This document has been prepared by the BrandLoom technical team with the experience of creating and maintaining hundreds of websites for the last seven years.

Shared Server (godaddy)Cloud Server
Server TypeSingle server shared by multiple businesses in separate folders in separate accounts.Multiple servers in single/multiple locations host your website.
What you getNo specifics.

Example –
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Means unreliable service.
Good for development. Unable to handle any traffic.
You get what you pay for 
Example –

3 websites100,000 monthly page views
ResourcesLimited Resources are shared by multiple websites.Resources paid for are exclusively yours
Staging featuresThere is no staging option for testing before going live.It has staging feature which allow us to create new clone for testing and development
Page load speedCannot be controlled. Typical page load times are 5-15 seconds
It deteriorates further with increased traffic.
Page load speeds of less than 4 seconds can be achieved.
If traffic to the website increases suddenly, it may be challenging to handle impulsive shifts in traffic.It has the capacity to manage a sudden change in traffic, which makes it dependable and effective.
Availability It is difficult to make it available to every user at once due to its low uptime capacity.

Note : It also effect on website speed making it less browser friendly 
It has many servers, so if the current server fails, it instantly switches to the next available server, ensuring that there is no downtime.
Pricingppp  PricingInexpensive. Somewhat expensive. 
SupportMinimal. For basics like server outage. Limited knowledgebase.Advanced. Detailed knowledge base. Instant chat with technical/billing support. Help in isolation of web app as well as server issues.
SecuritySelf managedNeed to be managed. But support is available for isolation of problems. 
UseFor website development / parking purposesFuture ready for production
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