IFF Paid Online Advertising Case Study

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IFF Paid Online Advertising Case Study

Generating leads for record low prices for the world’s largest flavour & fragrances brand:
Paid Advertising Case Study

About the CLIENT

International Flavours & Fragrances or IFF is the world’s largest manufacturer of flavours, fragrances, and cosmetic actives. The brand has been active in the Indian market for long and count many MNCs among its clients. 

Running effective online advertising campaigns that would reach out to bakeries and patisseries pan-India to promote IFF’s chocolate and beverage flavours. The aim was to educate the target audiences of the flavours that the Indian customers were keen on experimenting with, so that they can craft winning offerings with IFF’s flavours to suit their customers’ tastes.

IFF wanted:
1. More online sales via its ad campaigns
2. Low lead  acquisition costs

About The Client IFF

Importance of
for the brand

The world never stops snacking- but their tastes are going beyond products by the big manufacturers. People are also demanding new experiences from their local bakeries and eateries. The latter understood that they have to give their customers more and were looking for a provider of world-class flavours that were markedly superior from the local manufacturers. 

This is precisely what IFF could provide them with, but they needed to connect with their target customers efficiently. The challenge was not only to reach out to the intended customers- but also to ensure good ROI for the marketing exercise.

What we did for the CLIENT

what We Did For The Client IFF

BrandLoom’s approach was find ways to generate the best ROI for IFF. This meant ensuring sales while keeping costs of acquisition low.

To achieve these objectives for the client, BrandLoom designed the following strategy:

1. Identified the right keywords to base the campaigns on. We chose keywords that struck the right balance between competitiveness and volume, and created the campaign around them.
2. Designed attractive creatives for ad campaigns on Facebook
3. Run targeted ads for specific groups of people
4. Wrote and run keyword-reach, eye-catching paid search ad campaigns on Google
5. Created persuasive infographics and videos that were used for LinkedIn push marketing.

Our ad campaigns generated leads for excellent ROI

CPL of 400
For Our Google Ad Campaign

CPL of 125
For Our Facebook Campaign

CPL of 500
For LinkedIn InMail Campaign

IFF recorded a high volume of sales while their cost per acquisition was kept at record lows. The company could ensure good ROI while generating good leads, and got great online sales


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IFF Paid Online advertising Case Study

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