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🕺Customer Psychology : Why people buy $5000 suits!
💥The NEW Online TV Boom: OTT Platforms!
⌛ Have People spend More Time on Your Articles: 64% Publishers Don’t Do This.
🤖Reduce Your Designing Time: 5 Free AI Design Tools

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🕺Customer Psychology: Why people buy $5000 suits!  

In order to effectively sell luxury products, we need to understand the customers deepest desires!

Customers often seek more than just the functionality in the product.

So, to sell those high ticket items you need to see beyond the practical features of your products and also consider the emotional & psychological benefits that they offer.

For example, a customer buying a $5000 suit may be seeking validation or a sense of exclusivity in addition to the basic function of protecting their body.

It’s not a piece of clothing- it’s validation ✅.

It’s the smugness that comes when you acquire something that’s beyond the grasp of others.

It’s the sense of exclusivity.

The customer is not buying a suit, but the unspoken status 🥇 that comes with it.

He is buying desires not objects!

Think about it –

  • When someone splurges on a Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce, they are not just getting a fancy mode of transportation, but also the feeling of power & success that comes with it.
  • And when you’re investing in a Rolex or a Piguet, you’re not just getting a timekeeping device – you’re also getting the confidence & sophistication that comes with wearing it.
  • When someone buys an exotic Bali vacation package he is not just seeking a place to stay and activities to do, but also the opportunity to create meaningful memories and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

As a business owner, understanding the emotional and psychological benefits that your products provide can be crucial for effectively marketing and selling luxury items.

By tapping into your customers’ desires and motivations, you can create a more compelling and irresistible offer that truly speaks to their needs.

💥The NEW Online TV Boom: OTT Platforms!

Many of our clients ask us if they should just stick to newspapers 📰and TV for advertising.

Well, we want to tell them that they are going to miss out MASSIVELY if they don’t pay attention to OTTs 👀.

Because more Indians are now watching more TV 📺 online than ever before and the numbers are growing.

Yes, including the kitchen politics epics which has every household enthralled.

In the Asia Pacific region 🌏, India is the biggest consumer of TV content via phone rather than conventional television.

In fact, Indians are spending over two hours every day on an average watching TV online 📲- more than any other country in the region.

So, if you want to reach out to your audiences- start looking at digital advertisements on OTT platforms as well✅.

Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

⌛ Have People Spend More Time on Your Articles:  👀 64% Publishers Don’t Do This!

“People come to my blog and just bounce.”

One of our old clients came back to us with this very common conundrum 😵‍💫.

And while there are many things that a blog has to have to hold the readers’ interest – one simple thing can boost 📈  your chances greatly.

It’s the humble table of contents 📃.

Blogs that include a table of contents boast of more readers, and prompt them to spend more time ⌛  on the page.

On an average, adding a table of contents can increase the session duration ⬆by 2.6 times.

This is because the anchor links show on the SERP 🔎 itself, which informs the readers of all the interesting bits the blog covers.

Also, when you include a table of contents- it makes it faster ⏲ for Google to locate the relevant content on your page to display that content (and its link) as rich snippets.

Around one third of the Google search results are displayed in snippets 📑. So if you can get your page featured there, it will get you more views, faster.

So next time you update your blog- add the table of contents to get more ✌ out of it.

🤖Reduce Your Designing Time:  5 Free AI Design Tools

AI-created art is taking the world (and the internet) by STORM ⛈. If you are looking for some digital assist in matters of graphic design, we have rounded up the top 5 AI tools for you.

The best part about them? THEY’RE FREE!

  1. Disco diffusion: Probably the most “artistic” 🖌 of the lot. You just have to type out what image you want it to generate. You need to fiddle with it for some time to get it exactly right but the results are SO. WORTH. IT.
  2. Animagen Manga Creator: For all anime & manga enthusiasts, this is THE design tool 👌. Upload the picture of a person & get the best manga version of them at your disposal.
  3. NightCafe: If you want to create dreamy universes – NightCafe is your best bet. Its rich preset library helps you do world-building like nothing else and its AI can create any art within mere minutes ⌛. NightCafe can be used for free online, and you can buy AI-generated artworks easily from its website
  4. Fotor: The most versatile tool. Enter your text to get an AI-generated image. You can do realistic photos 📸, 3D paintings, comic-style characters and a wide range of digital graphic styles. The free version lets you generate 10 free images everyday. Perfect for beginners.
  5. Pixray: You can use it on your browser or computer or API- Pixray gives you great text-to-picture AI-generated images. You can create highly customized paintings 🖼 by giving inputs like scale, artist, iteration or style.


*Just a word of advice- don’t 🚫use the art commercially without consulting with a lawyer first.

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