Choosing the best courier service in India is crucial for every E-commerce Business. The quality of your courier services determines the success of your company. Undoubtedly, India has become the newest E-commerce hotspot in recent years. E-commerce companies like Flipkart and Myntra are gaining recognition across the country. No wonder the biggest E-commerce brand, Amazon, couldn’t resist opening its doors in India.

Ever wondered what potential reasons are leading to the overwhelming popularity of E-commerce? Is it just the products they offer? No, reliable and faster delivery is one of the major factors behind their success. What’s the point if that red gown doesn’t reach you on time, even if you bought it for a few bucks? Your birthday is a spoil! Isn’t it?

There’s no wonder that logistics companies in India have also seen a sudden rise in their numbers. After all, the demand for pick-up and delivery is increasing rapidly. Every E-shopping company is on the lookout for good delivery services in India. But with so many companies, it is hard to pick out a shipment company that offers the best courier services.

So, how to determine the best courier service for small businesses in India? Read on to know more.

How to choose the best courier company in India?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best courier companies for your E-commerce business.

1. Weight Limitations

Often the weight of your parcel may affect the courier company you choose. It can be either due to a lack of resources to pack or carry heavy items or extra costs for delivering heavier items. Hence, you should choose a courier company based on your shipment requirements. Say, if your products are usually heavy, a private delivery services provider can be your best bet. But if your products don’t weigh much, opting for a national post service with flat rates can be ideal.

2. Shipping Costs

The shipping rates for outsourcing courier services can add up quickly. So, you should be able to work out your shipping cost against the value your e-commerce business offers. Look for a courier company that offers the best shipping rates. Analyse if the shipping services & prices it provides meet your business needs. But remember that not every affordable delivery service company provides the best value.

3. Locations Covered

It is always advisable to choose a courier company with nationwide coverage. Many courier companies have their regional offices in India. Choosing such a company, thus, will ensure that your parcels reach from origin to destination on time. Also, consider a company that offers hassle-free interstate deliveries. Hiring a local delivery company in India for domestic deliveries can be significant.

4. Express Delivery

Customers these days are choosing next-day delivery services. They don’t mind paying an additional cost for such quick services. So, choose a company that offers express services with a 100% on-time delivery guarantee.

5. Delivery Duration

A customer’s level of brand loyalty is directly correlated to how quickly their orders are delivered. Customers are more inclined to switch brands if it takes more than seven days for a product to arrive. People hate to wait in lines. Choose a speedy courier service that can get your package to you in 4-7 days if you value your customers’ continued devotion to your brand.

6. Check For Unexpected Costs

Many businesses that advertise cheap courier services have a plethora of additional professional courier charges. Learn as much as you can before opting for their services. Costs can quickly add up for a company if they are hit with hidden fees.

7. Safety

How secure is a delivery courier service firm? What happens if your goods are broken during shipping? Worst case scenario: it gets misplaced. The safety of your company’s logistics is crucial if you run an online courier service in India. When it comes to missing or broken goods, some businesses just won’t take responsibility. Make sure that you avoid being a target of that by looking for a company that offers professional courier customer care.

8. Check For POD

Proof of delivery, often known as POD, is crucial for effective logistics management. It is imperative that you verify that the courier service is providing a guarantee of delivery.

9. Courier Tracking Services

Courier services offer varying degrees of tracking availability. Hence, businesses should always rely on a delivery courier service firm that offers trustworthy and good courier tracking number options.

Every shipping company these days claim to offer the best courier services. Thus, choosing the right one is a big hassle. But don’t worry! Experts at BrandLoom Consulting are here to help you find the cheap and best courier service in India.

List of Top Courier Services in India (Randomly Listed)

1 DTDC Courier Service: One of the Top 10 Courier Companies in India

DTDC courier company, or Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo, has been in service since 1990. The most sought-after courier services company has made a mark in offering both domestic and international courier services. DTDC is the largest Express Delivery network comprising over 5800 channel partners nationwide. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore.

Domestic Services it offers:

  • Express services for delivering documents and small packages.
  • Domestic cargo services for heavier packages.
  • Value-added services (VAS), including cash-on-delivery (COD), Freight-on-Delivery (FOD).
  • Intracity services with pick-and-drop services within a city. Delivery documents like bills, flyers, pamphlets, etc.

DTDC has a network of about 10,000 cities (services pin-codes) across the country. The courier company has also expanded at an international level. It serves over 240 countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, China, Australia, and Hong Kong.

DTDC Courier Charges in India

DTDC does not offer fixed price rates for its shipments. The shipping costs depend on several factors – weight, type of shipping, and location. For instance, to send a parcel from Delhi to Bangalore, you can choose from several shipping options each with different rates. These may include shipping by Air, Surface, By Prime Time Plus, By COD, By FOD, By GEC, and by Plus.

Get more information on DTDC pricing here, or you can directly get in touch with them by dialing the DTDC courier contact number.

The company prides itself in embracing technology. From booking online to tracking consignments, it makes your e-commerce shipping convenient. With their online booking portal, you can schedule drop-offs and book for deliveries. You can also use their services through their mobile app.

Key Features:

  • International Delivery: Yes
  • Domestic Shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Online Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery Period: 1-2 days (local delivery); 3-7 days (nationwide)
  • Shipping Rates: Rs 150 for 1 Kilogram (minimum). Prices may vary based on the areas
  • DTDC international courier charges
  • DTDC courier charges in India per kg
  • DTDC courier tracking number
  • DTDC courier service customer care number: 7305770577

2 Blue Dart Courier Service

A premium express air and integrated transportation & distribution company in South Asia. The company offers its services to 35000 cities in India. Blue Dart also serves over 220 countries globally, and you can always rely on their Blue Dart courier customer care number if you have any technical issues. As part of the DPDHL, it carries out air express, custom clearance, freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions. The company also has its warehouses in 85 locations in India.

Bluedart Courier Service: Domestic Services

  • Door-to-door couriers service (Dart Apex) within India. Deliver shipments weighing 10kgs and more.
  • A day-definite delivery service (Dart Plus) for delivering time-sensitive shipments.
  • Door-to-Door ground distribution service (Dart Surface line) for less time-sensitive shipments.
  • Other services include smart boxes and express pallets.
  • Blue Dart courier tracking services

Blue Dart also offers custom clearances, air express, supply chain solutions, and freight forwarding. Its reliability, superior brand experience, and sustainability have got the company many awards. Also, the company supports causes like GoHelp, GoGreen, and GoTeach as their social responsibility.

BlueDart Courier Charges

Shipment charges of Blue Dart vary according to the weight of the shipment in kilograms. You can get the price estimation for your shipment on their website.

Key Features: 

  • International shipping: Yes
  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: Yes (during festive seasons).
  • Shipping rates: Rs 75 for 500 grams (minimum)
  • Delivery period: 3 to 7 days
  • Blue Dart courier service contact number: 18602331234 (source)

3 India Post Courier Service

It is one of the longest-serving courier services in India. The India Post has over 1,55,531 post offices. This makes it the most widely distributed network globally. It offers the cheapest delivery services in India. Hence, e-commerce businesses have no better partner than the India Post Service.

Delivery Services it Offers:

  • Letters and Book Packet.
  • Parcels
  • Business Post

India Post is another reliable partner for adding cash-on delivery features on E-commerce portals. It also transfers the payment back to you the same day after processing. Besides online tracking, you can also track your shipments via SMS delivery notifications.

India Post Courier Charges

India Postal Service charges 15 rupees for shipments up to 50 grams.

Key Features: 

  • India Post International Courier: Yes
  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 1-3 days (local); 1-4 days (interstate)

4 FedEx Courier Service

FedEx is an international leader in courier services. Established in 1973 in the US, it is also the world’s largest transportation corporation. It offers nearly 3.5 million shipments each business day. FedEx offers end-to-end logistics services, including domestic and international shipments. Known for its excellent delivery services, FedEx provides competitive deals. It has its reach in over 19000 postal codes in India.

Domestic services it offers:

  • Domestic air express services
  • Supply chain management
  • Domestic ground services
  • Warehousing.

FedEx’s courier services come with a money-back guarantee. You can also leverage the proof-of-delivery that it offers with every shipping invoice. It is an ideal pick for e-commerce businesses. However, the prices are a little high for shipping heavy packages.

FedEx Courier Charges India

Their shipping cost depends on region, weight, and fuel surcharges. You can calculate the charges applicable to your shipments here.

Key Features:

  • FedEx International courier: Yes
  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Shipping rates: INR 135 (0.5KG)
  • Fedex Courier Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 1 – 9 days, depending on air/ground service

5 DHL Courier Service

When it comes to international courier services, DHL international courier is the shark in the sea. The company came into existence in 1969 in the US. Currently, it is the world’s leading courier company serving over 220 countries globally. The company handles 15 million parcels every year. In India, DHL offers its domestic courier services through Blue Dart.

Domestic Services:

  • Door-to-door parcel services.
  • Logistics services for e-commerce companies.
  • Express services with guaranteed next-day delivery.
  • Availability of DHL international courier tracking
  • DHL courier contact number for customer care

Key Features:

  • International shipping: Yes
  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Delivery Charges: Rs 75 for 500 grams
  • DHL Courier Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery Period: 3 to 5 business days.

6 TrackOn Courier Service

TrackOn came into existence in 2002 with just two offices in Delhi and Mumbai. But, it soon expanded its operations to nearly 5000 postal codes in the country. It offers express delivery services throughout India. Currently, the company handles over 2 lakh shipments every day.

Domestic Services it offers:

  • Guaranteed next-day delivery (prime track) across India for documents and parcels.
  • Express deliveries (express standard) through the air, rail, and road.
  • Delivery solutions for heavy shipments (surface express cargo).
  • Express services for shipments weighing more than 100 kgs (air surface cargo).
  • Hassle-free reverse logistics services for corporates from their respective suppliers/sellers.

Trackon Courier Charges:

Depends on the product’s weight.

Key features: 

  • International shipping: No
  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 1-3 days (local); 1-4 days (interstate)

7 Gati Courier Service

Gati is a pioneer in Express distribution and supply chain management. Established in 1989, it has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region and SAARC countries. In India, it serves over 19000 pin codes serving 672 districts. The courier company is popular for offering customized supply chain solutions. It offers its services through an integrated and IT-backed multi-modal air, rail, and road network.

Domestic Services:

  • Express services to cater to time-critical shipments.
  • Urgent delivery within 240-48 hours at competitive prices.
  • High-speed surface cargo services to deliver shipments ahead of time.
  • Cost-effective E-com express delivery services for shipments that have a time-definite delivery schedule.
  • Couriers services for smaller parcels weighing 5 kg to 20 kg at competitive prices.
  • Gati courier tracking number services

Gati courier services are best suitable for businesses selling perishable goods. It allows you to make cash-on-delivery payments possible on your e-commerce website. Moreover, it excels in customer support services.

Gati Courier Charges

Depend on the parcel’s weight, the distance covered, and the chosen delivery type. Check prices here for Gati Courier.

Key features: 

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: No
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Gati Courier Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery charges: Rs 600 per kg (express delivery).
  • Delivery period: 1-3 days (local)

8. Shree Tirupati Courier Service Private Limited

Shree Tirupati courier service private limited is one of India’s fastest-growing courier services companies. Established in 2003, the company offers shipping services in India and has a network of 1500 centers nationwide. It also caters to major airline destinations in the world to offer International express shipping services.

Domestic Services It Offers:

  • Door-to-Door services to deliver consignments of varied sizes.
  • Same-day express courier services on the day a customer lodges it.
  • Guaranteed Overnight Delivery by 10.30 AM the following working day.
  • Tirupati courier contact number
  • Tirupati courier tracking number

Shree Tirupati Courier Services provides pick-up and delivery (PUD) for consignments ranging from minimal weight to up to 1000 kilograms. You will also get proof of delivery for every delivery service you book. Logistic services are also a part of their service suite.

Shipment Charges: Charges may vary based on weight, location, and service type.

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: No
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery charges: Please add
  • Delivery period: 3-5 days

9. Madhur Courier Service

Another best courier services company in India, Madhur Courier Services, is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The company entered the business in 1986 and has spread its wings in every corner of the country. Currently, it has its network in 6000 locations in India. Also, it carries out its services through 2460 channel partners nationally.

Domestic Services it Offers:  

  • Door-to-Door couriers services
  • Corporate courier solutions
  • ODA (Outside-Delivery-Area) Services.
  • Air and Surface Cargo.
  • Madhur courier service tracking

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: Yes (Canada & Germany)
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Delivery charges: Please add
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 2-6 days

10. Professional Courier Service

The Professional Couriers is the biggest courier network in India. Incepted in 1987, Professional courier services have been exceptional services for 32 years now. It has over 20 Regional Offices, 2485 Offices, and nearly 5000 Collection Centres all across the country. The company claims to offer its delivery services to over 25,000 destinations.

Domestic Services it Offers:

  • Next-Day Express delivery of time-sensitive documents/non-documents.
  • Pick and Pack services include inserting documents in envelopes, labeling, processing, and packing.
  • Air and Surface Cargo delivery within 24-48 hours.
  • Logistic solutions
  • Same day service
  • Red Alert Service for the high-level secure delivery of shipments.
  • Professional Courier Tracking Services

Shipment Charges

Varies on factors such as destination, document type, shipment weight, and volumetric weight. You can use their Rate Finder to calculate the exact cost.

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: No
  • Delivery charges: Please add
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 24-48 hours

11. Delhivery Courier Service

As an e-commerce courier service In India, Delhivery has quickly risen to the top since its 2011 inception. Over 75% of Delhivery’s customers in India are Fortune 500 e-commerce companies. This is due to the company’s extensive offerings. It is praised for its effective COD and its reverse logistics operations.

Domestic Services it Offers:

  • Supply chain services
  • Express parcel delivery
  • Delhivery cross-border courier services
  • Partial-truckload freight
  • Truckload freight
  • Fully operational Delhivery courier contact number

Delhivery Courier Charges

The shipping charges will vary depending on the types of services chosen and the courier’s weight.

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: Yes
  • Delivery charges: Depend on services taken
  • Delhivery courier tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 24-48 hours

12. Ekart Logistics Courier Servic

Regarding providing comprehensive supply chain and fulfillment services, Ekart Logistics is one of India’s top courier service providers. In 2009, Flipkart established its own logistics division, known as Ekart Logistics. Currently, it offers delivery services to more than 3,800 zip codes in India, including the first and final miles.

Ekart Courier Service also provides many payment options to consumers, including Cash-on-Delivery (COD), UPI, wallets, net banking, and more, with the help of the Ekart Logistics Application Programming Interface (API).

Domestic Services it Offers:

  • First and last miles coverage: Easy delivery and pick-up from the facility to the customer
  • Easy payment options
  • Hassle-free customer pick-up and return procedure

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • International shipping: No
  • Delivery on Sundays: Yes
  • Delivery charges: Depend on services taken
  • Ekart Logistics Courier Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 4 to 5 working days

13. Ecom Express Courier Service

Ecom Express is often used by e-commerce companies that deal with expensive items like jewelry because it delivers to more than 27,000 zip codes across India. Additionally, it provides storage and transportation monitoring services.

Ecom Express also provides other courier services such as quick shipping, doorstep quality checks (QC) for returned items and a guarantee of delivery within 72 hours.

Domestic Services it Offers:

  • Express Services
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Door Step Compliance Services
  • Value Added Services

Key Features:

  • Domestic shipping: Yes
  • Delivery on Sundays: Yes
  • Delivery charges: Depend on services taken
  • Tracking: Yes
  • Delivery period: 24 to 72 hours

Other Courier Companies in India are:-

  1. Shree Anjani Courier Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Shree Maruti Courier Services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. First Flight Courier Services
  4. Skyking Courier Service
  5. Shree Mahavir Courier Services
  6. Nandan Courier Services
  7. Express Courier Services
  8. Xpressbees Courier Service


When it comes to e-commerce business, courier services are your best bet. The current era is experiencing an increase in internet fraud. Here, courier services help you to build trust with your customers. Your e-commerce business can attract more customers with reliable and fast courier services. Moreover, the convenience courier services position you as a go-to business for people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best courier service in India?

It depends on your needs. Please evaluate all companies to identify which courier is the best for your business needs.

2. What are the various courier services a shipping company offers?

Most courier companies offer 5 common types of courier in India:

  • 1. Standard courier service – It involves the transportation of parcels or goods to the destination. This cheapest courier service is best suited for small and midsize businesses.
  • 2. Same-day express service is for those who want a last-minute or urgent delivery. It is the most expensive of all courier services.
  • 3. Overnight Service is slightly more expensive than the standard delivery. It involves the delivery of the parcel within the next 24 hours.
  • 4. International courier services– These involve transferring goods outside the country. The shipping price depends on the size of the package and the speed required.
  • 5. Pallet Services – It involves the delivery of goods on pallets. The aim is to meet strict deadlines at a reasonable cost.

3. What kinds of items are not shipped by domestic courier services?

Usually, dangerous items like drugs, flammable items, magnetic or radioactive materials, liquid or semi-liquid, and gases are not shipped by domestic courier services.

4. What are the characteristics of a reliable courier service company?

A reliable courier company will always ensure your consignments’ efficient and safe shipment. They could also provide additional services like shipment tracking and 24*7 support.

5. Which is the cheapest courier service in India?

India Post is the cheapest courier service in India. It charges only INR 15 for shipments up to 15 gms.

6. What are the standard domestic courier charges in India?

Most courier services like India Post, DTDC, and FedEx charge anywhere between INR 30-90 per 500 gms.

7. Does FedEx Courier Service in India work on Sundays?

FedEx does not deliver on weekends, i.e., Saturday or Sunday.

8. Which are the best international courier services in Delhi?

DTDC, FedEx, DHL, and Bluedart are Delhi’s best international delivery services.

9. What are the Blue Dart Courier Charges in India?

The prices are entirely based on the weight and value of the parcel. It is nearly INR 75 for 500 gms.

10. What is the procedure for courier service tracking?

Nowadays, almost every shipment company offers a ‘Track Consignment’ Option on their websites. All you need to do is enter your shipment number and see your consignment’s status. But if your shipment partner doesn’t offer online tracking, you can contact their helpdesk.

11. Does DTDC offer International courier services?

Yes! DTDC delivers international couriers in Kenya, Turkey, Oman, SAARC nations, and China. Its international services cover delivery services for both documents & parcels. For more information, you can visit

12. Which is cheaper, post or courier?

In general, courier services are cheaper for businesses and personal use since they offer cheaper rates, and the customers can rely on the services. For instance, FedEx Express is one of the most popular courier services since it offers highly cheap rates, which helps businesses to save money and cut down their overall costs.

Moreover, businesses find this a reliable and quick way to dispatch their orders to their customers. On the other hand, postal services do offer a wide range of pricing options for their services. However, they are a bit expensive compared to courier services.

13. How does courier service work?

The specifics of a courier’s operation are highly context- and circumstance-specific. Either the courier picks up the packages from the seller, or the seller fulfills them and ships them to a local depot, where they are picked up and distributed to clients.

In order to save money and time, couriers would frequently collect many orders destined for the same location or region. Courier services are efficient because they can make many deliveries per day by arranging deliveries to certain areas.

Depending on factors like distribution region and bulk rates, a corporation may contract various courier services to handle order fulfillment, while others may remain with only one service.

14. Which is the fastest courier company in India?

When it comes to India, several courier service companies claim to be the fastest. However, the speed of the delivery services can vary based on different factors such as:

  • Origin and destination of the shipment
  • The type and level of service chosen
  • transportation mode

Based on these factors, some of the fastest courier services in India are:

  • DHC Express India
  • DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
  • FedEx India
  • Blue Dart Express Ltd
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