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💥 Ranking On Google In 2024: Will Change Drastically.
💸 The Future of Digital Marketing: The Top 3 Trends Of 2024!
🔒 3 Website Architecture Tips: Rank Higher!
🎅 Deconstructing a Christmas Icon: How Coca-Cola Gave Santa His Red Suit.

💥 Ranking On Google In 2024 : Will Change Drastically.

One question that people keep asking me is – “Will AI kill Google Search?”

What changes will AI bring to search, is on everyone’s mind. We discussed with people in the industry and here is what they say –

No. No one is killing Google. Google won’t allow it!

Instead, SEO in 2024 will be about blending the efficiency of AI with human creativity & insight.

You will need to ensure that your website & its content not only appeal to humans, but is also structured in a way that machines and bots can understand it too.

Here are the 3 major changes WE expect this year –

1. Better Use Of AI Generated Content:
While it makes sense to use AI for faster content creation, Google will find ways to identify & demote 100% machine generated content making it necessary to blend AI research with human insights.
You will have to pay attention to the following-

  • Helpful Content: Google’s algorithms will focus more on how useful and valuable your entire website is, not just single pages. Your website’s content should genuinely help users and stand out for its quality.
  • Authorship Will Take Precedence: When content is linked to well-known authors, it gains more trust and credibility. Google likes this and will rank such content higher.


2. Search Generative Experience (SGE):
Google is using AI more and more, to improve how it searches and ranks content. This might change how your content gets found online.

  • Making Content AI-Friendly: It’s becoming vital to structure your content so that AI can easily understand and find it. This means being clear, relevant, and using structured data.
  • Balance AI & Human Input: While AI is helpful for spotting trends and optimizing content, your human insight is still key for strategic decisions and understanding the subtle needs of your audience.


3. Build New Information Models:
You will need to organize your content and add knowledge graphs.

  • Define Entities: Entities are specific things like names, places, or concepts. By clearly defining such entities in your content, you can help search engines understand what your content is about.
  • Develop Ontologies: Here you will arrange your content in a structured way to make better sense to search engines. It will help them connect different pieces of your content and understand the overall picture, making your site rank better in search results.

This will be key to improving search engine rankings & site visibility.

The BIG SEO Pivot is here & you must act now!

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💸 The Future of Digital Marketing : The Top 3 Trends Of 2024!

With AI and automation as the main theme of last year, WHERE will the focus be this year, for businesses adopting digital marketing?

While AI & automation will CONTINUE to be the persistent overall theme for the next few years, here are 3 OTHER major shifts happening in the world of digital marketing that will impact your business.

1. Shopping on Social Media:
Platforms like Instagram & YouTube are letting users shop directly in their feeds & more and more businesses are using social media to find their customers.

Now while scrolling through Instagram you can buy that cool gadget you see in a post, right then and there. That’s the future – direct shopping on social media platforms. People will widely use these platforms to discover new products. It’s a game-changer for brands.

We recently partnered with select influencers on behalf of a health brand startup, to demo and sell their signature protein powders directly on Instagram. This strategy multiplied their revenue by 5 times taking it to 3CR/month in about 16 months!

2. Video Content Dominance:
Video content is crucial, with online video accounting for over 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Videos have become the real stars of the internet, with loads of traffic coming from folks watching them. So large & small businesses should look to use them for everything including – demos, storytelling, and even showcasing corporate culture.

3. Mobile is Key:
With everyone glued to their phones, having a website that looks great on mobile is super important. For example, if you run a café, you want your customers to easily check out your menu on their phones!

So, with 50% or more traffic coming from mobiles, ensure that your websites, emails, and apps are ALL mobile-friendly. Responsive designs and user-friendly interfaces on mobiles are crucial for engaging & growing your audience.

If you want your business to stay ahead, you NEED to embrace these trends to BE present, where the world is heading.

Whether it’s enabling shopping through social media, engaging customers with captivating video content, or optimizing for the mobile-first world, these strategies are about meeting your customers, where they are today!

Be Digital Marketing Ready In 2024! Let’s Talk.

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 🔒 3 Website Architecture Tips :   Rank Higher!

Most people focus on on-page optimization, keyword targeting, and backlink building when improving SEO.

However, the underlying structure of a website, known as its architecture, also plays a CRUCIAL role in search engine visibility.

Without a solid website architecture that facilitates discoverability, all your other SEO efforts can be wasted. Moreover, poor site architecture leads to dead ends & thin content spread over too many pages, creating low-value pages.

Here are 3 hidden website architecture tactics you can use to rank higher in Google:

1. Create An Intuitive Navigation Menu:
Creating a consistent menu helps visitors and search engines navigate your website.

You need to organize your pages into clear main sections or categories. For example, an online store could have top menu links like “Clothes,” “Shoes,” and “Accessories.”

You can also use short but descriptive labels for menu items.

For instance, “Mobile Cases” is better than “Cases” in the product description.
Most importantly, keep the menu links & structure the same on every page. This way, visitors will know what to expect from your website menu.

2. Use a Simple URL Structure:
URLs should be accessible for people to understand and read. Simply put, they should clearly show what the page is about without being too long or confusing.

For instance, using the actual product name or title in the URL is a good practice.

Example: wiki.com/black-leather-jacket.

In this way, consumers and users receive correct information about the page and the products/services that appear on it.

3. Embrace Internal Links:
Internal links between relevant pages help search engines crawl & index all the pages. They can help people quickly find related information.

Also, marketers can link older pages to new ones to share their high rankings.

Let’s Optimize Your Website Architecture To Rank Higher In Search!

🎅 Deconstructing A Christmas Icon :   How Coca-Cola Gave Santa His Red Suit!

The jolly old guy in red who gives gifts on Christmas Eve is one of the most well-known characters in the world. However, Santa Claus has only sometimes resembled the Santa, we know today.

His appearance fluctuates widely in early drawings, with no consistent portrayal of his attire or body. The reality is that, over many decades of Christmas commercials, its Coca-Cola that helped establish our modern image of Santa.

So, how did they achieve this?

Coca-Cola recruited illustrator Fred Mizen in 1931 to create promotional pictures for print, window displays, and billboards.

Mizen clothed Santa in Coke’s red coat to symbolize the company’s brand colors and spread happiness & joy.

This modest modification in Santa’s attire had a significant cultural impact.
Over the next several years, Coke extensively included Santa in its Christmas commercials, solidifying the image of a cheery, red-suited figure distributing gifts.

So, the next time you see a famous depiction of Santa, know that one of the most renowned companies influenced his bright red suit & happy disposition.

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