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🏆 BrandLoom Wins IAMAI: For The Best Marketing Campaign.
🚧 The Best Marketing Roadmap: Build Yours In 5 Simple Steps.
📖 We Analyzed A 1000 Headlines : Here’s What Works!
🧠 Smarter SEO With A Human Touch: 3 Innovative AI Tactics.

BrandLoom Wins IAMAI For The Best Marketing Campaign

🏆 BrandLoom Wins IAMAI : For The Best Marketing Campaign

We are excited to share that our agency has been named the winner in the “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” category at the 2023 IAMAI’s Digital Native Brand Award!

This honor was presented at the 19th Marketing Conclave in recognition of the innovative integrated campaign we designed and executed for our client.
We extend our sincere dedication to this award to our incredible team, whose passion played a crucial role in the success of this campaign.

Your outstanding ideas, flawless execution, and unwavering dedication made this achievement possible.

We also want to thank our client for entrusting us with their brand and allowing us the creative freedom to tell their story.

Moreover, we will continue to strive and win more awards in the future as well

We deeply appreciate your support in our journey.

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🚧 The Best Marketing Roadmap : Build Yours In 5 Simple Steps

Creating a practical marketing roadmap for your new product or service can be hard..

Our method balances creativity with practicality, ensuring we explore a wide range of ideas before zeroing in on the most effective ones.

To find the best marketing strategy for a new product or service, here is what we do:

1. List All Marketing Ideas:
Write down every marketing method you can think of, both traditional & unconventional.

This includes traditional methods like print ads and direct mail and more modern approaches like SEO, content marketing, social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and paid digital advertising.

Don’t limit yourself; the goal here is quantity and diversity of ideas.

2. Create Strategy for Each Idea:
Now, imagine each marketing idea is your only option. Now, dive deeper into each method as if it were your sole strategy.

How would you implement it? What resources would you need? This step forces you to think through the logistics and potential of each idea, revealing hidden opportunities and challenges that you may have yet to consider initially.

3. Choose the Best Ideas:
Select 3 ideas that seem most promising. Choose those that stand out regarding feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with your goals.

Start with the ones that are easy to implement and give quick results first.

4. Test Your Idea:
Run small, low-cost experiments with your selected ideas to test their effectiveness.

This could be a targeted mini-campaign on social media, a pilot run of a content series, or a test batch of paid ads. The key is to keep these tests manageable and cost-effective.

Monitor their performance closely.

5. Scale What Works:
After testing and identifying the most successful strategy, scale it with a big budget and resources for full impact.

By following these steps, you not only ensure a wide exploration of potential strategies but also make data-driven decisions on where to invest your marketing efforts. This approach is especially beneficial for new products or services.

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

📖 We Analyzed A 1000 Headlines :   Here’s What Works

Want Attention & Results? Crack the Headline Code.

Your headlines are often the first – and sometimes the only – thing audiences read. Most glance quickly, deciding instantly if you warrant their time before moving on.

That means headlines can do the heavy lifting for you- they anchor your content and campaign efforts.

Here are 3 tips for creating headlines that grab attention:

1. Identify Your Audience & What They Care About: 
Knowing your target reader is the first step to writing a great headline. Find out more about their hobbies, problems, demographics, and media choices. Create headlines that speak to the needs of distinct audiences—young urban parents vs senior professionals, for example—by focusing on their top concerns.

Example: If you are writing a blog focused on millennial parents, you can use “Toddler Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank” to attract the audience.

Takeaway: Align messaging to audience demographics and pinpoint their priorities.

2. Lead With the Benefit & Value Proposition:
A succinct explanation of the advantages readers will experience—such as inspiration, time savings, unique access, etc.—will spark their curiosity.

Example: A headline like this, “Access 400+ Hours of Nature Video Streaming for Less Than $3” conveys the critical value proposition upfront. This instills an interest in the reader to continue reading the content.

Takeaway: Anchor the headline with a primary benefit statement rather than generic claims.

3. Use Specifics & Intriguing Phrases:
Provide particular statistics, create a compelling situation, use well-known and pertinent pop culture allusions, enforce scarcity and urgency, etc.

Example: “This 1 Food Swap Helped Me Lose 7 lbs in 2 Weeks”. In this example, the readers are given a specific gist of what they can expect from the blog. As such, it instills an urge to read if they are interested in the topic.

Takeaway: Incorporate stats, constraints, and curiosity-sparking words for viral headlines.

Creating eye-catching headlines couldn’t get any easier than this! Contact us today!

🧠 Smarter SEO With A Human Touch   :  3 Innovative AI Tactics

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing marketing in remarkable ways

According to survey, AI marketing tools will make up nearly 30% of total marketing software expenditure by 2025.

However, some AI-powered writing and ideation tools have faced recent controversy for potentially copying or appropriating content without attribution.

The good news is there are novel ways to harness the predictive power of AI for tasks like SEO and keyword research without any prompts or plagiarism risks.

Here are 3 innovative AI SEO

1. Use AI to identify SEO trends & Patterns:
AI now allows SEO research on an unprecedented scale by processing massive datasets to reveal insights that manual analysis would often miss out on. You should use AI responsibly with monitoring tools to uncover industry trends, track competitors, and find customer engagement opportunities without privacy issues.
For instance, AI semantic analysis can identify valuable long-tail keywords that competitors overlook in extensive external data. Similarly, predictive models applied to past performance can reveal patterns indicating future ranking changes.

2. Mine Data to Improve Online Discoverability: 
Have you tapped into AI data mining to analyze what customers say and boost your online visibility? Powerful conversation intelligence tools can automatically pick out the terms and trends popping up the most in calls. Look at that language and compare it to your target keywords for SEO and PPC. You’ll uncover new optimization opportunities.

For example, if your shoppers keep asking for slim-fit options but your site barely mentions it, that’s a gap worth filling with fresh content and metadata. Geotargeting those exact words can also help you dominate searches in your local areas. The key is letting intelligent AI dig through all that voice data so your messaging stays relevant.

3. Use Voice-Recognition AI To Create Human-First Conversational:
AI writing tools have come a long way from the early plagiarism troubles. Advanced systems like ChatGPT can now generate draft content tailored to popular searches and keywords when engaging customers. AI delivers raw drafts fast, but we still need that human touch to make it resonate.

For example, use conversation intelligence first to uncover questions and topics people seek. Then, get ChatGPT to churn out an introductory blog post draft on those subjects. Take that AI-generated version and refine it to compellingly address those searches in your authentic voice, optimizing it with relevant metadata, too.

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