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Fabulously Social Media Marketing
Case Study

About the CLIENT

Fabulously is a classy and feminine brand meant for the new age, open-minded woman. Having started in 2019, the brand is all about what the cool millennium women want and life hacks they would like to try out.
Being pretty distinct from the usual women’s magazine brands, Fabulously needed a unique social media presence, and BrandLoom stepped up.

Client of Fabulously Social Media

Importance of
for the brand

This uniquely feminine brand needed to register its presence in the wider world and enforce its identity. When BrandLoom took up the task, it laid down the following objectives:
1. To make the world take notice of Fabulously.
2. To engage its target audience on social media by disseminating information on the topics they wanted to know about.
3. To create and enforce a distinct visual identity that reflected the brand’s true spirit and values and set it apart from other women’s brands.

What we did for the CLIENT

what we did for the client of fabulously social media

To achieve its brand objectives, we made the following action plan:
1. Created the social media handles and started posting for Fabulously.
2. Positioned Fabulously as a distinctly feminine, modern, millennial brand by giving it a distinct visual identity.
3. Created an elegant and eye-catching social media feed that stood out.
4. Created posts on interesting topics that engaged the target audience efficiently.

The Result :

1. Fabulously asserted itself as a unique brand that stood out among its competitors.
2. Via social media marketing, BrandLoom established it as a relevant brand for the new-age millennial women.
3. With great posts, the brand developed a dedicated following.


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Fabulously Social Media Case Study
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