, The Ultimate WordPress Guide, and Google AdSense Mastery Guide: A-Z of Making Money.

ShoutMeLoud – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

Harsh Agrawal runs one of India’s most popular and fastest-growing blogs, Shout Me Loud. Everyone who is a blogger enjoys reading blogs that teach the true and impressive fundamentals of Blogging. Harsh Agrawal is the person in charge of all ShoutMeLoud activities.

If you want to become a blogger, ShoutMeLoud is your website. Harsh Agarwal, the founder, discusses his experience as a self-employed person in this blog.

Harsh is India’s second highest-paid blogger and one of the country’s top digital marketing experts. He discusses how others can embark on a similar journey.

Harsh discusses social media marketing, affiliate marketing, WordPress blogging, and others. He assists aspiring bloggers in pursuing their dreams through his blog.

3 Shraddha Sharma – Top 10 Female Bloggers in India

Shradha Sharma founded YourStory, a startup and entrepreneur-focused digital media platform. She is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YourStory, a company founded in 2008.

Her company has been dubbed as India’s largest and ideal platform for stories, resources, news, and research reports about startups and entrepreneurs.

Before launching her startup, she worked as an Assistant Vice President at CNBC TV18. She also worked as a Brand Advisor for The Times of India- Cut the Crap and Jargon: Lessons from the Startup Trenches is her book.

Shradha’s efforts with YourStory have resulted in over 40,000 entrepreneurs’ narratives since its inception. She made the most of her work experience with CNBC and the Times of India. This taught her the fundamentals of running a media company.

And now, more than a half-decade later, YourStory is a well-known domestic brand among entrepreneurs. Shradha Sharma’s dream was realized, and her perseverance certainly paid off in style.

As if that wasn’t enough, she received the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award and was named one of the world’s top 500 LinkedIn influencers.

YourStory is “India’s biggest and definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs-related stories, news, resources, and research reports,” according to Shradha.

The investments continued to pour in from various sources, including prominent figures such as Ratan Tata. Shradha was also named one of the Fortune 40 under 40 and one of India’s most promising entrepreneurs by the Economic Times.

YourStory – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

YourStory is a well-known blog that shares the experiences of entrepreneurs and businesses. Shradha Sharma, a top Indian blogger, founded it in 2010.

The blog contains the most recent news about emerging business trends and upcoming startups. It also places a premium on women’s empowerment and social justice.

YourStory is one of the most popular Indian blogs, which is also rapidly expanding. Yourstory is the ideal website for learning how great leaders were born.

This is one of India’s most popular blogs, focusing on startup-related topics to inspire people online. It discusses success stories, business guidelines, and new ventures.

Her relentless efforts and “never give up” attitude propelled YourStory to its current position. She appears to have been born for it, fighting against all odds, personal, professional, and socio-cultural issues, to keep her vision alive.

Shradha Sharma takes the lead in YourStory as a story in and of itself. A story about a small girl from Bihar who dreamed big and overcame all odds to become the founder of India’s most interactive and reputable platform for entrepreneurs’ stories. She is consequently among the top female bloggers in India.

Essentially, Yourstory emphasizes women’s power, and why shouldn’t it be when there are so many successful female leaders?

4 Faisal Farooqui – One of the Top Ten Bloggers in India

Faisal Farooqui was raised in a typical Indian middle-class family. His father, who owned bakeries in Mumbai, was unfazed by Faisal’s humble upbringing and placed a high value on his son’s education.

He attended school in India and graduated from Binghamton University – State University of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Finance.

His eldest brother, a pediatric surgeon in North Carolina, encouraged him to pursue an idea brewing in his head as he observed how the internet sent him informed patients.

He had the “aha” moment while taking a magazine writing class at Binghamton University. “I was convinced of feedback’s power and how it could transform brands and consumers alike.”

He didn’t realize was not just a dream until he returned to India.’s efforts were recognized in 2006 as the Best Youth Website in India (Manthan Award). In 2010, the company raised the bar by introducing corporate

Blogging and the concept of verified reviews. “This shortened the time it took to resolve consumer complaints and enabled us to avert the problem of fake reviews.”

In one of their most extensive operations, they busted 4100 fake profiles for various illicit activities. MouthShut was awarded Best Portal of the Year Award-Gold at the India Digital Media Awards on March 11, 2010. – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

When was named the Best Youth Website in India in 2006, their efforts were acknowledged (Manthan Award). The business improved in 2010 and introduced the idea of verified reviews in addition to corporate Blogging.

This sped up the process of resolving customer complaints and enabled us to stop the spread of fake reviews in its tracks.

In one of their largest operations, they took action against 4100 false profiles used for various illegal activities.

At the India Digital Media Awards on March 11, 2010, MouthShut was given another honour in the form of the Best Portal of the Year Award-Gold.

Did you believe that the food reviews giants Zomato and Burrp came first? With their “I Ate Here” Awards, Mouthshut was there even before, recognizing the best eateries in India based on customer feedback and reviews.

They launched, a project focused on deals, within in 2011. “We switched from paper-based coupons to SMS-based ones, making us the first website to offer SMS coupons,” Faisal once commented.

5 Varun Krishnan -One of the Top Bloggers in the World

The founder and editor-in-chief of, India’s top mobile phones blog, is Varun Krishnan, a Chennai, Tamil Nadu resident.

One of the biggest fans of gadgets and smartphones is probably Varun. He ends up purchasing nearly every phone that enters the market because he is currently searching for the “perfect phone.”

When Varun was a college student, he wanted to buy a cellphone. He visited the mobile phone vendors but needed more information about the model from them. This inspired him to launch his online cellphone portal,, one of the top websites in India for mobile users and tech enthusiasts.

Fone Arena – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

The most recent mobile phone information is available on, along with services. Price Lists, Phones, and other categories are the main ones on

Almost all mobile phone manufacturers are covered, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, BlackBerry, Sagem, Haier, HP, Spice, Fly, and Apple. strives to provide the most recent information from various industries, including electronics, computers, and mechanics, such as computers, cameras, robotics, and other space.

The largest gadget-related blog in India is Fone Arena, which Varun runs. This blog, established in 2005, is among the oldest in India. Since then, it has developed into a sizable blog focused on gadgets that cover all the latest news regarding computers, phones, cameras, etc. Fone Arena easily makes him one of the top Indian bloggers.

FoneArena was named the top telecom website in India in 2009. Additionally, it was recognized as the world’s most popular gadget blog. Keep up to date by checking this blog if you want all the updates on the newest computers, cameras, and phones. You can find unboxing videos and in-depth reviews of various phones and consumer electronics on this blog.

6 Anil Agarwal – One of the Top Bloggers in India

Anil Agarwal, a professional blogger based in Gurgaon and the creator of BloggersPassion, has been educating his online audiences with tried-and-true affiliate marketing tactics and blogging advice for more than 12 years.

The success story of this prolific blogger who earns $13K monthly, whether through excellent step-by-step guides to making real money with Blogging or free courses on affiliate marketing and SEO for beginners, is truly amazing.

Blogging for a living requires extensive knowledge and effort. While 90% of blogs earn less than $100, it is possible to generate a respectable income with a blog with the aid of tested blogging, SEO, and marketing techniques. One such expert blogger who has assisted thousands of bloggers in doing so is Anil.

To try his luck, BloggersPassion was founded by Anil Agarwal in 2010. Anil’s first few years were marked by a difficult start and little progress. He persisted, though, nonetheless. After altering his content strategy in 2016, he left his job to pursue Blogging full-time in 2018.

Since that time, he has consistently worked to promote his blog. What was once a side business is now an aspiration for others because the website has been earning $13K per month.

BloggersPassion was established in 2010 by Anil Agarwal as a gamble. Anil’s early years were characterized by a challenging beginning and scant advancement. But despite everything, he persisted.

He changed his content strategy in 2016, and in 2018 he quit his job to focus on blogging full-time. He has consistently worked to promote his blog ever since. Because the website has been bringing in $13K per month, what was once a side business is now a goal for others.

BloggersPassion – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India is a website devoted to all newbies who hope to start a lucrative blog. BloggersPassion is the place to learn everything about increasing traffic and affiliate sales online, from practical advice on SEO and affiliate marketing to profitable Blogging.

Therefore, those just starting can earn a fascinating income through their enthusiastic blogging business. He started BloggersPassion to share his Blogging strategies and tips after being motivated by some great blogs, including Problogger, ShoeMoney, and JohnChow.

Forbes, HuffPost, SEMrush, WPX, CrazyEgg, and JeffBullas featured his blog. He also contributes to the websites, which aids people in finding the best hosting deals, and DealsnGadgets, which primarily focuses on purchasing gadgets.

The blog’s monthly income increased from $100 to more than $10,000. This shows a startling growth of 12,900%. The blog contributed to a staggering $160,000 in revenue in 2021. Identifying one’s target audience and producing content specifically for that audience are essential steps toward achieving inevitable growth.

7 Pardeep Goyal – Top Professional Blogger in India

Pardeep Goyal publishes a lucrative paid newsletter on personal finance and business concepts. For Pardeep Goyal, a resident of Chandigarh, it took two failed ventures before he decided to start a blog. Cashoverflow is the term.

The blog, which he began in May 2015, earns him a cool 2 lakh each month, and as the blog’s audience grows, so does the income. But if you thought he had it simple, you’d be wrong. After losing all his savings on his two failed startups, PocketScience and SchoolGenie, he started this business.

Paid newsletters have a sizable market, according to Pardeep. According to him, sending 1emails costs less than a cent, and online marketers use inexpensive email marketing to promote their goods and services. T

hey use free newsletters to advertise their interests, which lowers the quality of the newsletters. Email newsletters aim to inform and prepare the upcoming generation of business owners.

His main goal is to set up 1,000 online businesses using his paid newsletter model. On his Facebook group, where a sizable number of people participate in discussions about starting up online businesses, he hosts webinars and AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

CashOverFlow – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

The name of the registered business under which he plans to offer business coaching and financial education services is “Cash Overflow Services.”

For the knowledge, they consistently impart to their readers, influencers and top bloggers in the world like Seth Godin, Noah Kagan, and Brian Dean are looked up to by Pardeep.

He works with numerous startups as part of his consulting business, guiding them in producing high-quality leads through content marketing.

Pardeep charges a set fee for creating the content strategy and works on a retainer basis to assist with its execution. He made numerous attempts to partner with banks, financial institutions, and affiliate networks. Thus, he benefits financially when someone purchases a banking product due to Cashoverflow’s recommendations.

In December 2011, Pradeep launched SlashSquare, a blog network and media outlet for web consulting. In addition to that, he is the proprietor of the web hosting-related blog HostLater.

A component of Slashsquare is HBB. Pradeep enjoys marketing, cloud computing, watching movies, playing video games, and Blogging. This blog makes Pardeep name recur in various ‘Top 10 bloggers in India‘ lists.

8 Arun Prabhudesai – One of the Top Professional Bloggers in India

Arun Prabhudesai is an internet nerd and IT professional interested in entrepreneurship, startup businesses, and finance. He is a gadget freak who is always up to date on the latest technologies. Politics, finance, stocks, and photography are among his other interests.

He began the blog to keep people and himself informed about Indian businesses and startups. Arun is now also a popular YouTuber and the founder of Armoks Media Pvt. Ltd. His YouTube channel is called “Trakin Tech,” and he has over 500,000 subscribers.

Arun Prabhudesai was born on March 12 to a middle-class family in the Maharashtra district of Pune. He attended Stella Maris High School in Pune before graduating in Computer Science from DY Patil University in Mumbai in 1996.

Arun Prabhudesai was working in an IT consultancy job in America when he decided to do something different. He quit his job and returned back to India, where he founded Trak in May 2007 and began working from home.

His blog was doing well, so he rented his friend’s office in August 2016, a little away from home. However, from there, he used to handle his blog and started uploading videos on his channel (Trakin Tech), after which he needed a good video editor to make good quality videos, so he got one in October 2016.

His friend Prateek is discovered in the film, and they begin working together. Although his videos initially received fewer views, his channel quickly grew, and he recently passed 10 million subscribers. As a result, he has embarked on a journey – the 10 million rap and many more people now work with him. – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India is a completely Indian blog that covers only India-related topics. Arun Prabhudesai, an American returnee, founded in 2007. Arun stated in an interview that India has the capacity to do more than other countries but needs proper guidance and awareness. Trak’s main goal was to achieve this. Arun is now a resident of Pune, Maharashtra. has become one of India’s most popular business blogs. covers trending technology in India in addition to business news. Times Online named as one of the top ten Indian business blogs. is listed in the India Blogs 1.0 directory. was featured in a special report in the Times of India to commemorate its tenth anniversary.

The brand’s tech’s net worth is $2.5 million, or 18 crore rupees per year. He earns $20,000 monthly, equivalent to more than 15 lakh rupees. Trakin Tech’s net worth in rupees ranges between 1-2 lakh rupees per video. Although just from his blog, he earns around $15,000 monthly. Arun founded in 2007, and it has since then grown to become one of the leading Indian telecom blogs.

9 Ashish Sinha

The Indian startup scene has seen tremendous growth in the IT sector in recent years. Some have done exceptionally well, while others are striving for success.

There are a few people who are creating excellent resources and support for these startups, and we have one of them here at BlogAdda today.

With an IIT and IIM degree, he started blogging and has since built a wonderful, engaging community in the form of He is Ashish Sinha.

After excelling in academics, he landed the best jobs as a product manager at companies such as Yahoo. There is more to the lecture, as your parents may conclude. The following statement may define his entrepreneurial abilities: “He is running one of the best tech blogs in the country with a small team of ten members.”

His secret to success is to think about followers; additionally, he is known to support startups, which is his greatest achievement. He is one of the most curious bloggers I have met and is deeply concerned about his country.

In 2007, he launched his blog “NEXTBIGWHAT,” which he renamed Plugged in 2012. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from IIT and IIM before working for Yahoo, i2, Ketera, and IBM.

He updates his blog regularly with information on starting a new business, such as product information, reviews, pros and cons, hacks, and tips. His income comes from collaborations with other bloggers as well as AdSense advertising. He has also formed alliances with startups.

Next Big What – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

Ashish Sinha is the founder of Next Big What, a tech geek’s paradise. Previously, the company was known as plugged. His portal was always open for suggestions and featured a lot of Industrial Trivia, which acts as a daily dose of fun for all the tech geeks out there, where they started profiling technology startups and became the driving force of these companies.

However, the only constant changes and Ashish is a living example of how empowering it can be for your work. After promoting approximately 15,000 different products and startups on his portal, he changed the name to – Next Big What.

It is now a portal for motivation and current trends, showcasing products and providing candid feedback on new product launches. They also act as a cheerleader for companies and products that are doing their best to contribute to the ongoing technological revolution. He is now a full-time professional blogger.

10 Archana Doshi – One of the Top Food Bloggers in India

Archana Doshi established Archana’s Kitchen, a personal blog, in 2007, which quickly grew to become India’s leading food and recipe platform. Archana’s Kitchen now has over 10 million users across her website, YouTube channel, social media pages, and mobile app more than two decades later.

She was named a ‘Google Entrepreneur on the Web’ for her outstanding work in the digital food space, and she inspired the first Google Chrome Ad to air on national television in India.

For nearly three years, Archana toyed with the idea of starting something related to food and cooking. She began her own small catering business before taking cooking classes at home. Though this gave her a foundation in space, she was destined to do much more.

Her passion for cooking could be seen in how she prepared food for her child. Even as infants, her children never had to eat anything packaged that most babies consume; she prepared everything.

This was when Archana’s friends encouraged her to write down the recipes because they were unavailable online. This was the beginning of Archana’s Kitchen; she began posting her recipes on her blog.

The response she received quickly convinced her that this online space had enormous potential, and she then focused on developing her website.

Archana’s Kitchen – Blog by a Top Professional Blogger in India

Archana’s Kitchen is a well-known recipe and food discovery platform that provides the world with dependable DIY solutions for everyday cooking. What stands out is that everything cooked in the Kitchen is shared similarly. Her content ranges from meal plans to special diets to dinner and lunch box ideas to festival menus.

Archana’s Kitchen is trusted for its healthy recipes focused on portion control meal ideas for everyday health, diabetic-friendly recipes, cholesterol-friendly recipes, and so much more. The weekly meal plans are immensely popular as they give people ideas on how to plan their weekly meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Through Archana’s Kitchen, their mission is to create & organize resources and empower people with healthy food and eating habits using the best available products that will enable them to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Archana created the website to encourage people to start cooking for themselves and to live a healthy lifestyle with simple DIY solutions. She simplified and enjoyed cooking by providing people with daily cooking recipes, diet plans, and festival-specific recipes. The website has become one of the best cooking websites worldwide, empowering people worldwide to master the art of cooking.

She interacts with people through her YouTube channel, which has thousands of viewers. She also launched an app called “Archana’s Kitchen” for Android and iOS to assist people with daily recipes. Her blog easily makes her among the top ten Indian Bloggers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a blogger, and what do they do?

A blog was traditionally defined as a conversational website page or post updated regularly and written in a personal style. So a blogger focuses heavily on writing and creating content for their website.

When a blogger’s content is high-quality and informative, they can build a successful and profitable business around it. Income from affiliates, eBook sales, one’s online courses, and so on means the opportunity to monetize blogging.

What should I call my blog, and how do I register a domain name?

If you are looking for a domain name, some very useful hacks include considering a domain ending such as a rather than, because still has a lot of excellent names available.

Consider using your name (such as or inventing a new word, as Google, Yahoo, and Spotify have done.

We recommend searching for Synonyms on to get more ideas for terms to use.

What exactly is hosting, and why do I require it?

If you have a blog/website, you must work with a company that connects your site to the internet. Consider it like a shopping mall. People go shopping in malls, and you must have space to reach them. In other words, your store is housed in the mall. You pay them to live there. Hosting is similar to that.

Although it is technically possible to create your hosting, it is only realistic for some people, especially new bloggers. You’d need a lot of technical know-how. Hosting is paid for by 99% of bloggers. Hostgator and Bluehost are two hosting companies we have personally used and recommended. Unless you use free blogging platforms like, you will need hosting in some form or another.

We recommend a paid option because adding plugins gives you more flexibility.

If you’re on a really tight budget and want to get started, there are free blogging options for hosting your site.
1. Blogger

However, free hosting has many disadvantages when compared to hosting your blog. With free hostings, such as Wix, you will have a website address that includes Wix in the name, and there will be limitations, such as the plugins (add-ons) you can use.

What exactly are plugins?

Plugins are best described as a third-party programs that you can attach to your blog or website to allow you to add specific functions.

Plugins, for example, can be used to enhance site speed, provide site security, provide mailing list forms, backup your site or blog includes design features such as a shopping cart

What should the topic of my blog be?

This is a frequently asked question; understandably, you want to blog about something that will not be a fad, meaning it will not become obsolete. The key is to pick something you are passionate about and can blog about for a long time. What is your favorite subject to discuss? What is your calling?

If you’re going to blog once a week and write 1000 words, what topic will you still enjoy writing about six months later?

In other words, your blog niche should be something you can write for a long time. The best blog niches also provide solutions to people’s problems.

What issues do people require solutions to? How can I lose weight? How do you grow things in your garden? What is traveling on a budget?

If you can think of something you enjoy writing about that also helps to solve the problems of others, you’ve found a good niche!

What is the best and most affordable blog hosting?

You can host your blog on some free platforms (such as Wix), but if you are serious about making money from your blog, I strongly recommend hosting your site through a cheap but paid hosting company such as Kinsta.

Is blogging really beneficial to the SEO of my website?

Yes. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible for a website to succeed without spending a lot of money on advertising or ranking high in Google’s search results.

Google search favors long, high-quality, and relevant content. Running a blog is one of the best ways to increase your site’s visibility, increase traffic, convert more users into customers, and make more money.

If you create high-quality pages on a variety of topics, search engines will have more chances to serve those pages to new visitors.

Try looking up anything on Google. How many blog posts rank for that term? The majority of the results are informative blog posts on the subject.

Blogging has numerous unnoticed advantages. Articles, especially high-quality ones, naturally attract links over time. It aids in the formation of partnerships, and large sites will approach you for interviews, guest posts, or collaborations.

How can I make my blog posts more relevant?

Understanding search intent is the key to moving my clients from mediocrity to targeted, focused writing.

When someone uses Google to search for a keyword or topic, they have a specific goal in mind. They might be interested in learning more about a particular subject.

Sometimes, they may require instructions. They might want to see if a specific item is available at a nearby store. There are numerous reasons for this.

Your goal is to identify the most common reasons why a user might search for topics related to your business and determine what content would satisfy them. Then create that content.

Put yourself in the position of the reader. Get a sense of that person’s knowledge level, why they are looking for this topic, what they hope to achieve, and how you can best assist them.

Reduce the amount of fluff and long summary sections that tell them things they already know. Get right to the “nuggets” of information and divide your article into digestible chunks. Your goal should be to make your reader happy with the information they have learned.

It is not enough to write about a keyword; you must also understand the “why” behind that keyword’s popularity. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to align your topic with user intent and capture significantly more traffic from each post.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging and content marketing, especially for small businesses that outsource their blog posts.

Relevance is all about answering the reader’s question.

Google will be pleased that they completed their task, the readers will be pleased that they found the information they sought, and you will be happy that your blog post is now a strong performer. Everyone benefits.

How long does it take for blogging to become effective?

It differs! It is largely determined by your influence and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Because of their influence, influential people such as Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, or Seth Godin can launch a new blog and become successful in a matter of weeks. Any blogger with a large enough budget can afford to pay for the content, advertising, and marketing needed to turn a blog into a top performer in months.

A blog generally takes around a year to show returns for most small businesses, mid-sized businesses with small budgets, or newcomers to blogging. The time it takes for your blog to grow will vary depending on how frequently you publish content, how well you perform topic research, and if you are fortunate enough to earn any great backlinks right away, but this is a rough estimate. There are numerous factors at play here. If your site is slow and provides a poor user experience on mobile, it may never perform as expected. If your site has unnatural links, a penalty, or plagiarised content, your results will also suffer.

How to make a blogger blog look professional?

You can make your blog look like one of the blogs of professional bloggers in India. for starters –

– Purchase a domain name. Instead of using Blogger’s subdomain, use your own.
– Design your own logo. Create a logo that embodies your identity and brand. You can then use that logo as a favicon.
– Make changes to your template. Use a template that best fits your niche. Make certain that the template stands out.
– Include necessary pages. Create essential pages for your professional website, such as FAQs, About Us, and other niche and important to your brand headers.
– Include new features. If necessary, add extra features and social media icons.
– Make your website mobile-friendly. Make changes to your theme so that it looks and works well on mobile devices.
– Use the Custom sharing button and track your progress with Google Analytics. Include social sharing buttons on the website’s pages.

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