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Vitsupp socia lmedia case studies

Vitsupp Social Media Marketing

Case Study

About the CLIENT

Vitsupp is a healthcare and wellness brand that offers information on holistic healing. It is dedicated to 360-degree healthcare and wellness advice.

Vitsupp’s mission is to spread awareness on holistic wellness, and build a community around it. The site disseminates well-researched information on various wellness topics, and social media marketing was the logical step to improve its reach and influence.

About Vitsupp

Importance of
for the brand

To build an active community around the brand, it required a strong social media presence.
1. To let the world know that Vitsupp is a brand that offers quality healthcare and wellness information.
2. To initiate conversations around popular topics.
3. To establish it as a credible source of information that can be of practical use to its target audience.
4. To establish its unique identity, helping it stand out in its niche.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client in social media case study

After auditing the brand and studying its competitors, this is what BrandLoom did:
1. Created its content pillars that emphasised popular topics to make posts on for social media.
2. Developed a unique visual style to make the brand stand out.
3. Drove engagement with eye-catching posts across platforms.
4. Used YouTube shorts to maximum effect for popularizing the brand.

The Result :

1. Vitsupp could establish itself as a unique brand with a focus on holistic healing.
2. A lively social media feed that made it stand apart from its competitors.
3. Improved the brand’s reach on social media.
4. Developed a steady, highly-engaged presence on YouTube.


Sneek peep of VitSupp Social Media Case Study
Take a sneek peek at Vitsupp case study

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