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🦸‍♀️ Stranger Things🌫🐍👾🌃 : 3 Viral Strategies You Can Learn.
🤖 Unleash Your Marketing Potential : 3 Incredible Ways AI Can Elevate Your Game
🔋 Turbocharge your SM game : 4 AI-driven SM tools.
💥 Explosive Lead Generations : 3 Crazy Ways

Stranger Things viral Strategies

🦸‍♀️1️⃣1️⃣Stranger Things🌫🐍👾🌃 : 3 Viral Strategies You Can Learn.

If you know about the Upside Down, demogorgons, and Eleven, it’s likely that you’ve seen or at least heard of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The hit show’s third season came out on July 4 last year, and almost immediately, it broke records on Netflix. 😱

Just four days later, Netflix said on Twitter that 40.7 million households had started watching the show since its global release on July 4. Considering how popular the show is, there are probably a lot of marketing lessons you can learn from it. Here are three marketing principles we learned from Stranger Things💸:

1. Nostalgia marketing is thriving: 
In recent years, nostalgia marketing has gained immense popularity and continues to thrive, particularly as millennials have become key target audiences. Despite the overall horror/thriller tone of the series, Stranger Things is both endearing and relatable due in part to its 1980s aesthetic.

From Dustin and Suzie’s rendition of “The NeverEnding Story” song to Eleven’s new outfits, Stranger Things is filled with nostalgia. Who does not enjoy being reminded of the “good old days”?👨‍🦱🤘🎸🎲

2. Memorable brand logo and theme song:
Stranger Things’ crimson, neon, the 1980s-style logo has become famous. It’s gotten so popular that it inspired a Portland design firm to build a logo generator called “Make It Stranger,” which allows you to enter any two words to “stringify” them and create your logo.

Stranger Things has excelled at crafting memorable and distinctive branding, from the theme tune to how each episode is referred to as a “chapter.”👨‍🦱🦷🧢

3. Use pop culture co-branding to your advantage:
Brands have been successfully leveraging pop-culture trends for a time now, and Stranger Things has not been an exception. Target carries a complete line of clothing, toys, accessories, and other items related to Stranger Things.

Because of the mention of the “New Coke” this season, Coke brought it back – they even have a dedicated webpage. Baskin-Robbins developed pop-up “Scoops Ahoy” shops on the West Coast and created ice cream flavours inspired by “Scoops Ahoy”- the shop where Steve and Robin moonlight as servers when they are not fighting shady governmental organizations. 👧🏽🍨

Your brand can jump on the bandwagon, too and get stranger.

Want to try a different way to market your product?

🤖Unleash Your Marketing Potential: 3 Incredible Ways AI Can Elevate Your Game

“Can AI help me with my marketing?”👨‍💻

Our clients often ask us this question, and our answer remains the same: use it cautiously. While we are still observing how AI-generated content is performing and the pitfalls it opens up with incorrect usage, there are a few ways to use it for good.⚠️

1. Automated Customer Support: 
Chatbots powered by AI can help your customers immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can increase customer satisfaction and lower support costs.🤖

Start with Manychat, Botpress or Tars, which has a free plans too. Meanwhile, enterprises & large teams can consider Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, or Amazon Lex.

2. Predictive Analytics: 
AI-powered predictive analytics can look at huge amounts of data to find patterns and make predictions. It can help you make your campaigns more efficient, predict when customers will leave, and find your best-selling items.📈

Some examples of predictive analytics tools include Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson, and Google Cloud AI.

3. Personalized marketing: 
Based on how customers act, AI can help you craft and send personalized emails, product suggestions, and videos, among other things. Personalized marketing can help a business grow by making people more interested, loyal, and likely to stick with it.🎥

Want to LEARN more about AI and how it can up your game in digital marketing? 📈
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🔋Turbocharge your SM game :   4 AI-driven SM tools.

Do you want to elevate your social media presence? AI tools can help you get there.

We’ll look at five AI-powered social media management tools to help you generate, manage, and optimize your social media content like a pro. Prepare to raise your social media game to new heights with cutting-edge technology!

1. ChatGPT:
ChatGPT is a powerful automated chatbot that can assist you in rapidly and easily creating content. It generates content in a fraction of the time using its strong natural language processing algorithms. 🖼️

2. Midjourney:
Midjourney is a picture generator that assists businesses in creating visually attractive visuals for their social media campaigns. It uses artificial intelligence to discover keywords and phrases and build an image that reflects those keywords.

3. Murf: 
Murf is a voice generator that assists in creating flawless voiceovers for social media postings. It can create a professional-sounding voiceover to captivate the audience’s attention with 120+ voices in 20+ languages. It can also include graphics, music, and video in the narration and sync them all together.🔉

4. Frase:
This AI tool assists organizations in conducting quick research, writing, and optimizing content for social media and web pages. It allows users to discover content ideas based on search engine results, plan and optimize content for optimum effect, and build and save bespoke brief templates.🔎

Looking for more useful tools that can up your game on social media?⤵️

💥Explosive Lead Generation :  3 Crazy Ways

Are you bored of the same old lead-generating strategies that don’t work? If this is the case, it’s time to freshen things up and try something new.

Here are some out-of-the-box ways to get people talking about your brand and, eventually, drive more business.

1. Organize a party
Parties and events are a great way to get people to think of your business as a place where they can have fun. Gather potential customers at your place of business or elsewhere and give them a good time.

You can show off your products and services or just meet new people. You can also help pay for other events to get people to know about your brand.😱🎉🎈

2. Provide Samples
Offering samples or trials is another way to generate leads for your company. Costco is well-known for its food samples, but you can also distribute mini-products or services. Request an email address or phone number before the recipient can claim the freebie.

You will have a comprehensive list of individuals who have tried your product or service and are interested in hearing from you.🎂🍪🍣

3. Provide An Experience
Because we spend so much time online, offline encounters can take on new importance. Make your marketing or sales process more entertaining for your customers.

For instance, place a photo-friendly item at your storefront to encourage customers to capture and share images of your establishment. You may even provide discounts or other promotions if people tag you on social media. 🖼️

You can even build a business-related game or activity and bring it to local events. Gather participants’ contact information so you can send them marketing materials afterwards.

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