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Tandoori Flames social media case studies

Finding a seat at the table for an Indian restaurant in Australia:

Establishing a cultural brand on social media

About the CLIENT

Tandoori Flames is a popular restaurant in Coolum Beach, Australia. Known for its North Indian delicacies, it is one of the sought-after joints in town and attracts many customers of Indian origin and foreigners. However, Tandoori Flames wanted to up its social media game with other competitors around.

About Tandoori flames

Importance of
for the brand

While Tandoori Flames did have active social media accounts, it wanted to forge a closer bond with its clientele. This was more important than ever during the pandemic- when government restrictions made it difficult for local businesses to carry on their marketing activities and conduct business as usual.

With Tandoori Flames, BrandLoom had its work cut out.

1. To position it as THE North Indian cuisine hotspot in town.

2. It was challenging to reach out to the customers about its new delivery options when keeping the restaurant fully open.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client of Tandoori Flames in social media case study

After understanding the client’s needs and the target audiences, BrandLoom deployed its social media strategy:
1. Positioned Tandoori Flames as the perfect embodiment of North Indian hospitality.
2. Engaged the community by talking about mouth-watering, authentic North Indian dishes and the food culture of many North Indian cities.
3. Promoted their dishes in an attractive way.
4. Highlighted their special services like takeaways, Doordash, and wine home delivery options.
5. With a mix of stories and posts- promoted their brand and its offerings.

The Result :
1. Tandoori Flames emerged as a unique eating hotspot specializing in North Indian cuisine- which made it stand out from the other local competitors.
2. The restaurant saw positive engagement by disseminating information about North India’s food culture- which helped it strengthen its brand community.
3. A lively, eye-catching social media feed and stories led to positive responses and resulted in queries about the dishes promoted.
4. Highlighting the services helped the restaurant reach out to customers looking for good dining options without having to step out of their homes.


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