Why should boys have all the fun? Women everywhere are shaping the world, breaking barriers and leaving their mark on the sands of time. So, if you want to create something for yourself- go for it. For the entrepreneurs, here is a round-up of some of the best business ideas for women.

Freelance from Home- Business Ideas for Women

Anna Lundberg on Business for Women
Anna Lundberg

“The best business to start with a limited budget is a service-based one. Taking your existing skills and experience and packaging it up as a freelancer or a consultant means that you can get started right away – as opposed to having to develop a product, create an inventory and deal with all the logistics of shipping physical products.

Are you a talented writer? You might consider writing blog posts, copywriting or providing an editing service. Are you a web developer, software engineer or programmer? IT skills are very much in demand, so what service could you provide in a niche where you have experience? What about marketing, social media management, or photography? Whatever your skill, you’ll be able to translate this into a freelancing or consulting service.
You’ll need to choose a business model that works for your personal criteria. In terms of clients, for example, you’ll want to identify individuals or companies who will understand your ‘family-first’ approach, be flexible to your schedule and supportive of your desire to work from home, and be willing to respect your boundaries when it comes to when and how you will support them.
In terms of your products and services, you’ll need to look at how you will deliver them – virtually rather than in person, leveraging your time effectively so that you’re maximizing the value you’re getting out of the time you’re putting in, and considering more ‘passive’ formats such as self-directed courses, group programmes and books.
An important part of your business model will be how you market and sell your services. You can’t just put up a website and expect to generate a generous passive income! You need to build an audience, one that consists of prospects who need and value what you can provide and who come to ‘know, like and trust’ you over time so that they eventually are ready to buy from you – and, for some people, that will take months, if not years,” says Anna Lundberg , founder of One Step Outside.

Bake, Craft, Shop – Small business ideas for women

Robin Flint on Home Business for Women
Robin Flint

“There are many business ideas that women entrepreneurs can nurture. Starting a business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many great women business owners that started on card tables in their one-bedroom apartments.

If you have a talent, use it to your benefit. Maybe you are an impressive cake decorator, artist, writer, seamstress, crafter, baker, or interior designer. You may not have a formal education so you think that you couldn’t make your passion into a career, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With social media and the internet, you can turn your passion into a lucrative opportunity by getting the word out.

If you are a marathon shopper, turn that into a job. Offer to shop for others. Take your love of shopping and head to local thrift stores. Find bargains and re-sell them through an online store or marketplace.

Talented bakers and chefs can turn their love of food into a career as a personal chef. Teach your friends how to meal plan and get paid.

Keep in mind that self-doubt is the biggest dream crusher. Don’t let your fear of failure keep you from living life your way. If you never try you will never know, ” says Robin Flint, Expert Insurance Reviews.

Spanx to Straplets – Best Business Ideas for Women

“Many great women-owned businesses started from a woman’s own perspective of a product or service she needed or wanted in her own life. Examples include Spanx, Straplets, period-tracking apps, and more. A woman should look at her own life and figure out something she would pay for and use, and then bring that to market to create a successful business,” says Stacy Caprio, her.ceo.

Start an Online Store – Business for Ladies with low investment

“You can start an ecommerce business from home with a very limited budget. Trust me––I know from experience. Prior to starting my business, I was working, volunteering, and travelling around the world, and I had very limited capital when starting TreeBird. When starting an ecommerce business with a limited budget, it’s important to find an affordable and reliable manufacturer for your products. That way, you don’t have to worry about inventory overhead. All you really need is a laptop and a good internet connection

The #1 piece of advice I can give first-time entrepreneurs is to believe in yourself. Before I started my business, I listened to too many people around me who said that x or y was not a good idea, and it’s already been done etc. This set my business back for several years. What I noticed was that most of the negativity came from people who hadn’t really achieved much themselves; they were projecting their own fears on me.

The few go for it friends I talked to had businesses themselves and felt more comfortable with risk. The moral here is that not all advice is created equal. At the end of the day, you don’t need approval from anyone else. Just have the confidence to go ahead and do it. You’ll figure out the rest from there, ” says Angela from TreeBird.

Blog and Be the Girlboss – Online business for women

Meg Marrs on Home Business for Ladies
Meg Marrs

“There are all kinds of businesses women can start without needing a lot of upfront investment. Retail arbitrage is a great example – individuals purchase popular items on sale or clearance at stores like CVS or Walgreens and then resell the products full-price (or just slightly discounted off the normal price) online for a profit.

This is an easy first business because women can try it out just while doing their normal shopping. All you need to do is keep an eye out for discounted products and then search on your phone to see how much they are selling for online on eBay or Amazon.

Yes, so many! Cooking blogs and lifestyle blogs are especially popular and can be started with less than $100 if you are on a budget. Ultimately, the fashion, cooking, and lifestyle blog space can be quite competitive, and you’ll likely need some nice photography equipment to really set yourself apart, but you don’t need much when you’re just getting started, and all this can be done from the comfort of your home.

Other ideas include hosting a part-time summer camp for kids, or some kind of after-school program around a specific skill or hobby you have (such as a crafts club or photography camp).

Cardmaking, letter printing, knitting, and embroidery are all lovely activities that make some crafty folks solid money at local artisan fairs. Look on Instagram for inspiration!

It’s important to consider if this business is something you will be able to stay passionate about. It can be difficult to stick with a new business venture when you’re working another job at the same time, or when you spend your day caring for your children, cooking, and cleaning. A new business means long hours when most peoples’ workdays are over. You need to have some kind of passion for the subject matter to keep at it day after day, so make sure your business is something you truly enjoy and care about! “, says Meg Marrs, Safer Senior Care.

Be a Virtual Assistant – Best business for Women

Lizabeth Wesely Casella on small business ideas in India for womens
Lizabeth Wesely Casella

“An excellent source of income if you are, or have been, an administrative professional is to build a Virtual Assistant business. As you grow your business, you will find that you can provide essential business support to a wide variety of industries and that there are several highly lucrative ‘niche’ specialities in which you can offer services. For example, social media, product and book launch, speaker support, executive administrative support or administrative systems design.

As you start your business, it is important to treat your business as though it is one of your clients. This means blocking time in your calendar specifically for business-building activities related to professional development and client recruitment for your own business.

It’s easy to dedicate all of your time to support your clients and leave little room to support your own business, but that trap will leave you stagnant. Unable to expand your presence in the market, your income will be flat which is never the goal. The goal is to generate increased income over time.

Also, it’s important to find your own support and increase your team before you reach maximum capacity in your workload. There are tasks that you can delegate in order to focus on the work of continued growth, including administrative support, social media, bookkeeping, and so on.

If you treat your business in the same way you support other businesses, by hiring competent and skilled staff, you will begin to realize increased sales and have more time to increase your footprint,” says Lizabeth Wesely-Casella , L12Services.

Coach and Remember to Persevere – Business Ideas for Ladies

“The best place for a woman to start is simply using what she knows. What are your past experiences either in life or your career? When I first started my own business, I had recently overcome a personal struggle with body image. Therefore, I decided to help other women do the same through coaching. Maybe you’re awesome at social media. If so, you offer this service to small businesses that need help managing or growing their accounts. Maybe you have figured out all the hacks of running a household on a budget. If so, you can start blogging and coaching other women on this same topic. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can use the knowledge and skills you already have inside of you to create a business today!

There are many businesses women can start at home. Any type of coaching, online courses or blogging is easy to do from home. All you need is a computer and your own knowledge! Network marketing is also a great business to start from home, especially if one is looking to start with some additional recurring cashflow for their family.

When first starting a business it’s important to remember that it’s a journey. It took me 3 calendar years in business before I had my first year of positive profit. It takes time to build something sustainable. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s 100% worth it. You have the power to create the life you want- whether that’s more time with your kids or more financial freedom, you truly can have it all. I know because I’m living this life and chasing my dreams every single day. And the special part is that I’m no different from you. I simply committed to following my dreams and getting back up after every single failure. If you do the same, you are well on your way to building a business you love! “, says Jaclyn DiGregorio, jaclyndigregorio.com.

Try Direct Selling – Best business for ladies in a limited budget

Alexandra Watson on Business for Womens at home
Alexandra Watson

“If you are on a limited budget then I would always advise you look at the direct sales market for a company that sells products you use or love. Legit direct sales companies offer low cost start-up kits that contain all the basic products, training and marketing materials anyone needs to get started. You don’t need to get premises, warehouse or even set up your website – you just get out doing the fun bit, selling!

This was how I started in business again after I lost my first company in the recession and money was tight. I invested $99 in a Scentsy start-up kit because I loved candles and their safe, flameless candles were the product I wish I’d invented. That investment has turned in to a million-dollar, global sales business with over 3000 team members in nine years. So I recommend this business model for anyone on a bootstrap budget from experience.

There are many businesswomen can work from home at – babysitting, sewing, baking cakes and so much more. Personally for working from home, I recommend the original work from home business, direct sales because it’s a tried and tested business model with low start-up costs and quick to get started. By quick I mean you don’t have to register with agencies or insurances, you don’t need to be vetted and checked like babysitting for example. With Direct sales, you just find a product you want to sell, buy the kit and get going.

One thing which needs to be kept in mind when starting or running a business is – Do something you LOVE – its always been a mantra of mine. ‘Go to work doing something you love and you will never work a day in your life’. Being self-employed
isn’t always easy, you have to be self-motivated and driven so doing something you love helps this greatly.

If you are going to take up my direct sales idea then choose a company that sells something you love, or already use. And research them fully to discover are they a legit DSA approved company, are their ethical values in line with yours (for example are they producing vega products if you are vegan). Also make sure that the person you choose to sign up with (your mentor) has the drive, skills and background to support you to get where you want to be in the company. Don’t just join a title choose someone you connect with who wants to make your dreams a reality with you,” says Alexandra Watson, wickfreecandles.

Bookkeep In Your Own Time – Small business for Ladies at home

“These businesses can all be started at home:

Blogging: Blogging is a surprisingly lucrative venture. With just a web domain, some writing skills, and a niche, you can build a name for yourself in the blogosphere. Many bloggers have several different revenue streams, including advertisements, affiliate links, and e-books. Some bloggers even offer online courses, which can be very profitable.

Bookkeeping: For nearly 20 years, bookkeeping has been a popular profession for stay-at-home moms. You don’t need any special certifications or licenses to do it, and it pays quite well. As a freelance bookkeeper, you can set your own hours. So if you have children, you can work during the day while they’re at school.

Ecommerce: The easiest way for women to make money from home is by selling things online. It only takes a few minutes to open an Etsy store or eBay account. Most people have a basement or closet full of clutter that they don’t want anymore, and you can make money by selling that stuff online. This is a great side gig even if you have a full-time job.

Don’t forget that you have to pay taxes. A lot of people forget this when they start a business. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to make your own tax payments. Fortunately, you can write off your business expenses, but you still have to report the taxes you owe.

Also, don’t forget to stick to a schedule. It’s easy to get used to sleeping late and working whenever you feel like it, but that’s not going to get you anywhere. When starting a business, you have to treat it like a full-time job and work at least 40 hours a week,” says Ellen Mullarkey, Messina Staffing Group.

Holistic Wellness Services – Healthcare business ideas for women

Liz Brown on home based business for womens
Liz Brown

“The rise of healthcare shows no signs of stopping any time soon and the best way that women in business can benefit from this is by innovating healthcare business ideas of their own. Women can tap into budget-friendly business markets that highlight holistic health such as sleep niches and others which targets one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. With this idea, women can campaign for better health while establishing a business career. It’s important to take note that running a business means fulfilling goals with a purpose!” says Liz Brown , founder of Sleeping Lucid.

Manufacture Niche Items- Business ideas for women in India

“Original Ideas for New Businesses for Women

Bryan Mattimore on business ideas for womens at home
Bryan Mattimore
  1. The technology now exists to create very low-cost strollers made of treated cardboard. The idea is that children could (literally) draw on the stroller… and have the stroller be a creative art/activity/drawing centre for the child while mom is shopping.
  2. Offer a mindfulness consulting service for different target markets: hyperactive school-age children being one.
  3. Offer a health-care referral service that vets highly-qualified doctors and hospitals around the globe so that “medical tourists” looking for lower-cost medical procedures outside the US would know they are not compromising quality.
  4. Manufacture customized beach sandals for kids that have the child’s name imprinted on the soul of the sandal. When the child walks on the beach, their name would be imprinted on the wet sand…. So, you could “track down” the child if he/she gets lost,” says Bryan Mattimore, Growth Engine Innovation Agency.

Offer Online Courses – Home based business ideas for ladies

“In my experience, blogging is a great opportunity for people to transition into entrepreneurship and can open a ton of doors in business and life. It’s low cost (or in some cases free), low risk, flexible, and can be done anywhere. I suggest thinking of a skill you have, do a Google/Pinterest search to see top search results for the topic, and create robust blogs that answer those questions.

From here, build authority through strong thought leadership pieces. Listen to your audience and get a sense of what they’re clamouring for to determine the type of content you should be creating and how you can solve those problems. Then, create online courses or downloads based on what the audience wants to launch your business. You can also monetize your blog from the beginning via affiliate links, paid products, courses and digital downloads (like eBooks), advertising, and

Blogging is how I started to build my own digital course offerings. It’s a solid opportunity to get started and is scalable based on your bandwidth and skills. Additionally, creating courses like this offers residual income, freeing you up to create new offerings while still making money from these established courses,” says Sam Rexford, CHILLREPTILE.

Yoga Classes – Best Business for Women in India

Simon Nowak on homemade business ideas for womens
Simon Nowak

“I had the chance to work with great women who are self-employed. A company doesn’t have to be a corporation that employs thousands of people. It’s a freelance job that can be highly specialized in something. I work in web development. To start as a developer you need a computer, knowledge and network access. If you are interested in topics related to building websites, programming, you can educate yourself or take a course or study and then start,” says Simon Nowak, Authority Dental.

Be a Party Organizer – Successful small business ideas for women

Simon also says, “Another type of business that doesn’t require a lot of money is preparing local birthday parties for children or other events. Many women are able to turn their passion into work – I have the impression that often better than men. Women follow their intuition – they set up yoga schools, create handicrafts and personalised clothes. The most important thing is to prepare your own strategy and stick to it. Establish a mission, vision and an intensive search for clients and development opportunities.”

Flip Websites Like Houses – Business for Ladies sitting at home

“One of my favorite ‘work at home’ business ideas for women is definitely flipping websites. While there is a learning curve, you won’t take long to get a hang of it.

Freya Kuka on small business for womens at home
Freya Kuka

The basic idea is you buy a niche website, turn it into an income source and then sell it for a massive profit. This will mean getting backlinks for the website, getting traffic, doing keyword research and making it profitable. People who aren’t SEO pros are willing to pay thousands for a monetized website.

Something you should keep in mind when getting into the flipping business: Always make sure your website descriptions are descriptive, thorough and professional when selling. You do not want a potential buyer to think your website is average,” says Freya Kuka, Collecting Cents.

Be A Freelance Writer – Creative business ideas for women

“One of the best business ideas for women is freelance writing. Most businesses need writers, whether it’s for blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, and so on. So, if you’re a good writer, you can start your own freelance writing business. All you really need is a computer, the internet, and a website to promote your services. Even if you don’t have experience writing, there are a ton of free courses and resources online that will help you learn how to write great content for businesses,” says Allison Hott, OptinMonster.


The best business ideas for women do not require to invest a big chunk of money. You can hustle with what you have, and turn your hobbies and passions into a source of income. However, remain patient and persevere, and surely, you will succeed. Remember, success is more perspiration than inspiration, so you have to stick to your guns and strive to do better even when you are your own boss.

So, did you like our list of the best business ideas for women? Remember, entrepreneurship is not just for city-dwellers. You can check our list of rural business ideas for more inspiration.

Do you have something more to add? Let us know in the comments!

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