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🏆 A Clever Marketing Tactic : How Michelin Tyres 🛞,  Michelin Guide 🗺️, & The Michelin Star System ⭐️ – Are Actually Related!
🤷🏾 7 Truths About Influencer Marketing – That Big Businesses Like Amazon & Apple Don’t Want You To Know!
🧲 5 Strategies To Convert Your Loyalty Program – Into A Customer Magnet
💀 4 Over-Hyped Marketing Trends : That Are Dead in 2023 (& Zuck knows it!)

A Clever Marketing Tactic

🏆 A Clever Marketing Tactic : How Michelin Tyres 🛞,  Michelin Guide 🗺️, & The Michelin Star System ⭐️ – Are Actually Related!

In the 1900s, the Michelin brothers- Andre and Edouard – were ready to sell some car tyres. Too bad that in France, only 300 or so people had cars! 🚗

The Michelin brothers understood that while car owners were few- motoring as a hobby was gaining popularity 📈.

To serve this market, they brought out the First “Michelin Guide” – a handbook for motorists that provided information on places to visit and things to see while on the road. 🚙🌋🎪

The guide also included Maps & instructions for basic car maintenance. 🗺️🛠️🛞

Their gamble paid off & by 1905, there were many more cars on the road!

The brothers then started selling the guide & even brought out different versions for different parts of Europe, and gained a cult following. 🤷‍♂️

To further enhance the value of the guide, the Michelin brothers got reviewers to visit restaurants and rate them, leading to the creation of the Michelin Star system.🍽️✨

The system gained fame, and the Michelin brothers successfully created a brand that became indispensable for fine food connoisseurs everywhere, in addition to selling more tires than they ever thought!  🛞🛞🛞

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🤷🏾 7 Truths About Influencer Marketing That Big Businesses Like Amazon & Apple Don’t Want You To Know! 

The top companies from various industries such as Amazon, Apple, L’Oreal, Nestle & even AirBNB have already partnered with influencers as a means to reach and engage with their target audiences.

You should join the bandwagon too! Consider these statistics. According to research:

🚩92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals over brands. (Even if they don’t know them!)

🚩According to Business Insider, influencer marketing in 2022, was worth approximately ~$10 billion.

🚩Businesses get an ROI of $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

🚩The average conversion rate for influencer marketing is 6.7%, compared to 1.7% for traditional digital marketing.

🚩Micro-influencers, with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, have 60% higher engagement rates than top celebrities.

🚩Fashion & beauty industries spend the most on influencer marketing. Technology & retail take the 2nd spot.

🚩60% of consumers have purchased a product that they first heard about from social media.

BrandLoom has also used this strategy with multiple clients. In 2022, we helped a fitness company 3X its revenues (for online sales) from 40K to 120K+ in one year with influencer marketing & we expect it to further double it in 2023!

If these numbers blow your mind, take advantage of this arbitrage before it becomes commonplace, to grow faster than your peers. 🤯

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🧲 5 Strategies To CONVERT Your Loyalty Program – Into A Customer Magnet!

Creating a fan club for your brand that sticks to you through the years is what businesses dream of.

A tried & tested way to reliably do this, is using loyalty programmes! But not all loyalty programs work.

We rounded up a list of strategies that can help you design a good loyalty program-

1. Cashbacks 💰 
Customers love the promise of immediate cashback 💵. Make it very easy for customers to redeem their points while making a purchase.

If you make it easy for customers to redeem their rewards, they’ll keep coming back for more.

2. Prompt Customer Service 🤝 
Over half of the customers who stick to loyalty programs say they do so because the brand is prompt with their customer service 🤝.

Almost 70% of the customer churn can be plugged if buyers’ issues are resolved with a single interaction.

3. Mobile-friendly Rewards🎁 
The world is mobile and so should be your loyalty program.

Over 3/4 customers say they are more likely to stick to a brand whose offerings and interactions are mobile-friendly 📲.

4. A great loyalty program = more referrals 📢 
More than half of the customers will recommend a brand to their friends 📢  if it has a good loyalty program.

5. Emotional connection = loyalty 💕 
When customers are emotionally invested in a brand, they spend more.🛍️

Focus on building genuine relationships and appealing to their emotions and your loyal customers may spend 300% more in their lifetime than your average ones.

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💀 4 Over-Hyped Marketing Trends : That Are Dead in 2023 (& Zuck knows it!)

In the last one month, we noticed how some trends started to decline 📉; despite many gurus vouching for them in 2022. Well, we have rounded up the things that are definitely not going to be a thing 🙅 in 2023:

1.Advertising in the Metaverse: 
Big brands that experimented with Metaverse reported unsatisfactory results 👎, and most companies have said they will stop their adventures there. Looks like the AR/VR customer craze was vastly exaggerated. Sorry Zuck, we know meta was into it big time.

2. Celebrity Endorsements: 
Gen Z is skeptical of celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements, especially by entertainment or sports stars- are declining ⬇. Gen Z can definitely make out that celebrities don’t actually use the products they endorse, and are rapidly losing interest in what they feel is “insincere” advertising.

3. Very Long videos: 
We have been seeing short videos 📲 become increasingly popular across all social platforms in the last 2 years. And 2023 is the year it becomes an established fact that videos longer than 10 minutes are not going to be on anyone’s watchlist.

4. The Photoshop Effect: 
It’s truly the age of #NoFilter now. Overtly filtered aesthetic and curated feeds are fast going out of fashion. The audiences are connecting more 🤝 with brands that look and feel honest & authentic.

Let’s talk on how to apply this knowledge to your brands marketing & advertising efforts on all channels –

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  1. Yash

    Did you know that the Michelin tire company actually started the Michelin Guide? The Michelin brothers wanted to help people who were traveling by car find cool places to visit and things to do. They even included maps and tips for taking care of your car! People loved it so much that they started making different versions for different parts of Europe. Eventually, they started rating restaurants with Michelin Stars, and now it’s super popular with foodies. Who knew a tire company could make such a big impact on the world of food and travel!

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