iOS App OR Android App?  is the question you or your company should be asking when you decide to go for a mobile app.

If money and time is not an issue, you can very well go for both the versions of mobile app, but this is seldom the case, especially for small company and startups. Practically, it can be really difficult to manage the cost and time efforts for creating two different mobile apps for each platform in such a situation.

DIY or Outsource

As far as the time factor is concerned, one can argue that development can be outsourced for a fee, which is true. However you and your team will still need to invest time and effort to evaluate/validate the mobile app by testing it for user feedback which must then be sent back to be incorporated in the development. This cycle repeats till the mobile app is satisfactorily developed. For a startup or small company  this time is an irreplaceable factor.

Coming to the money factor,  most projects are budgeted on the conservative side and use this asset judiciously. Even the cash rich Apple does not bringing money to the USA from its offshore accounts, as the cost of transfer and taxes would be higher to do so, than raising the money via debt from US lenders (interest is cheaper in USA).

So setting up a development team to create mobile apps for any startup/fledgeling or a business oriented company would not make sense financially.

Meanwhile from the business point of view,

  • first, it is not their core business and
  • second, they would need a team to make all of this work.
  • third, once the mobile app is up and running they would have small bug fixes and some minor feature addition as the only work for the team. This would result in mobile app development team becoming unnecessary after the initial development.

Which leads to the inevitable question — Is building a mobile app dev team justified at all?

Considering the above factors, to build one or just a couple of apps, one should outsource the development and maintenance of the mobile app to another firm that specialize in doing just that. That way you would get the best team with ample experience at development and maintenance while keeping your costs down. And more importantly allow you to focus on what you want to do — that is run your business!

iOS App or Android App, which one first

Now, coming back on which platform to choose. Even if you decide to outsource mobile app development work, you would still need to decide ios or Android? Well, it all depends on the market you are trying to reach

  • If your customers are the IT/software crowd out there, you would be best served with developing an Android mobile app first.
  • But if you want to target the business folks like Doctors, MNC executives you should go ahead with iOS app.
  • Again, if your app provides services/ messenger services, you should go for an Android mobile app.
  • Finally, if you want to reach the wider of the smartphone trotting audience in the market go for the Android app which has more users than ios in terms of numbers.

It could also depend on what kind of service you want to offer

  • If it is customer service kind of app, you should go for Android, as per our research people who have an iOS device do have an Android at home it may belong to their spouse or any other family member.
  • Again, if you want to sell some product/service to a wide audience, Android would work better for you.
  • But, if you want to showcase some high end product/experience you should think of iOS app first.
  • Or if you are just testing the water, before going full throttle, start with Android as it has comparatively quicker release cycle (compared to the iOS, due to the fact that, on iOS app readiness is much more stringent) this way you would get chance to correct or modify your offering, and chances of success would be higher.

In one of our earlier articles, Mobile Optimised Website vs. Mobile App, we have already covered native/web mobile app, you can read that to understand what all an app development stands for.

In our experience, we have seen that India generally follows the US pattern. As in US, most of tech people in India also go for Android rather than the iOS. People even share their experiences on mobiles apps with each other.  What is better than having these guys promote your mobile app as word of mouth is the best publicity but for that ,of course, your app has to be really useful.

So, consider all the facts above and choose the right platform that is suitable for you, to build your first mobile app.

P.S. For this article, we have not considered the Windows/blackberry platform for the obvious fact that they are not as widely popular and the purpose of this article was to highlight the importance of the most popular platforms to go for.

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