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🤺 7 Unusual Tips: To 10X Your Ad Conversions
🕺 Listen To Your Marketing Agency: They Want You To Win!
🛍 Ecommerce Strategy For Noobs: 3 Insider Ideas to get more sales
🐶 Unique Business Idea : Ice-cream For Dogs! Woof!!

7 copywriting tips

7 Unusual Tips: To 10X Your Ad Conversions

Any time a client approaches us for an ad campaign, this question inevitably pops up:

“What kind of copy will get me a better CTR?” 🛍

There is no one miracle ads formula that will help you get the sales you are dreaming of. However, here are a few things that are common to most successful ads 🎯.

Here’s what we have observed about the copies of the ads that convert the most:

1. Edit ruthlessly:
If any word can be cut out ✂, do it. The more direct your copy is, the more impact. It is better to be clear than clever.

2. Outline benefits not features:
A feature is something your product has, whereas a benefit is the product’s result when a customer uses your product.
In other words, features are logical while benefits are emotional.
Be honest in talking about the benefits, and you will be more relatable to your buyers.

3. Touch up on the pain points:
Pain points are customer problems. They’re the daily thorns in your customer’s side, and they can range from small frustrations to huge, complex challenges.
But pain points are also opportunities, because they tell you exactly what your customer or prospect needs most.
So If your product can eliminate customer pain points be sure to discuss it.

4. Add more pronouns: 
Stay conversational 🗣 and persuasive by using “I”s and “You”s.

5. More fullstops than commas:
Keep your sentences short and sweet 👌.

6. Kill the adverbs & adjectives: 
Create an impact with direct descriptions rather than flowery words ✍.

7. Pay attention to your headline:
Your headline is the MOST important part of your copy.
Headlines should be clear and specific, telling the reader what the story is about, and be interesting enough to draw them into clicking the rest of the ad. Make it eye-catching 👀.

Why don’t you give these tips a try and tell us how it went?

Note:   If you want to discuss ads strategy, just hit reply on this mail. I reply to every mail personally.

Listen To Your Marketing Agency:  They want You to win!

“Customer is king 🤴”- this adage has pretty much ruled the world of marketing.

However, it looks like things are changing.

A survey showed that more marketers and advertisers are saying out loud what needs to change on the clients’ end. Compared to just 45% of agencies being frank with their clients just two years ago, in 2022, almost 70% of agencies are pushing back 🤚.

We think it is a really good thing.

The last thing any business owner needs is yes men who simply echo their every thought. If your agency provides honest feedback 📢 to you, you need to take it in the right spirit. You must do what you NEED to, rather than just do what you WANT to.

So, if your agency is telling you something is wrong, have a calm discussion with them. The decision you make after listening to them will be better for business 💴.

Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

Ecommerce Strategy For Noobs: 3 Insider Tips To Get More Sales

With Christmas shopping underway everywhere, etailers are in a tizzy. However, there are some new online stores which still not achieved their targets 🔕.

We got curious about it and studied them and the stores that are buzzing with customers. What we discovered is that people flock to stores that they can trust 🤝.

So, what makes an ecommerce store more trustworthy? We could identify 3 factors:

1. Contact info & business address: Have an “About Us” section on your website/app 📲 which clearly lists your business address and contact info for those who want to directly speak to your customer care.
2. Multiple payment options: Make it easier for them to shop 🛒. Add multiple payment options like COD, UPI, Debit & Credit Cards and Net Banking.
3. Shipment details & time for delivery: Assign the shipments a number- this makes you look more professional. As soon as the order is placed, give them an estimated time for delivery 🚚. This increases their trust in you.

Note:   If you want to discuss strategy, just hit reply on this mail.

Unique Business Idea : Icecream For Dogs! 🍨 🐶 Woof!!

It’s already a thing in the U.S.A . . . .

Professor and animal nutritionist William Tyznik formulated cups of vanilla ice cream for dogs and called them Frosty Paws.

With a focus on health, Frosty Paws used soy flour and dry de-lactosed whey, skipping the added sugars of human ice cream.

Frosty Paws was later acquired by Nestlé, which sells it through the Purina brand at this time.

There are about half a dozen thriving dog ice-cream businesses in the U.S.A, with Ben & Jerry’s joining in with doggie dessert cups!

Please note that the organic and natural pet food is estimated to be a $22.8 billion industry as of 2022!

That’s it for today, thanks for reading.
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