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Healing solutions that go beyond pain relief
A story of reinvention.

The makeover of a pain relief product for the wellness enthusiasts

The Problem: To establish R3Set as a premium pain relief brand fit for the new age wellness seekers

The Outcome: A new brand that offered holistic healing with premium appeal

Background .

R3Set Branding Case Study

When you are chasing your dreams, there is no way that you allow pain to hold you back. Unfortunately, a hectic lifestyle also doesn’t leave much room for a break. As a result, body pain becomes a frequent- and often- chronic issue.

Venus Remedies had the perfect solution for that in Trois. As a pain relief solution, R3set combined the power of essential oils and nanogel technology that provided instant relief and long-term healing.

However, Trois was a brand that had been in the market for decades- and what Venus Remedies needed was a solution that appealed to a new, upwardly mobile generation. What they needed was a fresh brand with a premium appeal.

BrandLoom stepped up.

The Problem Statement .

Venus Remedies wanted to launch a premium product that provided instant relief from pain and facilitated long-term healing. In addition, they wanted a digital-first product for the internet generation.

R3set was the perfect pain relief solution. However, the market was already populated by other players with a much higher recall. So how could a new product make a mark?

The key to this lay in identifying their niche and understanding the audience the brand was meant for.

Strategic Brand Analysis-
The BrandLoom Process .

BrandLoom aimed to establish R3set as a premium pain relief brand and position it so that it clicked with the right audiences.

To do this, we proceeded step by step:

  • Identifying the target audience

The first step was to understand who the product was meant for. Being a product that offered both instant pain relief and long-term tissue repair, R3set was meant for a more conscious and discerning audience. Hence, it was the perfect product that would appeal to people looking for better solutions- even if those cost them slightly more.

Who was looking for better solutions? Of course, these were people who took wellness seriously. Being busy chasing their dreams and aspirations, they were aware that they needed something that would act fast and restore their health in the long run without side effects.

    1. Conveying the R3set advantage

R3set was a unique product. It could rejuvenate the body, revive tissues with powerful antioxidant action and restore the user to health.

It was powered by the goodness of essential oils- with the oil of wintergreen being the hero ingredient. Its nanogel tech helped provide instant relief, while its natural ingredients reversed tissue damage and rejuvenated them. All this- without side effects. This was a unique advantage R3set had over its competitors- and this was what the audience had to be educated about.

Since R3set could restore users to their peak condition, it was important to talk to the audience about the advantage of holistic healing over short-term relief. However, to communicate all the unique aspects of R3set, a solid strategy was needed.

    1. Creating Brand R3set

The next step was to create a distinct and robust identity for R3set. After studying the competition, BrandLoom identified the right niche for R3set and planned to establish R3set as a unique and memorable brand in the market.


The Action Plan .

Finding the demand gap in the market


While the market had many pain relief solutions, no brand provided holistic healing that reversed tissue damage. In addition, while other brands were focused on pain relief in and itself, none of them were geared towards wellness.

BrandLoom understood that a more health-conscious audience was looking for something that went beyond pain relief- and R3set fit the bill perfectly.

Creating The Brand Story


To give a sense of what the brand was about, BrandLoom created a brand story. It acted as the basis for the brand- informing its messaging, all communication, and visual identity.

Understanding The Target Audience


It was not enough to profile the target audience based on the premium pricing.

The prevailing perception was that for a digital-first brand, the target audience was the young adults. However, BrandLoom understood that a slightly older, tech-savvy audience was the right one to target for a pain-relief brand.

Crafting the perfect positioning statement


A good positioning statement talks about the brand’s purpose & USP. BrandLoom emphasized that R3set was the perfect pain relief solution for those who never wanted to stop chasing their dreams without compromising on wellness on long-term health.

By focusing on the effectiveness of the natural ingredients and the far-reaching benefits of the oil of wintergreen, BrandLoom positioned R3set as a brand that denoted an entire lifestyle.

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Creating the perfect brand identity for R3set


Staying true to its premium appeal, BrandLoom crafted the perfect visual identity for R3set. The logo, packaging, and brand aesthetic represented the natural roots of the product- with the red of wintergreen and the green of nature being complemented perfectly by a classic and sophisticated black and white palette.

To further emphasize the natural, holistic appeal of the brand, the packaging was made of recycled, handmade paper. In addition, the package featured gradually disappearing dots, which gave an arresting visual interpretation of the feeling of pain dissipating on the application of the product.


We Combined: Leaf + Wintergreen + 3

logo process

Colour Palette






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Establishing the Brand .

establishing the brand

R3set was a successful rebranding exercise. BrandLoom gave a makeover for an over-the-counter pain relief product and turned it into a brand with premium appeal. With a brand story that set its direction, a crisp positioning statement, and carefully crafted visual design, BrandLoom could set R3set apart as a new-age wellness brand that went beyond pain relief.

R3set emerged as a brand that could support a holistic lifestyle. By identifying the right market niche and conveying its unique benefits, BrandLoom could successfully establish R3set as a distinct premium brand for the discerning.

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