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About the CLIENT

Jungle Crow was a USA_based menswear brand that specializes in streetwear. It wants to redefine casual menswear and underscore the confidence of the residents of the urban jungle.

While Jungle Crow had premium products, there were many competitors populating its niche. Jungle Crow had a distinct positioning, which appeals to the alpha males who are comfortable in their own skin. They needed to communicate the brandโ€™s feel to the right target audience, and highlight their product in the right way.

about jungle crow

Importance of
for the brand

Being a millennial urban menswear brand, Jungle Crow had to be where its audience was- and find the right place to showcase its offerings. Social media was the perfect way to meet all its objectives.

With social media marketing, the brand sought to:

  • Lay down a foundation on which the brand could continue to grow.
  • Showcase its products in the best way
  • Communicate their unique positioning to its target audience
  • Stand out from the crowd in an eye-catching way

What we did for the CLIENT

what we did for jungle crow

The social media team at BrandLoom understood that to connect with a fashion-forward, young, urban audience, it was essential that Jungle Crow highlights the best that it has. Being a new brand, getting people to notice its offerings is also a priority.
So, BrandLoom devised a plan that involved:

  1. Creating the social media profiles for the brand on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Creating a lively social media feed in a distinct, urban style
  3. Establishing the mood and feel of the brand with posts that highlighted its unique positioning
  4. Highlighting the urban nature of the brand
  5. Showcasing its products in an attractive way

The Result:

Jungle Crow developed a unique and lively visual style that synced with its unique positioning. It could reach out to its audience and showcase its products in the best possible way. By developing a distinct visual language, we helped the brand stand out from its competitors and lay down the foundation for growth.


social media for jungle crow by brandloom
jungle crow social media post by brandloom
socila media post - jungle crow - brandloom
brandloom social media case study for jungle crow
social media Post jungle crow
social media posts jungle crow
social media post jungle crow by brandloom
jungle crow social media post

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