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🏆 We Won A Prestigious Award : 20% Discount On All Services
💯 Our Top 3 Quick Lead Generation Hacks You Can Copy!
🦄 Apple’s Magic Trick : The Focusing Effect.
📮 No More Bounces : The Ultimate Email Deliverability Fix.

BrandLoom Wins Prestigious Award

BrandLoom Wins Prestigious Award : 20% Discount On All Services

We have good news!

BrandLoom Consulting has been named “India’s Renowned Digital Marketing Service Provider to Watch – 2023.” We received this amazing honor at two big events – The Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave 2023 & The International Business Award 2023.

This is a big deal for us!

All the hard work that our team has put into helping our clients grow and succeed online is now getting noticed.

We’re super-proud that our efforts are being recognized in the digital marketing community. Our team is made up of some really talented folks who love trying new things. And it’s their teamwork and smarts that have helped us win this award.

And here’s the best part: we’re not stopping here. . .

This award has given us even more energy to do better. We’re ready to take our top-notch marketing ideas and use them to help all of our clients – including you – reach new heights.

Thanks for being with us on this journey.

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P.s. On this happy occasion we are offering up to a 20% discount* on all our services. Applicable only till 31 December 2023. 
* Terms & Conditions Apply.

💯 Our Top 3 Lead Generation Hacks You Can Copy!

Generating leads is crucial in business. Let’s dive into the three top lead-generating hacks that could give your customer acquisition strategies a significant boost.

For you, we have kept these actionable, contemporary and simple to execute.

1. Leverage LinkedIn:
LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B leads. By personalizing your connection requests and messages, you can directly reach decision-makers.

The downside is that while LinkedIn is awesome for finding business customers, it requires time and effort to tailor each message.

There’s also the risk of coming off as too salesy if not done right.
Pro Tip: Utilize LinkedIn’s advanced search to filter potential leads by industry, job title, and location. Then, engage with their content before sending a connection request—this increases acceptance rates.

2. Incorporate Interactive Content In Your Website:
Downloadable pdfs, quizzes, or calculators can significantly increase engagement and capture lead information in a fun, non-intrusive way.
However, creating such high-quality interactive cool features can take a lot of work and know-how.

Pro tip: Create interactive content that solves a small problem for your visitor. For example, if you’re in the finance business, give them a free tool to check how much they can save.

3. Host Value-Driven Webinars:
Webinars provide a platform to showcase your expertise and directly interact with a highly targeted audience.
However, the downside is that they need a significant time investment and the ability to present engaging, valuable content. Poorly executed webinars can harm your brand.
Pro tip: Collaborate with other industry experts or influencers for your webinars. This brings in their audience and also adds a different perspective, making your webinar more appealing.

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

🦄 Apple’s Magic Trick :   The Focusing Effect!

Apple is a pro at using the Focusing Effect.

Have you noticed how in their product launches, they always zoom in on things like their sleek design, the latest technology, or how easy their devices are to use?

They make these features the star of the show.
But Wait, What IS this Focusing Effect?
The Focusing Effect happens – when we pay a lot of attention to one particular thing while overlooking other important stuff. This can lead us to make decisions based on something other than the whole picture but just a part of it.

This strategy is so effective that people often get so caught up in the new and exciting features that they don’t focus much on other aspects, like the price or battery life.

But Apple doesn’t stop there. They reinforce this focus through everything they do – from their clear, consistent advertising to their user-friendly product design and even their top-notch customer service.

How Can YOU Use It In Your Business?
The Focusing Effect is like spotlighting one part of your product. It’s about making certain features so compelling that they become what customers notice and remember most, sometimes even overshadowing other important features.

In branding, this means if you can make one or two characteristics of your product stand out, customers are more likely to pay attention to these than to other aspects that might be just as important.

So, think about what you want to put in that spotlight for your product!

Let’s hack your customer’s attention! Give us a call.

📮 No More Bounces :    The Ultimate Email Deliverability Fix

High email bounce rates is a big problem for email marketers.

With over 300 billion emails sent daily and increasingly sophisticated spam filters, it’s become difficult to reach subscribers’ inboxes consistently.

However, bounces are preventable. A study found that 70% of bounces can be avoided by optimizing deliverability. Companies that do this see 3x higher conversion rates.

Here are three ways to lower bounce rates and improve email discoverability:

1. Maintain a Clean and Up-to-Date Email List: 
Clean your email list regularly by eliminating incorrect or obsolete email addresses. Use email verification tools to detect and delete bounced addresses.

Remove inactive or unengaged contacts from your subscriber list to keep it up to date.

Run your subscriber list via an email verification tool before starting a new email campaign. Identify and delete any incorrect or obsolete email addresses .

This guarantees that your emails reach genuine recipients, lowering the risk of bounces.

2. Implement Double Opt-in: 
Use a double opt-in method to validate your subscribers’ interest in getting your emails. This additional step ensures that your list’s email addresses are real and subscribers desire your information.

Just send a confirmation email to people who sign up for your newsletter, asking them to confirm their subscription by clicking a link.

It decreases the likelihood of false or incorrectly written email addresses generating bounce rates.

3. Provide engaging & Relevant material: 
To engage your audience, provide appealing and relevant material. High-quality content retains readers’ attention and encourages them to connect with your emails.

Subscribers are less likely to identify your emails as spam if you constantly deliver value, lowering the chance of bounces associated with spam complaints.

Analyze your email data regularly to determine what content connects most with your audience and adapt your approach appropriately.

Tip: Personalize your email content.
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