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🥇 A 4-Step Content Plan: Using Google trends!
🚲 Case Study: How Harley Davidson built a LOYAL community GLOBALLY
🛍️ Selling Experiences: Why Coca-Cola & Adobe are going beyond product marketing?
⛅ Harness Strategic Branding: How Adventure Gear Co. Gets 2X More Sales

Google Trends Hacks Today

🥇4-Step Content Plan : Using Google Trends

When it comes to digital marketing, your website ranking on Google can determine the success of your brand’s online visibility.

Over the years, I have observed that 60% of brands with higher rankings on Google can stay ahead of the competition and perform better in sales.

This quick hack can improve your website’s SEO performance:

Use Google Trends Search Operators Efficiently: 

Google Trends can help you spot what’s popular. It’s also a powerful tool to refine your search and get granular insights.

Knowing how to search can help you pinpoint exact content niches, giving you an edge in rankings. And it’s doesn’t cost you anything.

Try these: 

  1. Use brackets [] to locate terms that must be together, it will help you target specific niches.
    Example : [vegan chocolate cake]
  2. Use Quotes ” ” for exact phrase matching, it will help you see how popular that specific topic is.
    Example : “vegan chocolate cake recipe”
  3. Use the negative symbol ‘ – ‘ to omit undesired terms is a useful operator. This gives you a more refined trend result.
    Example : [vegan cakes] -chocolate

How to Plan Content for Your Website Using Google Trends?

Step 1: Identify What’s Hot
– Open Google Trends.
– Type in a keyword related to your website’s niche.
– See if the interest in that topic is rising or falling. If it’s rising, it’s hot!

If you have a tech website and notice “Blockchain” is trending upwards, consider creating content around it.

Step 2: Seasonal Content Planning
– Use the ‘Past 5 years’ view to spot yearly patterns.
– Notice peaks during certain months? That’s when people are most interested in it.

If you run an e-commerce site and see a spike in “winter jackets” every November, prep your winter content in October!

Step 3: Expand with Related Topics
– Below the trend graph, there’s a “Related Topics” section.
– These are topics people are also searching for.

If you’re writing about “Vegan Diets” and see “Plant-based proteins” as a related topic, consider a post about best plant-based protein sources.

Step 4: Answer Popular Questions
– Check the “Related Queries” section in Google Trends.
– These are questions people often ask related to your main topic.

For “Fitness Workouts”, related queries might be “best workouts for weight loss”. Create content answering these questions.

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🚲Case Study:  How Harley Davidson built a LOYAL community GLOBALLY 

According to research, Harley-Davidson has more than 1 million members worldwide in their online forums and social media groups.

You would be surprised to know that H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) brings riders together through 1,400 local chapters worldwide for meetups, rides, and social events. Members develop strong bonds and a sense of pride in the Harley lifestyle.

So, what is the secret to their success?
Well, successful communities such as Harley-Davidson foster a two-way dialogue where customers feel heard and can directly influence the brand.

Data reveals that community involvement has a direct impact on corporate outcomes. Customers who participate in communities have higher purchase intent and are more inclined to advocate for the brand than those who do not.

Because of the two-way engagement, they feel invested in the brand’s success.
For decades, pioneers like Harley-Davidson have reaped the benefits of this method through their H.O.G. motorcycle enthusiast chapters. H.O.G. brings motorcyclists together through 1,400 local chapters globally for gatherings, rides, and social events with a dedicated community manager team.
Moreover, the members form strong friendships and take pride in the Harley lifestyle.
In return, H-D pays great attention to community comments. The information gained has influenced the development of new motorcycles, riding gear, and even destination motorcycling excursions.
Members of H.O.G. become lifetime brand ambassadors, influencing others through their social networks. Despite industry issues, their buying loyalty helps keep Harley as an iconic American brand alive.
Takeaway: As customer expectations shift away from transactions and toward experiences, brand communities have emerged as a potent tool for developing loyalty through two-way relationships.

Those who empower and listen to their communities will reap the benefits of highly engaged, lifetime consumers who will serve as champions and influencers.

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🛍️ Selling the experience :  

Why Coca-Cola & Adobe are going beyond product marketing

The world is changing faster than ever in the digital age.

That’s why brands are shifting to experience marketing over product marketing.

So, what’s so great about experience marketing?
Experience marketing fosters deeper emotional ties between the brand and the customer, increasing loyalty. It enables the company to convey its narrative compellingly, going beyond product promotions to improve the customer experience.

Most importantly, meaningful social media experiences generate significant earned publicity that expands the brand’s reach.

Coca-Cola and Adobe are brands that have recognized this shift.

Coca-Cola has developed Coca-Cola stores and theme parks to immerse visitors in its renowned brand universe in ways other than simply purchasing drinks. Fans may learn about Coke’s history while enjoying interactive exhibits at these locations.

Similarly, Adobe focuses on in-person experiences such as conferences, training programs, and creative challenges to develop ties among its creative community.

Building meaningful experiences, on the other hand, creates new problems for businesses. It necessitates a comprehensive perspective of the client’s journey beyond the point of sale. Brands must innovate in conceptualizing memorable experiences and continually enhance them for optimal impact.
The difficulties and costs of designing and running live encounters are much higher than those of digital or print marketing efforts.

The rewards for organizations that master experience-led marketing can be enormous. Coca-Cola and Adobe have shown how customer passions and pain areas may be deepened through experiences.

Their initiatives distinguish the brand while increasing relevance, which is especially crucial in today’s congested markets. Data from experiences also gives essential first-party insights that, over time, enable improved product innovation and marketing.

Stop selling products & focus on experiences!

⛅ Harness Strategic Branding :     

How Adventure Gear Co. Gets 2X More Sales

Have you ever noticed how easily some companies can coordinate their marketing with the weather?

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of weather in shaping consumer demand for anything from warm winter wear to cool summer drinks.

By now, you probably have figured out that some companies use “weather effects” to their advantage, making for more interesting products and increasing sales.
To illustrate the concept, let’s look at a popular outdoor clothing brand called Adventure Gear Co.
Outdoor enthusiasts can get all they need at Adventure Gear Co. They know that outdoor activities and the necessary equipment vary drastically depending on the weather.

Adventure Gear Co. uses weather effects in their advertisements to get in touch with their demographic and demonstrate the adaptability of their products.

They have had great success with their “Weather-Ready Gear Guide.” Sending out newsletters and social media updates, Adventure Gear Co. recommends certain items to customers based on local weather conditions.

They advertise their raincoats and boots as particularly useful if it’s pouring where they are. On the other hand, if the weather is bright and sunny, they may show off their lightweight hiking shirts and sun hats.

Adventure Gear Co. establishes itself as an industry leader and a reliable resource by advising consumers on what to buy based on the upcoming weather. This method enhances consumer involvement, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
Takeaway: Brands may connect more meaningfully with their intended consumers through weather-related events. Companies like Adventure Gear Co. create experiences that stick with customers by tailoring their products and advertising to the local climate.

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