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Finding an authoritative voice for a top research firm :
A social media case study

About the CLIENT

Ken Research is a reputed market research and consulting firm. They supply corporations with thorough analyses and tactical suggestions, based on which companies in various industries make informed decisions.

Their dedicated team of seasoned analysts and consultants conducts thorough research, conducts rigorous investigations, and unearths insightful market data. In-depth market analysis, competition information, and new industry trends are powerful tools Ken Research uses to create cutting-edge research solutions.

They empower their clients with actionable insights so that the latter can make the right decisions- which is why they are trusted globally by some of the biggest brands.

About the ken research

Importance of
for the brand

Ken Research was excellent in what they did- and they wanted to build thought leadership in their industry. Social media marketing was a vital part in their strategy. The company was already doing it, but was not seeing the results that they were hoping for. What they needed was someone to show them the way.

Ken Research approached BrandLoom. They wanted to build their authority in the field via social media, and our team took up the challenge.

Our social media marketing objectives were:

  1. To establish Ken Research as a unique brand with a distinct style.
  2. To disseminate knowledge on relevant topics to educate their audiences.
  3. To establish the brand as an authority in the field.
  4. To find the right tone for the brand which would put them on the way to grow their influence on social media.

What we did for the CLIENT

What Brandloom did for the Ken Research

Our team got to work, and this was our process.

  1. Chose LinkedIn as the ideal channel to achieve the objectives.
  2. Created a detailed social media strategy outlining the necessary content pillars.
  3. Created the content calendar.
  4. Created informational, content-rich social media posts that provided valuable information to their target audiences and showcased their in-depth knowledge across various industries.
  5. Created eye-catching artworks in a distinct style that played up the brandโ€™s unique personality and differentiated it from its peers.

The Result:

  1. Ken Research established itself as a brand with a distinct personality in the market.
  2. They came across a knowledgeable, authoritative brand- inspiring confidence among potential clients.
  3. They could found their unique voice and style, which set down a solid foundation for their communication strategy and paved the way for growth.

Take A

KEN artwork
ken instagram post

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KEN artwork
ken instagram post

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