Helping a next-gen learning app carve out its niche

The Problem
To establish Aplis as
a one-of-a-kind LMS

The Outcome
A distinct brand that stands apart from its competitors with a unique visual identity and strong positioning.


background section

Science says that the human mind learns more easily via pictures. Instead of reading through pages of text, interactive lessons, stories and visual demonstrations help our brains absorb information more readily and create long term memories of fundamental concepts.

If students can have a more interactive, hands-on learning experience- they can do great things. If students receive some extra guidance during their teen years, it vastly improves their academic performance.

This is precisely why a team of enthusiastic youngsters launched Aplis, a new-age learning and lesson planning app. Not only would their app make learning easy, but would also help educators teach better.

But how could they convey their unique advantage to the right people?

This is where BrandLoom came in.


Aplis combined lesson-planning and dissemination in a great app. However, with many LMS systems emerging during the COVID era, it was difficult for a new app to stand out.

Team Aplis wanted their revolutionary app to find its niche. It also wanted to identify its target audience, and convey to them the unique advantages the app presented.

In order to do that, they had to position themselves just right, and create a strong brand identity which would form the perfect base for the brand to grow.


BrandLoom’s aim was to establish Aplis as a one-of-kind-app that was a cut above other learning management systems.



  • BrandLoom started the task of building up Aplis’ brand by first identifying its target audience.
  • Being a lesson planning cum learning app, Aplis provided teachers with exactly what it needed.
  • Hence, instead of talking to the parents like other learning apps did, BrandLoom identified school management authorities as the perfect target audience for Aplis.



  • To appeal to the target audience, BrandLoom developed the perfect positioning statement.
  • We talked about how Aplis can help students learn and perform better.
  • This not only made for more confident and happy pupils, but also freed up the teachers to dedicate their energy towards actually teaching and helping out their students.
  • In turn, it created a more positive and inclusive environment at schools and improved the institution’s reputation.
  • To convey all this, a strong communication strategy was needed.



  • The next step was to create a strong identity for Aplis so that it stood apart from other LMS.
  • For this, BrandLoom scanned through all the prominent players in the field, and identified what elements could be used to create a unique identity for Aplis.


Finding the demand gap in the market that the brand could fill in


With many LMS apps present, it looked like the market had reached a saturation point. However, with careful market analysis, BrandLoom identified that there was a demand gap which Aplis could fill in. BrandLoom could find the perfect niche that Aplis could occupy.

Creating the brand story


In order to communicate what Aplis is about, BrandLoom created a brand story. This was the guiding philosophy that would form the basis of the brand. It brought out the emotional talking point for the brand, which it had to nurture to get its audience invested in the products.

Understanding the target audience


It was not enough to simply identify the target audience. BrandLoom wanted to understand them and their motivations to ensure perfect positioning for the brand. By creating a consumer persona after research, BrandLoom could ensure that the brand messaging is perfectly in sync with the intended customers.

Crafting the perfect positioning statement


A crisp positioning statement helps convey a brand’s purpose and advantage accurately. BrandLoom emphasised the fact that Aplis was the only app to follow EBE pedagogy- that is proven to help students learn better. This clicked with the target audience of educators- who understand the significance of EBE.

BrandLoom gave equal emphasis to Aplis’ lesson-planning capabilities. Being the only lesson planning app that provided standardized information, Aplis had a strong value proposition going in its favour.

Creating the perfect brand identity for Aplis


Taking inspiration from sacred geometry, BrandLoom found the perfect symbol to represent Aplis- the flower of life. With interconnected circles, the flower of life was supposed to represent the entire universe and contain every geometric shape in its ambit. Hence, it seemed to be the perfect symbol to represent the expansion of the mental horizon that happens with learning.


Aplis Branding Case Study
Aplis Branding Case Study
Aplis Branding Case Study
aplis logo

We chose the color blue to bring it to life, because it stands for the sky and infinity; which perfectly represents the nature of knowledge.

We complimented the logo with the perfect tagline. “Expanding horizons” is what acquiring knowledge does- and it is what teachers aim to do when imparting lessons to their students. The words also conveyed the nature of Aplis- the app that was breaking new ground when it came to learning and teaching.



Creating brand awareness and educating the target audience with the perfect website


In order to convey the unique nature of the Aplis app, and educate the people about what advantages it brought for students and teachers, we created the Aplis website. With quality content, BrandLoom expounded on the revolutionary features of Aplis.


We talked about how it used only standardized content approved by NCERT, and was the only app to offer lessons for social studies in the upper primary sections. The website also detailed the advanced features Aplis used- like AR and VR technology, which made learning an interactive, interesting and immersive experience.

Apart from that, BrandLoom used the website to talk about how a lesson planning app was the need of the hour, and would be the perfect companion to teachers everywhere.

In order to educate the people about how Aplis would benefit both the teachers and the students, we talked about how efficiently the human brain absorbs knowledge when it is taught via pictures and demonstrations.

By educating the audience, BrandLoom helped the target audience realize the need for an app like Aplis.


By conveying how unique their app was, and finding a strong visual identity for the brand, BrandLoom could lay a strong foundation for Aplis. We could successfully convey the advantage that the app would provide by talking about its path breaking features.

At the same time, BrandLoom could identify the right target audience and the perfect niche for the app. As a result, Aplis could offer a unique value proposition to its prospective customers that was completely different from what its competitors were saying.

By finding a distinct identity for Aplis and crafting the perfect value proposition for its target audience, BrandLoom could establish Aplis as a one-of-a-kind learning and teaching app.

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