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About the CLIENT

BeatMySugar is a wellness brand that focused on holistic diabetes management.

Building a thriving community and achieving record ecommerce conversions for a diabetes management brand on social media platforms.

BeatMySugar is all about taking a positive approach towards diabetes management. Its aim is to inspire the community to make positive choices which enables them to live their lives to the fullest.

The brand offers premium diabetes-friendly products on its website, and also disseminates information on various aspects of diabetes management via informative blogs.

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Importance of
for the brand

BeatMySugar wants to create an engaged community of people who want to live a sweet life. As the diabetes-positive movement gathers momentum, social media is the perfect medium to connect with a savvy, positive-minded tribe.

Through social media posts, BeatMySugar could:

  • Disburse useful information
  • Bust myths
  • Feature advice from India’s top doctors
  • Promote their products

What we did for the CLIENT


BrandLoom took a systematic approach to enliven BeatMySugar’s social media feed. Our social media strategy included:

  1. Identifying content pillars for the brand
  2. Planning the types of posts to go under each pillar
  3. Creating a social media calendar for 2 months at a time that laid out the topics for creating posts in advance
  4. Planning special promotions and seasonally appropriate posts in advance
  5. Developing a distinct, lively visual style for social media posts that made the brand resonate with its audience.
  6. Designing social media advertising campaigns that targeted the right audiences.
  7. Creating rich copies and creatives for the same that registered with the audiences and hooked them in.

The Result:

BeatMySugar witnessed positive engagement from the community on its social media pages.

The ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook registered record conversion rates.

For social media campaigns, we struck a high of 4.1% in ecommerce conversions.


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