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Mindlitt social media case studies

MindLitt Social Media Marketing

Case Study

About the CLIENT

MindLitt is a platform for aspirations and dreams. It brings together a team of experts who can impart practical life skills to anyone seeking to enrich their lives. Being a unique educational platform, MindLitt offers its users a variety of courses that help them get the best out of their lives and enhance their health, wealth, and relationships.

About MindLitt

Importance of
for the brand

To make the world take notice of this unique skill-building platform, MindLitt needed a strong social media presence- and naturally, BrandLoom stepped up. Our social media marketing objectives were:

1. To make the world take notice of this unique upskilling platform.

2. To enforce the brandโ€™s unique spirit and visual identity.

3. To engage its target audience by telling them about the need to do better and showing them that they can unlock their true potential with MindLitt.

4. To build an active and engaged community that thrived on helping each other out.

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client of Mindlitt in social media case study

After designing its unique logo and visual brand identity, BrandLoom focused on social media marketing for the brand. This is what we did for it:
1. Created the social media handles and started posting for MindLitt.
2. Positioned the same as a unique skill-building platform.
3. Created a distinct visual style that made the brand stand out among hundreds of others on social media feeds.
4. Talked to the target audience about inspiring true-life stories of people who have made it on their own.

The Result :
1.MindLitt established itself as a strong and one-of-a-kind skill development platform.
2. A lively and visually compelling social media feed that prompted a second look.
3. Engaged the target audience and laid down the foundation of a strong community.


Social media post MindLitt

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