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Vision eye social media case studies

Building a strong brand for Delhi’s most reputed eye care clinic :

A social media case study

About the CLIENT

Vision Eye Centre is one of the leading eye specialty clinics in the NCR region. Some of the best ophthalmologists in India are associated with it.

Building a strong social media presence for the brand, while educating people on various matters related to eye health. This included information on taking care of eyes, various eye conditions and their treatment and the necessity for regular check-ups.

About Vision Eye Centre

Importance of
for the brand

With more people now looking up treatment options online, Vision Eye Centre felt the need to build up its presence on the internet. The new customers were not only looking for booking appointments online, but for service providers who they could trust.

To reach out to this new generation of tech-savvy citizens, Vision Eye Centre needed to build a strong presence online and proclaim its position as one the best eye care facilities in India. The aim

To establish Vision Eye Centre as an authority in the field of ophthalmology

To promote it as a standard-setting institution for treatment of several eye conditions

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Dr. Tushar Grover

result of vision eye

What we did for the CLIENT

What we did for our client in social media case study

BrandLoom’s approach was to establish Vision Eye Centre as a brand that wanted the best for the people. Instead of taking the hard sell approach, we decided to showcase Vision Eye Centre and its team as a dedicated unit who wanted to improve eye health all over- and try to educate people about how to take care of their eyes.

To achieve this objective, we implemented the plan step by step:
1. Created the content pillars for the brand
2. Planned what content was to be posted under each pillar
3. Creating social media calendars in advance
4. Incorporated inputs from the client that featured the team, the actual treatment procedures, and the media interactions that the doctors had on other channels
5. Created a lively and distinct-looking feed
6. Made room for inventive posts that featured memes, polls and interesting trivia that showcased a more preppy side of the brand


Vision Eye Centre developed a strong social media presence online and established itself as one of the best eye-care facilities in India. Not only did its social media activities establish its credibility by showcasing actual people and procedures, but also came across as a standard-bearer in its niche. By disbursing important information, the brand also came across a people-first brand whose aim was to ensure good visual health for everyone.


Sneek peep of Visioneye center Social Media Case Study
Take a sneek peek at Visioneye center case study

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