The concept of testimonials has gained a lot of relevance in present times. When it comes to marketing, testimonials play a vital role in showcasing a brand’s credibility in a good light. Want to know what is a testimonial and how to write one to add more value and recognition to your business or company? Let us take a look at what is a testimonial. Read on!

What is a Testimonial?

A testimonial consists of a person’s written or spoken statement, including the virtues of a particular brand, business, or company.

Testimonial meaning in English

To put it in easy language, a testimonial is a formal statement that validates your character and qualifications. Testimonials usually come from customers, colleagues, or people who have experienced benefits as a result of your work.

But you know what! Powerful testimonials are not limited to simple statements proclaiming your good work. There’s more to it. Your target audience is what matters most when it comes to testimonials. The perfect testimonials are the ones that tell you a story. They should inspire and motivate the people who are reading it.

Testimonials are a great way to put your brand in good limelight. They add glory to your good work. Want to know how? Read on!

Testimonial Sample

Here is a testimonial Sample from a client of ours GetLitt!, for our Digital Marketing services:

We had a great app idea but didn’t know how to present it to the masses. You know, the competition is raving, so we wanted somebody to help us with building a strong online presence. Unfortunately, even we weren’t able to find ourselves online with our brand name. We’re glad to have found BrandLoom to our rescue. The professional team took the ideas that we had and put it on the web to get us the results our brand actually wanted. GitLit was just a name until the brilliant marketing plan designed by BrandLoom gave us an extensive digital presence. They strategically redesigned our site map and implemented the latest search engine techniques. The traffic moved up from virtually zero to 20,000+ in nearly 6 months. This was indeed a great outcome for us! It clearly showed a return for the diligence, attention to detail, and effort throughout the marketing process.

Richa Sethi, Cofounder and CEO of GetLitt!

Testimonial meaning in Hindi

Testimonial को हिंदी मैं प्रशंसापत्र कहते हैं।

इसे आज की कामकाजी आसान भाषा में कहें, तो प्रशंसापत्र एक औपचारिक कथन है जो आपके चरित्र और योग्यता को मान्यता प्रदान करता है। प्रशंसापत्र आमतौर पर ग्राहकों, सहकर्मियों या ऐसे लोगों से आते हैं जिन्हें आपके काम के परिणामस्वरूप लाभ मिला है।

लेकिन क्या आप जानते हैं कि एक शक्तिशाली प्रशंसापत्र न केवल सरल कथनों तक सीमित हैं जो आपके अच्छे काम की घोषणा करते हैं। इसमें और भी बहुत कुछ है।

Testimonial या प्रशंसापत्र का सम्पूर्ण फ़ायदा उठाने के लिए आपोको इसे अपने ग्राहकों के साथ साझा करना पड़ता हैं। सही प्रशंसापत्र वे हैं जो आपको एक कहानी बताते हैं। उन्हें उन लोगों को प्रेरित करना चाहिए जो इसे पढ़ रहे हैं।

प्रशंसापत्र आपके ब्रांड को अच्छी लाइमलाइट में रखने का एक शानदार तरीका है। वे आपके अच्छे काम में गौरव बढ़ाते हैं। जानना चाहते हैं कैसे? तो पढ़ते रहिये!

What’s the need for testimonials?

In today’s fast–paced environment, the notion of validation has gained decent relevance. Time is fleeting, and the skill of observation needs to be accompanied by reliable evidence. As a result, the role of testimonials has come into play. In these modern times, our beliefs are often based on testimony. Testimonials, basically, represent the conduct and qualities of a particular entity in the best light possible. These testimonials are either verbal or written in nature.

The professional actuality of a product, service, or individual is quite dependent on the quality of the testimonial attached to it. Thus, all our values are in dire need of confirmation. The basic motive of a testimonial is to promote the essence and value of the entity in question.

Your testimonial page can be a platform to broadcast how your product or services have helped people. This platform can be used as a powerful tool for establishing trust amongst your target audience. They can motivate your potential customers to avail of your product or service. When formulating your content marketing campaign, they should play a significant role.

So, get in touch with your happy customers and collect valuable feedback from them.

Looking for a more in-depth examination of what constitutes a stellar recommendation? We have got your back. We will help you craft good testimonials that will increase your credibility.

First, let’s check out the many kinds of recommendations you may make.

Types of testimonials

Do you realize there are several testimonial presentation options? Let’s delve into some of the best types of testimonials that you can use to show off your customer feedback in the perfect ways possible:

Showcase your service or product with testimonial quotes

  • These testimonial quotes are ads or artwork that display positive arguments made in favor of your brand or company. This testimonial is usually accompanied by the testimonial images of the person who presented the statement to give it a touch of a better reality.
  • Quote testimonials are a way to demonstrate support for your service from a user who has benefited from it.
  • Use the voice of your customers to advertise your brand or company. This way, you can build strong credibility with potential leads through testimonial advertising.

Create effective content with audio testimonials.

  • Audio testimonials are a cost-effective way of creating effective content. You don’t require a full-fledged production crew or expensive equipment to make an audio testimonial.
  • All you need is a microphone, recording software, and a quiet room to record it.
  • Thread different customer quotes together in one track.
  • Audio testimonials are very effective as they can be listened to in almost every setting.

Social media testimonials for better brand awareness

  • Your social media channels can naturally capture a customer testimonial.
  • As per the Go-Globe reports, nearly 70% of consumers use social media for customer service issues on at least one occasion.
  • It is more convenient for a customer to write a review about you on social platforms. That review can influence many other people.
  • Make sure that you engage with your customers when you see them promoting your brand.

Case studies – Showcasing your track record and expertise

  • Case studies involve an in-depth analysis of an individual customer’s experience with your company. These testimonials use a more scientific approach to prove your role in the customer’s success.
  • Case studies include facts and observations to show how your products or services benefitted your customer.
  • They provide you with a potential lead with a complete customer story.

Customer review and interviews

  • Customer interviews can be considered a flexible approach to testimonials because they can be presented in a variety of different forms.
  • They can be presented as a testimonial video clip, audio piece, or transcribed into a written interview.
  • Customer interviews are a very effective form of testimonial.
  • You can use customer testimonials for your business because they are easy to upload. You can screenshot them from the review sites and then post them on your website.
  • Customer testimonials can motivate your potential audience to engage with you.

The Power of Authority testimonials – Influencer testimonials

  • An influencer testimonial or authority testimonial is a testimonial that includes a celebrity who supports your brand or company.
  • This type of testimonial mostly involves a significant influencer who can easily attract the target audience’s attention. An influencer can help you build your brand’s value.
  • Now, authority testimonials can be expensive to produce. You might even face difficulty finding the right influencer. But when these testimonials succeed, they can be a great win-win for you.

A good article or blog post can boost your brand value

  • A blog post is a detailed way of presenting customer testimonials. You can hire bloggers who can write about your customer’s story in-depth.
  • A blog testimonial post lets you tell the customer’s story from your viewpoint.

Expand your brand’s reach with the press review.

  • You can also get your business featured in the news. Being on the news can fetch you millions of potential customers.
  • Moreover, this can boost your brand awareness.

Video testimonials

  • Videos are quite popular in times of digital dominance. In fact, videos have the best ROI compared to any other type of content.
  • A good testimonial video clip has the potential to go viral if the content is compelling enough.
  • With customer testimonial videos, you can show the successful experiences of your past clients. This can encourage your target audience to make a purchase.

Do these testimonial design ideas seem good? It’s time to start crafting your own customer testimonials. Testimonial icons are a must for your company’s site.

But before you feature these testimonials, you need to understand some of the best practices for designing them.

What makes a Creative Testimonial Design?

From my viewpoint, a good testimonial should include the following:

  • Authenticity- supported with proofs.
  • Credibility- there should be more information based on facts.

Moreover, if it is not unnecessarily long, it will also save the reader’s time. It should be brief and objectively precise. Innovative inputs such as social media proofs and links add to the richness of the testimonial.

Also, associating face value with the testimonial is of great benefit. For e.g., the promotion of a particular brand by a socially recognizable and responsible person will fetch the brand more trust from its audience. A testimonial should be mind-engaging in nature. It should be like a sweet hymn, reflecting the sound of your potential so that the viewers get attracted and interested. It should project a story in itself.

On the digital front, it should be accompanied by video clips, appreciation audio, or case studies that put its credibility in the limelight. Moreover, it should be visually attractive. A treat to the eye never hurts, after all. The web design should be creative in order to cater to the needs of the testimonial.

Best Practices for Website Testimonial Designs

Let’s discuss some of the key fundamentals that you should focus on when creating client testimonial template for a website:

1 Testimonials should be visually engaging.

Make sure that you feature testimonials with descriptive language that is detailed enough to help convince your prospects to make a purchase. You can incorporate more visual elements like images, videos, or social media feeds. These elements can make your content more visual in nature.

2 Your testimonials should be specific in nature.

Try choosing customer reviews that highlight specific use cases for your product or service. This may motivate your potential buyers to engage with your brand or business.

3 Make sure your testimonials are aligned.

You should highlight testimonials that align with specific features of your service or product. You can share relevant images or demo videos alongside your testimonials.

Keep in mind the simple points mentioned above, and you are set to go. We hope you now have an idea of what a testimonial is or the important types of testimonials.

Testimonial format – How to write a testimonial?

Good writing is the key to a good testimonial. Here are some writing tips for a great testimonial:

  • Try to keep the testimonial short. Very long testimonials are unlikely to be read by customers. So, focus on keeping it short. Maybe, 25-50 words are enough.
  • Your testimonial should be of a direct nature. Use the most impactful statement in the beginning. Select the compelling words in the testimonial and try to highlight them more.
  • Also, your testimonial should be authentic. Let your customers express their views freely.
  • Your testimonials should include a lot of information, like your name, title, and company. The more information in your testimonial, the more credible it is.

Want to learn more about how to write a testimonial? Don’t worry! Let us explain this to you in detail. Ready? Let’s go!

Customer Testimonial examples

Here are some Good client testimonial templates:

How to write a testimonial?

Brand awareness becomes easy when others vouch for your services. Powerful testimonials add credibility to your company. Testimonials can sell your services for you. Want to know how to write a testimonial? Read on!

Writing tips for a great testimonial

Want to represent a compelling testimonial for your service or product? Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when thinking about how to write a testimonial:

1 Showcase benefits in your testimonial

Your testimonial should demonstrate what impact your service has had on a client. It should show your potential customers why they should care about engaging with you. In order to get a persuasive testimonial, ask your client or customer why they bought your product or thought of hiring you.

2 Try to overcome objections

In order to attract your potential audience, you need to overcome certain objections. Like, prospects may think that you are expensive. Or maybe, they don’t feel like trusting you. These kinds of objections may stop them from contacting you.

Persuasive client testimonials or good customer testimonials can help overcome such hesitations or objections. They can help you solve your branding challenges.

3 Try to use the selling power of testimonials

You should integrate testimonials with your sales copy everywhere, like your homepage, about page, service or product pages, sales emails, or even LinkedIn.

As we said before, testimonials can help you build your credibility and grow your business in the long run. Let us look at how they benefit you.

Benefits of customer testimonials

Customer testimonials work because they can provide your target audience with social proof and validation. Testimonials ads can work like magic for you. Want to understand what is a testimonial and how customer or client testimonials are relevant?

Advantages of testimonials

Let’s expand on the reasons why testimonials can work for you:

1 Testimonials provide social proof

Customer testimonials can provide you with a credibility boost. They can motivate your potential audience to purchase your product or service.

2 Customer testimonials can appeal to emotions

Good testimonials have the potential to speak to one’s heart. They can highlight the problems that you solved or how your customers had a wonderful experience after using your product or service.

3 Testimonials can enhance your brand visibility

Great company testimonials can put your business or company into the limelight. Moreover, the more people talk about you, the wider your reach. Good testimonials can help your brand or company grow and can play an important role in your success story.

Positive feedback from customers may do wonders for a product, service, or company. They are a great source of a nice brand image, lead generation, and also company sales. Try adding relevant testimonials to your site and measure the results yourself.


Well, we all love a good story, and that’s why understanding what is a testimonial is important. And this is the reason that a testimonial is so effective. Testimonials tend to humanize your brand in a way. Sourcing great testimonials is one of the simplest ways of showing off your worth. By now, you can surely be in no doubt as to what a testimonial is and how to write one.

Customer testimonials are an effective method of establishing credibility and social proof within your target audience. Craft your testimonials today. Let them add glory to your worth and values. It’s time to shine!

In conclusion, I’d want to stress the importance of having tangible proof to back up any assertions you make. A tree is marked as beautiful by its number of fruits or flowers. The fruits act as evidence of the beauty of a tree. Testimonials hold the same value when it comes to a product, service, or any such entity. They speak in favor of the virtues you possess. Let each virtue shine. Let testimonials project your worth.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is a testimonial

1. What are testimonials?

A testimonial consists of a person’s written or spoken statement, including the virtues of a particular brand, business, or company.

2. What are employee testimonials?

Employee testimonials for the company showcase employees’ talking about their real work experiences. This can also help you boost your company’s reputation as they highlight the company’s values and work environment.

Here are some good employee testimonial samples:

After more than two years here, I can say that working for Brandloom has been one of the best times of my life. I feel that my efforts are recognized and appreciated because of the company’s culture of openness and teamwork. The leadership team does all they can to make their employees feel that their opinions and ideas are being taken seriously. Because of the company’s emphasis on employee growth, I’ve also had the chance to contribute to several intriguing initiatives and learn some valuable new skills. In conclusion, I consider myself very fortunate, and I would suggest Brandloom to anybody seeking a job they love.

I really like my job at Brandloom. The work is stimulating, the staff is helpful, and the office atmosphere is great. I’m optimistic about the future since I feel like I’m making a significant contribution here.

3. Are testimonies different from testimonials?

A testimony is said to be a declaration that a person makes under an oath. Conversely, a testimonial is a statement supporting a particular fact, truth, or claim.

4. What is testimonial advertising?

Testimonial advertising includes a person’s written or spoken statement that highlights the virtues of a particular brand, company, or business.

5. How to write a testimonial?

Putting your thoughts into writing a testimonial about how pleased you are with a product or service may be powerful. To aid you in developing a convincing testimonial design, here are some pointers:

1. Get right to the point and tell us what you loved most about the product or service.
2. Give concrete instances of how the product or service improved your life or was able to fulfill your demands.
3. Use vivid words to create a mental image of what using the product was like for you.
4. In your testimonial, be genuine and honest. Don’t make incorrect or exaggerated assertions.
5. You may use a before and after picture to show how your product or service improved things.

Conclude with an enthusiastic endorsement of the item being promoted.

6. How to ask for testimonials from customers?

A good strategy to increase your company’s social proof and legitimacy is to solicit client testimonials. Consider the following in order to increase the effectiveness of your testimonial request:

Proper timing is essential: When a client is really pleased with your work, it is time to request a testimonial. This may happen right after a purchase or after they’ve had your goods for a time.

Ease up on us: Make it easy and quick for consumers to provide feedback. You may do this by ringing them up after you’ve already contacted them or by sending them an email asking for their feedback.

Provide details: Get feedback from buyers on what they liked most about your product or service. They’ll be able to provide a more informative and helpful recommendation as a result.

Present an inducement: In return for a testimonial, you may provide a minor incentive like a discount or free trial. This may entice more clients to share their positive experiences in testimonial form.

Follow up: Check up with the customer after they’ve volunteered a testimonial to ensure they have everything they need and show your appreciation.

7. How long should a testimonial writing format be?

A testimonial’s length may range from brief to extensive, depending on the nature of the evaluated product or service and the customer’s input. The ideal length for a testimonial is somewhere between how long it takes to offer the necessary background and context and how long it takes to become monotonous or overpowering.

The average length of a testimonial is a couple of paragraphs or around 100-200 words. However, length may vary from short to extensive, depending on the nature of the reviewed product or service and the amount of data the consumer is willing to provide.

The most critical aspect of a testimonial is that it accurately reflects the customer’s actual experience with the product or service. It should highlight the product’s most salient features and advantages and provide concrete instances of how those features and benefits have aided the client in meeting their objectives or resolving their issues.

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