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#1 on Google with in just 6 months with 1OX clicks: An SEO case study

Seychelles Medical SEO Case Study: Getting 10X clicks per month
And reaching an average position of 6 on page 1 of Google for ALL relevant keywords- both within 6 months.

About the CLIENT

During the pandemic, Seychelles was one of the few countries that welcomed tourists. However, all countries mandated that all international travellers would have to undergo testing for COVID and be cleared for travel.

Seychelles Medical Services launched its services just when the pandemic started. The COVID-19 test certificates issued by Seychelles Medical Services were accepted by all countries. The brand wanted to reach out to all the tourists who needed to get tested for COVID19 post-arrival and before departing from Seychelles.

This is where Team BrandLoom came in.

BrandLoomโ€™s task was to make Seychelles Medical be SEEN. And one of the best ways to ensure that was to ensure that Seychelles Medical took up prime real estate on all SERPs for relevant keywords.

Medical SEO Case Study

Importance of
Search Engine Optimization
for the brand

Tourists coming and departing from Seychelles would, naturally, Google where to get their COVID19 tests done. While Seychelles Medical were providing testing/sample collection service at every major hotel, resort, boat and tourist villas- their target audiences were unaware of their service. What Seychelles Medical needed was:

  1. Make tourists aware of their services available at every hotel, resorts, villas and boats
  2. Educate them about the tests mandatory for international travellers
  3. Be discovered by tourists who were looking for reliable diagnostic centers to get tested at
  4. Spread awareness about the different types of COVID19 tests so that people wanting one could make the right decision.


SEO was exactly what Seychelles Medical needed to reach out to its target audiences and be discovered by them. With all the tourists visiting the beautiful island nation, Seychelles Medical wanted to tell them that they could book their tests online and that it could provide THE FASTEST delivery of test reports and Fit to Fly certificates among the diagnostic labs

What we did for the CLIENT

Brandloom SEO Agency

BrandLoom stepped up.

  1. We started by creating the founding content for their website.
  2. Our team did a technical audit of the website and made it more sound structurally to be crawled by Googleโ€™s bots.
  3. Our team did extensive keyword research and singled out keywords that were low on competition but high on volumes.
  4. We created a content strategy, with topics that would draw traffic and a publishing schedule for the website.
  5. With high-quality, well-researched, optimised blogs, we made the site ready for footfalls.

The Result

  1. Within six months, Seychelles Medicalโ€™s website started ranking at an average position of 6 on page 1 for all relevant keyword searches. For a large number of commercial and transactional keywords the site was ranked on No 1 position.
  2. When we started, the website had ZERO visibility, and were getting only a handful of visitors. Six months after we started working on the website, clicks increased by 10X. In other words, 10X people visited their website from search results.
  3. Traffic started to go up consistently, with thousands of visitors coming to their website from Googling and looking for diagnostic facilities or COVID19 tests in Seychelles.
Covid Testing Seychellses SEO Case Study
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4. The company started getting more online bookings for COVID19 tests from tourists.

5. Their testing counter at the airport saw a lot of footfall, as arriving tourists sought to get tested right as they landed.

With a fully-rounded SEO strategy, BrandLoom could increase the website visibility and traffic for Seychelles Medical within just six months- at the height of the pandemic. The brand could connect with international travellers who wanted COVID19 tests, and educate them about the necessary protocols for travel.

Results Achieved In 6 Months Time




Average position

SEO 10x Growth
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