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Feroz Khan case study

Establishing a dynamic player in technology & innovation in the MENA region:

A case study in personal branding

About the CLIENT

Feroz Khan has a disruptive presence in the world of technology. Having served at major tech companies like HCL, BCG, KPMG, and others- he is an expert in aiding business transformation and process implementation. He is the founder and CEO of Digiflynt, specializing in digitization and digitalization, and has served many businesses in Africa and the Middle East.

About Feroz Khan

Importance of
for the brand

With Digiflynt taking off and his profile rising as a veteran in business transformation and tech innovation, Feroz Khan wanted to cement his place as an authority figure in his field. He wanted to establish himself in his peer circle with that aim in mind, and BrandLoom was tasked with the responsibility.
Our social media marketing objectives were:

1. To establish Feroz Khan as an authority figure and expert in the field of technology and innovation.

2. To disseminate knowledge on relevant topics to showcase his knowledge.

3. To impress his target audiences and thereby project him as a leader who can lead enterprises into the future.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client of Feroz Khan in social media case study

Having understood his requirements, this is what we did for his new brand:

1. Chose LinkedIn as the ideal channel for his personal branding.
2. Created informational, content-rich social media posts that reflected his thoughts and opinions on matters related to technology and innovation, with a special focus on Africa and the Middle East.
3. Created eye-catching artworks that reflected his expertise in his field and his savvy personality.

The Result :
1. Feroze Khan asserted himself as a business leader and an expert in digital transformation. as
2. He came across as an authority figure in this area, inspiring confidence among his potential clients.
3. He could raise awareness among his target audiences for technical innovations and transformations that can enable them to take their businesses into the next century.


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