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7.03% eCommerce Conversion Rates for a Bootstrapped D2C Protein Brand: A Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

Naturaltein Conversion Rate Optimizatio case studies



About the CLIENT

India’s top athletes swear by NATURALTEIN’s clean protein powders. The bootstrapped brand has challenged the heavyweights in its space and is carving out quite a niche.


When NATURALTEIN approached us, their online growth had stalled. The website had poor UI and UX, had many technical issues that made it unstable and was seeing almost no sales. The brand relied on Amazon for sales, which proved to be unprofitable.

But in order to get itself back on track, NATURALTEIN had to overcome a lot of challenges.

  1. Understanding the Indian Market: Making sense of the famously diverse (and vast) Indian market was a task in itself. There was a plethora of shifting consumer tastes to consider, and buying behaviors completely changed across regions. Using cut and paste strategies were bound to fail. NATURALTEIN was in for a huge task- trying to understand regional nuances, food habits and socio-economic factors to come up with a good comprehensive strategy.
  2. Overhauling the Website: Unfortunately for NATURALTEIN, their website was in very bad shape. This spelled disaster- because the site was repelling visitors with its slow loading speeds and bad UI/UX design. As a result, it was hardly seeing any sales. The brand needed to overhaul its website if it wanted to attract visitors and convert them into buyers.
  3. Influencer Partnerships: Influencer marketing can definitely boost a brand’s profile- but it can be a hit or miss if a brand cannot find the right influencer. Finding the right influencers for NATURALTEIN required careful consideration; as they had to be authentic people who genuinely believed in the product instead of mere endorsers.
  4. Competing in a Saturated Market: India has seen an influx of countless brands in the whey protein space in the last decade. In such a crowded market, standing out was proving to be an uphill task for NATURALTEIN; who wanted to be known for their superior German quality and 100% natural products.
  5. Optimized Paid Advertising: Paid ads are always a great idea for boosting any brand’s presence online. But the real challenge lies in designing and running a campaign without burning through the budget. What NATURALTEIN needed was to select the RIGHT commercial keywords that balanced relevance with low competition to base their campaign on. In order to do that, they needed tobe meticulous in their research and monitoring efforts.
  6. SEO Efforts: While paid marketing is great- the only way to grow sustainably is to keep getting organic traffic to their website. For NATURALTEIN, steadily rising through the SERP rankings was a demanding task, considering the existence of well-established brands. What our client needed was high quality content on the regular, good backlinks and a highly optimized website.
  7. Social Media Engagement: The world of social media always provides a lot of distractions, and snagging the audience’s attention on their very busy feeds is indeed a daunting task. NATURALTEIN experienced that first-hand. With decreased organic reach on Facebook and Instagram NATURALTEIN needed truly innovative content that resonated with the audiences.
  8. Email Marketing: When done well, email marketing can work miracles- but getting a 30%+ open rate in email marketing is no small feat. This is especially challenging at a time when customers get dozens of promotional mails EVERYDAY. What NATURALTEIN needed were extraordinary emails with intriguing subject lines, mobile-optimized designs and personalized content for carefully segmented consumer groups.
  9. Measuring & Adapting: Any brand that wants to grow has to monitor its campaign performances and keep tweaking its strategies continuously. This involved diving into vast amounts of data and detecting patterns to understand what’s working and what’s not- and optimize campaigns in real time.
  10. Managing Expectations and Deliverables: Naturally, when a complete transformation is needed, there is an immense pressure placed on the marketers. The people involved needed to balance great expectations and deliver the performance required to turn around the brand’s fortunes.


It was clear that NATURALTEIN’s ecommerce strategy needed a complete overhaul. BrandLoom, renowned for its expertise in digital marketing, devised a comprehensive strategy to transform NATURALTEIN’s online presence and drive substantial growth. Here’s a glimpse into the powerful tactics employed:

  1. Website Reinvention: Recognizing the pivotal role of user experience in driving conversions, BrandLoom reconstructed NATURALTEIN’s website from the ground up. We deployed the best eCommerce UI practices to create an attractive, intuitive platform that prioritized customer journeys that made buying easy.
  2. Influencer Marketing: Leveraging the power of influencers, BrandLoom orchestrated a targeted influencer marketing campaign. Handpicked influencers with aligned audiences and a genuine affinity for fitness and nutrition were engaged to endorse NATURALTEIN. Our persuasive content and authentic testimonials resonated with potential customers, generating significant brand awareness and driving conversions.
  3. Performance Max Campaign: Harnessing the potential of Google’s cutting-edge advertising tools, BrandLoom spearheaded a performance max campaign. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the campaign delivered highly optimized and personalized ads across various platforms and formats. This data-driven approach maximized reach, engagement, and ultimately, conversions for NATURALTEIN.
  4. Paid Marketing Campaigns: BrandLoom executed tailored paid marketing campaigns, strategically targeting specific audience segments in Facebook, Instagram and Google. Through meticulous audience research and data analysis, the team optimized ad placements, creative messaging, and budget allocation to ensure optimal ROI and drive increased sales.

BrandLoom’s multifaceted strategy for NATURALTEIN encompassed website reconstruction, influencer marketing, performance max campaigns, and targeted paid marketing. By combining these elements, the brand experienced a comprehensive revitalization that set the stage for remarkable growth.


What NATURALTEIN needed was a complete makeover. Team BrandLoom understood that transforming the brand will need some truly creative vision- run of the mill solutions just won’t be enough. So we put our thinking hats on and took an innovative approach towards it. Here are a few things we did for the brand:

  1. Innovative Website Redesign: Our visionary designers made it their mission to revolutionize NATURALTEIN’s online presence. They focused on the customer perspective and created a website that was visually stunning and felt extremely modern. Our team ironed out every minor detail, making sure not even one pixel was out of order to design a platform that perfectly balanced aesthetics and functionality.
  2. Influencer Storytelling: In order to be SEEN by the right people- BrandLoom turned to creative influencer marketing for NATURALTEIN. Unleashing the power of influencer marketing, BrandLoom curated an unforgettable storytelling experience. Browsing through hundreds of influencer profiles, we handpicked those who displayed a knack for telling stories that felt genuine; and creating content that prompted viewers to take action. We collaborated with them to create captivating content for NATURALTEIN that clicked with their target audiences. As a result, the brand saw a massive uptick in customer engagement and the beginnings of a loyal fanbase.
  3. Data-Driven Advertising Magic: As every smart entrepreneur and marketer knows- the key to success lies in efficient data interpretation. Which is exactly what our analytics team did. They mined all the customer data available to detect patterns that gave us some deep insights into customer expectations and behavior. These new-found insights formed the basis of innovative advertising strategies that delivered some record breaking results. With continuous monitoring and tweaking, we could refine every campaign for maximum impact and conversions.
  4. Trailblazing Marketing Campaigns: Now that we had intel on what NATURALTEIN’s customers wanted, our creative team put their genius to good use to come up with some extraordinary campaigns. We created captivating video ads, interactive social media campaigns and intriguing copies that got audiences hooked; and turned them into repeat customers.

BrandLoom’s journey with NATURALTEIN was a testament to our unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation. By pushing the boundaries of imagination, they crafted a digital experience that was truly transformative.


When it comes to execution, Team BrandLoom emerges as the unrivaled champion. Our partnership with NATURALTEIN, the bootstrapped D2C whey protein brand, witnessed a symphony of precision, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Here’s a glimpse into the awe-inspiring execution that unfolded during this remarkable journey:

  1. Meticulous Project Management: BrandLoom’s project management prowess set the stage for a seamless execution. Our team was attentive throughout- paying careful attention to every detail to ensure that the work went on without a hitch. We streamlined our communication process; which resulted in on-time deliveries across the board. Our expert guidance provided that the process was well-oiled, driving progress at every step.
  2. Agile Development and Deployment: With an agile approach, our technical wizards brought the new and improved NATURALTEIN website to life. They flawlessly translated concepts into reality, building a robust and stable website that surpassed expectations. With agile iterations and rapid deployment, we turned challenges into opportunities, delivering excellence with each milestone.
  3. Integrated Marketing Ecosystem: BrandLoom’s execution prowess extended beyond digital boundaries. We seamlessly integrated marketing channels, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of paid advertising, influencer collaborations, and data-driven insights. The coordinated execution across platforms maximized reach, engagement, and conversions, catapulting NATURALTEIN into the spotlight.
  4. Impeccable Performance Tracking: BrandLoom’s obsession with data-driven insights took center stage during the execution phase. We meticulously tracked and analyzed performance metrics, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for optimization. Our constant vigilance allowed us to fine-tune strategies, amplify successes, and swiftly address emerging roadblocks.

BrandLoom’s mastery of execution was the backbone of NATURALTEIN’s journey to success. What helped us achieve this incredible transformation for our client was our team’s dedicated pursuit for perfection.


And now, it’s time to unveil the PHENOMENAL RESULTS we achieved with our groundbreaking collaboration with NATURALTEIN. Witness the transformation and rejoice in the remarkable achievements that set the stage for unrivaled success:

  1. Doubling Organic Traffic: BrandLoom’s strategic prowess breathed new life into NATURALTEIN’s online presence. Within a mere six months, the brand witnessed its organic traffic double. Thanks to our meticulous SEO team’s efforts and targeted campaigns, the site started seeing an unprecedented flurry of eager visitors.
  2. Skyrocketing eCommerce Conversion Rates: NATURALTEIN’s eCommerce conversion rate soared to a staggering 7.03%. The power of persuasive design, attractive product offerings and smooth user experience combined to make the website a magnet for conversions, transforming casual visitors into loyal customers.
  3. Thriving Organic Traffic Conversion: By crafting neat and intuitive user journeys, our team enabled an astounding organic traffic conversion rate of 11.97%. With every click, the visitors converted into unofficial brand ambassadors.
  4. Paid Search Excellence: BrandLoom’s paid search campaigns shattered expectations, delivering outstanding results for NATURALTEIN. The paid search conversion rate surged to an impressive 5.78%, showcasing the remarkable ROI that our strategic optimizations achieved. The cutting-edge performance max campaign generated a staggering 14.81% conversion rate, propelling the brand to unprecedented heights.
  5. Social Media Triumph: BrandLoom’s strategic wizardry extended to the realm of social media, where we orchestrated an irresistible brand presence. The social media conversion rate soared to an impressive 1.71%, capturing the hearts and wallets of eager followers. With each scroll, NATURALTEIN’s captivating content fostered lasting connections and drove valuable conversions.


BrandLoom’s journey with NATURALTEIN was marked by triumph and unmatched success. The results speak volumes about our team’s unwavering dedication, strategic brilliance, and commitment to driving exponential growth. We are glad that NATURALTEIN chose us, and this has been one of our most cherished partnerships.

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