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Fabulously SEO case studies

Going 0 to 60K in 6 months in organic traffic for a women’s lifestyle website:

An SEO case study

About the CLIENT

Fabulously is a lifestyle website for the millennial women in touch with their feminine side, launched in mid-2020.

Mission :

Fabulously wants to speak to the new age woman who is unabashedly feminine. It wants to transition into ecommerce, but before that- it wants to become the perfect place for its audience to find information on things that they hold dear.

About Fabulously

Importance of
Search Engine Optimization
for the brand

While Fabulously had useful information to offer, competition was mushrooming. With many womenโ€™s websites talking about a variety of things, it was difficult for the brand to stand out and draw its target audience in.

  • The brand needed to improve its visibility online
  • Get noticed by the audience it wanted to attract
  • Needed to grow its presence organically


SEO or search engine optimization was exactly what it needed.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client of Fabulously in SEO case study

When BrandLoom started working on the website, the traffic was negligible. To ensure that the brand achieved all its stated objectives, BrandLoom devised an action plan and started implementing it step-by-step.
1. Started with an SEO audit of the website that identified the issues that needed to be worked on
2. Did technical SEO on the website to improve its structure and make it more readable by search engineโ€™s spiders
3. Resolved issues in the existing content on the website and optimized it
4. Did extensive keyword research, identifying keywords with the right balance between volume and competition
5. Based on the findings from keyword research, built a solid content strategy that decided on the right topics to write on
6. Created a publishing schedule which ensured that the website was updated regularly with high quality blogs
7. Optimized the blogs and web page content to attract traffic
8. Did link-building activities that earned the website credibility and improved its domain authority

The Result

By judiciously sticking to our content strategy, within 6 months, we managed to get:

  • Traffic of 60,000 per month
  • Record impressions for the website within six months.
  • Starting from almost no visibility in June, 2020, we clocked in over 3.2 million impressions for the website
  • An average click through rate of 3.9% for the articles.
  • The blogs we wrote and optimized started ranking for relevant keywords, and most of the pages started appearing on page one of Google search results, with an average position of 9.1.

BrandLoom established Fabulously as a brand to be reckoned with, and helped it become a visible player in its niche. Fabulously could connect with the millennial women they sought and started on a path of organic growth.

Results Achieved In 6 Months Time

Total Click

Total Clicks of fabulously in SEO

Total Impression

Total Impression of fabulously in SEO.

Average CTR

Average CTR in seo fabulously

Average Position

Average position in fabulously seo
Result in graphic of SEO fabulously
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