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Digiflynt social media case study


About the CLIENT

Digiflynt is an IT services company that specializes in digitization and digitalization. It has a strong presence in West Africa, where it works with government organizations and authorities to enable e-governance and digital transformation of nations.

To promote the socio-economic benefits of digitalization and to establish the brand as an authoritative figure when it comes to the West African nations.

Digiflynt is a long-term player in the region, and having been an active participant in the life there, the company had a fair idea of the vast potential that it homed. All that was needed was a little help to get the countries to step into the age of technology.

about digiflynt

Importance of
for the brand

Digiflynt wanted to talk about the importance of what they do, and urge authorities to be proactive in enabling digital transformation of their economies. To do that, they needed to impress upon how digitization of records could help transform these nations and help them take a decisive step towards prosperity.

The brand also wanted to highlight the tremendous potential housed by the countries in West Africa, and break the stereotypes associated with them. They wanted to talk about all the exciting things that are happening in these countries, and how they were poised to spread their wings.

With social media posts, Digiflynt wanted to:

  1. Talk about the importance of digitization and digitalization
  2. How digital transformation would benefit countries
  3. The vibrant, exciting cultural life in West Africa that made it a lucrative destination for the world discover
  4. Positioning Digiflynt as a great place to work and communicating how rewarding it is to become activators of change

What we did for the CLIENT

what we did for digiflynt

BrandLoom realized the crucial role that Digiflynt’s social media communication would play in building up their profile and magnifying their influence in their niche. With this aim in mind, BrandLoom devised a careful strategy by:

  1. Identifying the content pillars for the brand.
  2. Planning the posts that go under each pillar.
  3. Creating a social media calendar a month in advance, highlighting the important events in their niche that were going to take place in the countries they operated in.
  4. Choosing the right social media platform for the brand. We focused on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Developing a distinct, lively and eye-catching visual style that perfectly communicated the brand’s personality and highlighted the issues they were talking about.
  6. Creating rich, detailed and well-researched copies that offered in-depth insights into various social/economic matters that cemented Digiflynt as an expert in all things West Africa.
  7. Reaching out to potential employees by highlighting the rewards that awaited them when they enabled digital transformation of nations.

The Result:

Digiflynt established itself as an expert in their field, and built a highly engaged community around it. Not only that, the company could highlight West Africa as an exciting place that was brimming with potential- and could connect with people who wanted to build a career with Digiflynt.


Digiflynt social media Post 1
Digiflynt social media Post 2
Digiflynt social media Post 3
Digiflynt social media Post 4

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