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🖋️ Our Top 5 Content Marketing Practices: Secret Revealed!
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🥇 Make Your Website #1 On Google: A Guide to Creating Topic Clusters.
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Content Marketing Practices

🖋️ Our Top 5 Content Marketing Practices :  Secret Revealed!

“What content should I put out there?”

Businesses of all shapes and sizes ask us this question every day. The answer is- there’s no specific answer to it. Every brand is different, & so are its audiences, so there’s no one-size-fits-all type of content that works for everyone.🧍🧍‍♀️

However, you can do a great job with your content if you follow some basic rules. Today, we will share with you some content marketing tips that have put our clients’ websites on top of the SERPS and earned them TONNES of loyal followers. 👀👀

  1. Put your customers at the center of your content – 
    Content marketing is all about engaging the customer. The communication should focus on their expectations. 🤗
  2. Follow the Hub & Spoke Content Marketing Model –
    Google prioritizes websites with authority in a specific field or topic. Writing multiple content pieces for a specific topic is good practice. It shows Google that you have expert knowledge of it. 🧐
  3. Facilitate communication between different departments –
    In 2021, Meta published a whitepaper where they mentioned that most campaigns fail due to a lack of coordination between different departments in a company. The final product, i.e., the company’s content, clearly reflects that. The more your people talk to each other, the better your content will be! 🗣
  4. Repurpose & Re-optimize –
    Information and trends change over time. Start upgrading and re-optimizing your content according to the latest trends, and see how your readership will skyrocket!📈
  5. Avoid using AI-generated content –
    Yes, we know they are in vogue. No, we don’t recommend it- because Google does not like it either. You can use an AI to get ideas for writing, but DO NOT copy-paste that anywhere👨‍💻.

If you think that this is hard? You are right!

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📣 Our Powerful 6-Step Social Media Guide : ANYONE Can Do It!

We’ve all looked at our rival’s social media page in envy, wondered how they managed to get so popular; and secretly wanted all that for ourselves. 🗣️

Well, the good news is- you can do it too. All you need is a good starting strategy, and the rest will follow from there. 📱

  1. List all your social media accounts:
    Before creating a social media plan for your brand, you should first list all your existing social media accounts and their corresponding login credentials. Remember, you should be where your audience is.
  2. Get A Hold Of A Content Plan Template Or Tool:
    The easiest way to organize your social media content calendar is when you get a hold of useful tools and systems. For instance, you can use spreadsheets or a software application to organize the content plan on the social media calendar. 🛠️
  3. Design A Content Matrix: 
    The success of a social media strategy relies on the content you plan to post on your social media. Look at some wider themes or topics you can regularly create content on. 👨‍💻
  4. Schedule And Organize Your Content:
    Once you have a good mix of ideas and topics for your social media, you should immediately pen them down for the content calendar. You can use spreadsheets to add basic details such as platforms, profiles, publishing dates, times, governance, etc. 📅
  5. Track Your Social Media Analytics:
    Track which content has the most engagement on social media. Likes, clicks, shares, and comments are important metrics that help you understand the effectiveness of the social media strategy. 📈
  6. Listen To Your Audience:
    Last but not least, take note of what your audience wants and try to deliver on their expectations. You can create unique content ideas by simply tweaking the feedback left by your audiences on social media. Asking questions is a great way to capture the audience’s attention and collect new content ideas from them. 👂

Get started the right way, & you will be gathering followers and building an active community very soon.🗣️
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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

🥇Make Your Website #1 On Google :  A Guide to Creating Topic Clusters!

There are no shortcuts to getting to the top of Google’s SERPs. But if you can transform your website from a catalog of blog posts into a highly-organized hub of authoritative content- you are really going to get there faster.🖊️

One way to do it is to create “topic clusters” or interconnected content on certain themes. We have created this easy 4-step guide to creating the same.

  1. Understand & Track Search Intent: 
    Your audience’s webpage behavior and search history can share much information regarding their search needs and intent. Using SEO analytics can help you uncover your audience’s search intent through keyword queries.👀
  2. Create A Master Keyword List:
    The next step is to make your content more engaging and visible to your audience by creating a master keyword list. This list can help you discover the content gaps on your website. It also helps you to understand if your website’s page intent matches your target audience’s search intent.✔️
  3. Create Topic Clusters: 
    Now that you have your keywords, you can use them to select themes and subthemes to help you create a topic cluster. ✨
  4. Review Analytics & Keep Tweaking:
    After creating content for your website, you should regularly track and observe how your audiences interact with your site. If you notice certain topics are performing better, you should mimic the trends for your other pages. 👀

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 ❇ ⏰  You’re going to LOSE If You Don’t See This :  Get 5X Conversion With FOMO!

Have you seen the crowds go berserk on Black Friday? Every year, we are treated to very memorable in-store battles of people fighting over toasters and cardigans.

Ever thought of what inspires people to go insane over things that they can easily find (often at the same price) on those days?

It’s the fear of missing out (FOMO). Otherwise known as “loss aversion.”👀

Well, the psychology of losing something often weighs more in a person’s mind. As humans, we all want a good bargain, which is precisely what companies play on to get more sales📈.

The most effective way to do it is to put out limited-time offers. The “Black Friday Only” deals are a great example of this.

You can use the loss aversion marketing tip to boost your sales at other times of the year, especially for clearing out last season’s inventory.

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