Good SMO drives traffic from both social networks and search engines. This remains the core purpose of SMO as outlined in Wikipedia “SMO is similar to search engine optimization in that the goal is to generate traffic and awareness for a website. In general, social media optimization refers to optimizing a website and its content in terms of sharing across social media and networking sites.”

Social Media networks thrive on efficacy & relevance of the content, credibility of the author in the eyes of the reader (hugely subjective) and responsiveness of the author. Given the subjectivity involved in all the aspects of social media, its optimisation improves SEO performance. Social Media Optimisation leads to reduced clutter for your brand or content as SEO takes your popularity as a sign of great content and thereby your improved search ranking.
However as and when we talk to our clients we realise that there are several SMO myths associated with Social Media and its Optimisation even today there are several popular perceptions of winning in social battle, below are some of the SMO myths (we will continue to add as we come across more of them):

  1. SMO Myths 1 – Counting Numbers: Sometimes marketers oversimplify Social Media Optimisation by counting number of likes or followers as a sign of winning in the social battle.
    • What is true: However one must understand that winning in social battle is not as simple as counting large numbers. Social success does not depends of number of followers or the size of a person’s network instead it depends on profile of followers on the network and their interaction with the content.
  2. SMO Myths 2 – Excessive Link Dropping: Sometimes marketers think that excessive liking others posts/pages, posting product details and sharing link of content on their pages with others is SMO.
    • What is true: One must understand that such a behaviour is annoying and might lead to users unfollow you or report your activity as SPAM. What is more, with today’s algorithm one must have a balance of your network seeking your posts and you issuing posts. If you are posting frequently and users are unfollowing you or not liking your posts/content, algorithm will quickly realise that your content is not valuable to others. For social success focus on building your reputations in specific/targeted networks and communities with useful and engaging content with relevant audience.
  3. SMO Myths 3 – Constant Updates: Having a Social media presence without any update is really sad and disastrous for a brand, however sometimes marketers wants several updates from them in a day as if their followers have nothing else in their life but to see an update from them.
    • What is true: Too many updates will drown your own important updates you want your followers to see. Be selective, update regularly, however ensure your update is relevant to your audience and helps you achieve your objective to connect with followers.
  4. SMO Myths 4 – Large number of Posts: Similar to the one above, marketers want to have large number of posts on their Social Media page as a symbol of their activity.
    • What is true: What one needs to understand is that not all posts are created equal and a lot of stuff on your social channel does not necessarily mean there is a lot of content. As per Wikipedia “Content is information and experiences that provides value for an end-user or audience.” Therefore content needs to be relevant, engaging, and share-able. So just do not stuff your Social Media page with that general updates or filler.
  5. SEO Myths 5 – Throw Money, buy eyeballs and win: Several marketers particularly in the consumer goods space believes that they will the win the digital battle just by buying out the eyeballs, just the way they did in offline world.
    • What is true: In the digital world it important to create relevant, enjoyable and share-able content as social media. Just by buying eyeballs through ad buys you cannot make a follower re-forward your update or content with his circle.
Author Avinash Chandra

Branding, Integrated & Digital Marketing Wizard and Founder of BrandLoom Consulting (A $1m startup). I help companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. I have successfully led Business and Marketing operations of several Large & Small; American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and Startups. In totality, I have worked with over 100 Brands during my 21 years of professional career with a proven track record of Building Sustainable & Profitable Businesses.


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