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Finding the look for the next Jimmy Choo:

Establishing a luxury shoe brand on social media

About the CLIENT

Vere Parker is the hottest new entry in the world of luxury fashion. The premium shoe brand launched in Europe and USA and aspires to be the next Jimmy Choo. Like Christian Louboutin’s red soles, the brand wanted to distinguish itself with its trademark blue soles and unique designs. BrandLoom’s task was to do justice to this stylish brand via social media marketing.

About Vere Parker

Importance of
for the brand

Vere Parker wanted to position itself as the next big thing in luxury fashion- and for that, it had to look luxe. With its target audience being urban, stylish, young women who liked to feel their very best- social media marketing was a great way for the brand to connect with them. These were the targets we set for the brand:

1. To raise brand awareness for Vere Parker.

2. Position it right as the next big thing in luxury fashion.

3. Resonate with its target audience.

4. Showcase its stylish designs and range of footwear.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client of Vere Parker in social media case study

Staying true to the brand’s personality, BrandLoom sought to lay down the foundation for a strong brand. Here is what we did:

1. Created stylish posts that promoted their unique designs.

2. Glammed up their offerings by creating social post artworks to make them most appealing to their target audience.

3. Created a lively and stylish social media feed that looked every bit the luxe brand they were aspiring to be.

The Result :
1. A distinct-looking, glamorous social media feed that was the best reflection of the brand’s personality.
2. The brand connected efficiently with its target audience.
3. The brand could promote its beautiful offerings in a way that made the viewers covet them.


Social media post Vere parker

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